Dormeo Vs. Purple Mattress: How Do They Compare?

Finding the right mattress for your sleep needs can be challenging. Popular options like Dormeo and Purple offer unique comfort technologies. But how do these two mattress brands stack up? Here is an in-depth comparison of Dormeo Vs. Purple mattresses looking at materials, performance, pros and cons, and frequently asked questions to help you decide which is better suited for your ideal sleep experience.

A Brief Comparison Table

Key comfort materialMemory foam and pocketed coilsHyper-elastic polymer grid
FirmnessMedium to medium-firmMedium
CoolingAbove averageExcellent
ResponsivenessSlow responseInstant response
Edge supportModerateVery good
Durability6-7 yearsOver 10 years
Suitable for couplesYesYes

Overview of Dormeo Mattresses

Dormeo uses proprietary technologies like Octaspring coils and memory foam to create supportive and cooling mattresses. Their most popular model is the Dormeo Octasmart mattress.

Pros of Dormeo Mattresses

Dormeo Mattresses
Dormeo Mattress
  • Advanced comfort layers: Use memories foams infused with graphite or copper for cooling, pressure relief.
  • Responsive support: Octaspring coils provide dynamic support that cradles the body’s natural contours.
  • Motion isolation: Foam and pocketed coils absorb movement and prevent disturbance of sleep partners.
  • Antimicrobial: Many models contain eco-friendly ingredients that inhibit bacteria, odors, and allergens.
  • Customizable options: Can choose your preferred firmness, height, and size.

Cons of Dormeo Mattresses

  • May sleep hot: Insufficient cooling of memory foam for some hot sleepers despite efforts to improve airflow.
  • Slow response: Memory foam is slower to regain its shape compared to materials like latex or springs.
  • Shorter lifespan: Average 6-7 years with daily use before losing support and cooling effect.
  • Heavy: Harder to rotate, flip, or move for cleaning due to heft of coil and foam construction.

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Overview of Purple Mattresses

Purple pioneered the hyper-elastic polymer grid to create pressure-relieving mattresses with enough structure for back support. Their original Purple Mattress remains most popular.

Pros of Purple Mattresses

Purple Mattresses
  • Novel comfort material: Hyper-elastic polymer has a unique feel that suits most sleep positions.
  • Cooling airflow: Open grid structure allows heat to dissipate instead of trapping it like memory foam.
  • Instant responsiveness: Grid springs back immediately with no motion transfer.
  • Long-lasting: More durable grid retains shape and performance over 10 years with proper care.
  • Works with all bases: Compatible with platforms, slatted bases, box springs, and adjustable frames.

Cons of Purple Mattresses

  • Not for side sleepers: Insufficient pressure relief on shoulders and hips for strict side sleepers.
  • Hard to move: Heavy polymer grid makes rotating and flipping challenging.
  • May have initial odor: New mattress has a rubbery smell for a few days that requires airing out.
  • Noise potential: Grid can develop squeaks or creaks over time with deep compression that requires powdering.

Key Differences Between Dormeo and Purple Mattress

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, both Dormeo and Purple offer intriguing options worth considering. Here’s a closer look at what distinguishes them:

Materials and Construction:

  • Dormeo: Dormeo mattresses often combine memory foam and/or springs to create a comfortable sleep surface. Their standout feature is the Octaspring technology, which uses individual foam springs arranged in an innovative way to provide targeted support and airflow.
  • Purple: Purple mattresses are renowned for their hyper-elastic polymer grid. This grid flexes and adapts to your body’s contours, offering a unique blend of support and pressure relief. Its design also promotes airflow, contributing to a cooler night’s sleep.

Firmness Options:

  • Dormeo: If you have specific firmness preferences, Dormeo has you covered. They offer a range of firmness levels, from soft to firm, allowing you to choose what suits your comfort needs best.
  • Purple: Purple mattresses are engineered to offer a medium-firm feel, which tends to be universally comfortable for various sleepers. This balanced firmness is designed to provide support without sacrificing comfort.

Watch this review video:

Motion Isolation:

  • Dormeo: Dormeo mattresses, particularly those incorporating memory foam layers, excel at isolating motion. This means that movement on one side of the bed is less likely to disturb your partner on the other side.
  • Purple: Purple’s unique polymer grid construction also contributes to effective motion isolation. The grid absorbs and minimizes motion transfer, making it a good option for those who share their bed with a restless sleeper.

Pressure Relief:

  • Dormeo: Dormeo mattresses aim to alleviate pressure points with their Octaspring technology. The individually responsive foam springs adapt to your body’s shape, providing targeted support where it’s needed most.
  • Purple: The hyper-elastic polymer grid of Purple mattresses is designed to provide tailored pressure relief. It flexes under your body’s weight, helping to distribute pressure and reduce discomfort.

Cooling and Breathability:

  • Dormeo: Dormeo mattresses equipped with Octaspring technology are designed to promote airflow, helping to regulate temperature during sleep. This can contribute to a cooler and more comfortable night’s rest.
  • Purple: The grid structure of Purple mattresses allows for excellent airflow, which aids in maintaining a cooler sleep environment. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who tend to sleep hot.

Price Range:

  • Dormeo: The price of Dormeo mattresses varies depending on the specific model and features. They offer options spanning different price points to accommodate various budgets.
  • Purple: Purple mattresses often fall into a higher price range due to their innovative technology and unique features. While they may be a bit more expensive, many customers find the investment worthwhile.

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Trial Period and Warranty:

  • Dormeo: Dormeo typically offers a trial period during which you can test the mattress in your own home. Additionally, their warranties vary based on the mattress model, providing assurance for your purchase.
  • Purple: Purple offers a trial period for you to experience the mattress firsthand. They also provide warranties that cover a specified number of years, ensuring your investment is protected.

Customer Reviews and Reputation:

  • Dormeo: Dormeo’s reputation is a mixed bag, with some customers praising the comfort of their mattresses while others express concerns about durability over time.
  • Purple: Purple has garnered popularity for its innovative design and comfortable sleep experience. However, some customers have raised questions about the longevity of the polymer grid.


  • Dormeo: You can find Dormeo mattresses through their official website and authorized retailers, giving you various options to explore.
  • Purple: Purple mattresses are available on their official website and can also be purchased from a range of retailers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Purple mattresses considered firm or soft?

Most Purple models, including the original Purple Mattress, are a medium firmness – around 6.5 on a 1-10 scale. This balances comfort and support for most sleep positions. Only the Purple Plus model is slightly firmer.

Do Purple mattresses wear out?

Thanks to the durable hyper-elastic polymer grid and high-density foams, Purple mattresses consistently last over 10 years without excessive sagging or impressions. They outlast the average life expectancy of other common mattress types.

Do you need to flip a Dormeo mattress?

No, Dormeo mattresses are not designed to be flipped due to the comfort layers being on top. But you should rotate it 180 degrees every few months to promote even wear and extend the usable lifespan.

What body type is best for purple mattress?

The Purple Mattress excels for sleepers under 230 pounds who don’t strictly sleep on their sides. Heavier side sleepers may bottom out on the grid without enough pressure relief at shoulders and hips. But it provides excellent support for back and combo sleepers in any body type.


If you love sinking into plush memory foam, a Dormeo mattress could be your perfect match. For cool, buoyant comfort with instant responsiveness, Purple can’t be beat.

Either way, improve your nights with these innovative mattresses that adapt to your body’s needs while you dream!

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