Sistaco Vs. Nailboo: Comparing At-Home Gel Manicure Kits

Achieving a long-lasting gel manicure at home is now possible with DIY kits like Sistaco and Nailboo. But how do these popular gel polish systems compare? Here is an in-depth look at the pros, cons, key differences, and frequently asked questions when considering Sistaco Vs. Nailboo for at-home gel nail care.

A Brief Comparison Between Sistaco and Nailboo

Gel technologyUV gelPlant-based gel
Curing methodUV lampLED lamp
Wear time14+ days7-10 days
Shades available70+16
Skill levelModerateBeginner

Overview of Sistaco

Founded in 2017 in California, Sistaco created an innovative gel polish and UV lamp system for professional-quality manicures at home. Their signature offering is the Sistaco Deluxe Kit.

Pros of Sistaco

  • Salon-quality results: Easy to achieve a glossy, chip-resistant 14+ day manicure that rivals the salon.
  • Dedicated gel system: Gel polish, top and base coats are specially formulated to cure under the included UV lamp.
  • Safe and non-damaging: Gels gently cure on nails instead of using acrylics or harsh glues. Strengthening treatment included.
  • Convenient removal: Sistaco gels easily soak off at home with their plant-based remover. No filing or drills needed.
  • Affordable: Higher initial investment but saves money over time compared to salon gel manicures.

Cons of Sistaco

  • Steeper learning curve: Achieving perfect results takes practice especially on non-dominant hand.
  • Requires precision: Getting neat cuticles without flooding skin takes a delicate touch.
  • Upkeep required: Must reapply every 2 weeks to maintain gel look.
  • UV danger: Exposure to UV light when curing may pose risks with improper use.

Overview of Nailboo

Founded in 2020, Nailboo offers natural gel nail kits for long-lasting manicures without harsh chemicals or UV lamps. Their Natural Gel Starter Kit is their top seller.

Pros of Nailboo

  • Safe and non-toxic: Gel and remover use plant-based, UV-free ingredients. No fumes or chemicals.
  • Beginner-friendly: Easy application in minutes. Dries quickly under an included LED light.
  • Strengthening: Their gel helps improve nail health, flexibility, and growth over time.
  • Easily removable: Soaks off safely at home with 100% organic oil-based remover.
  • Fun colors: Kits include on-trend gel polish shades like nudes, pinks, and blacks.

Cons of Nailboo

  • Shorter wear: Manicures last 7-10 days rather than 2 weeks like UV gel systems.
  • Limited products: Small color ranges and accessories compared to Sistaco. No base or top coats.
  • Not a full gel system: Their gel technology differs from true UV gel manicures at salons.
  • Learning curve: Still takes practice to master neat application and shaping.

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Key Differences Between Sistaco and Nailboo

If you’re someone who likes to take care of your nails, you might be interested in learning about Sistaco and Nailboo. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes them different:

  • Application Process

Sistaco: Sistaco uses a unique dip powder method to achieve long-lasting color and strength. You apply their Gelbase coat, followed by dipping nails into colored powder jars to build up layers of pigment. The powder adheres to the gel base and cures under an LED or UV lamp. This process is fun, easy, and fast for gorgeous salon-like nails.

Nailboo: Nailboo also uses a dip system but with a plant-based gel glue instead of UV gel base. You brush on the glue, dip into colored powders, and cure under an LED light. The process bonds layers of powder onto the nails for a glossy, durable manicure. Quick and simple for all skill levels.

  • Color Variety

Sistaco: Sistaco offers the largest color selection with over 70 rich dip powder shades across various color collections. They frequently release on-trend seasonal collections with unique textures and hues. This huge variety ensures you can find the perfect color or multiple go-to options.

Nailboo: Nailboo has 16 flattering dip powder shades in their core collection ranging from nudes, pinks, reds, and neutrals. While not as vast as Sistaco’s offerings, the curated essential colors suit most preferences and occasions.

  • Ingredients and Safety

Sistaco: Sistaco is mindful in formulating professional-grade products that are cruelty-free, non-toxic, and safe for natural nails. Their powders are free of dangerous chemicals while providing strength and durability. This makes Sistaco an excellent choice for those prioritizing healthy ingredients.

Nailboo: Nailboo uses only non-toxic, vegan formulas in their plant-based gel adhesives and dip powders. Free of harsh chemicals like MMA, they nourish nails for improved health and growth over time. Ideal for users wanting safer nail products.

  • Durability and Longevity

Sistaco: The Sistaco dip powder system is highly durable and chip-resistant when applied properly, lasting 14+ days with shine intact. Multiple layers fused together maintain strength to avoid breaks, chips, and dents even with daily use and activity.

Nailboo: While lasting 7-10 days rather than a full 2 weeks, Nailboo’s plant-based gel method provides impressive durability. The flexibility of bonded layers resists chips and wears evenly for a tidy appearance between applications.

  • Ease of Removal

Sistaco: Removing Sistaco gel dip powder is easier and safer than taking off acrylics or UV gel polish. After soaking nails in their plant-based solution for 10-15 minutes, the powder gently lifts off without drilling or nail damage.

Nailboo: Thanks to the innovative plant-based adhesive, Nailboo powders soak off with only warm water and gentle filing. No need for laborious drilling. Soak cotton pads in 100% organic oil to safely dissolve residue.

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  • Price Range

Sistaco: Sistaco starter kits cost between $65-$99 depending on contents, reasonable for a salon-grade system. And with included tools and supplies, the value is greater than the retail price. This makes it very budget-friendly long-term.

Nailboo: Nailboo kits retail from $39-$69 for a beginner-friendly investment. Refill powders available for just $12 keep costs low. Overall, Nailboo is likely the most affordable dip powder method with pro results.

  • Customer Experience

Sistaco: Sistaco strives for excellent customer service with prompt responses to questions and concerns. Their tips help make the learning process smooth. Reviews praise the friendly, attentive customer experience.

Nailboo: Nailboo focuses heavily on providing a positive buying experience. Their helpful videos and guidance aim to make application intuitive and fun for all. Many reviewers highlight the exceptional service.

  • Availability

Sistaco: Sistaco products are available through their official website worldwide, with free shipping and special discounts. A few authorized resellers also carry select Sistaco kits and powders.

Nailboo: Nailboo dip powders are primarily sold through the brand’s website for global shipping. Some e-commerce platforms like Amazon offer limited Nailboo bundles but color choices are restricted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sistaco weaken nails?

When used properly, Sistaco won’t damage nails. Their system includes a nourishing treatment and prep routine. As long as you don’t pick off gels, avoid filing surface, and take breaks between sets, Sistaco can strengthen nails over time.

Can you remove Sistaco with nail polish remover?

No, Sistaco gel must be soaked off using their special plant-based remover, not regular polish remover. Forcing gels off can damage nails.

How do I stop my Sistaco from chipping?

Use the included Sistaco base and top coats with each gel application to maximize longevity. Cap the tips of nails, avoid water exposure when fresh, and use cuticle oil daily to prevent chips and peeling.

How do you make Sistaco last longer?

Getting over 2 weeks of wear comes down to proper at-home application and cure time under the UV lamp. Follow all steps carefully, wipe inhibition layer before top coat, and cure each hand 2-3 times fully for best results.

Final Thought

For the most durable, long-lasting gel manicure from home, Sistaco is the winner. But for a safer gel option with less UV light exposure, Nailboo offers comparable results using plant-based technology.

With either, you can achieve stunning gel nail looks conveniently from home while saving on salon visits. Get the glossy manicure of your dreams minus the expense and hassle!

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