SAXX Vs. Tommy John: Battle Of The Premium Men’s Underwear Brands

When it comes to men’s underwear, SAXX and Tommy John stand out as two of the most popular premium brands. Both are known for their innovative designs, high-quality materials, and seamless comfort.

But how do SAXX and Tommy John really stack up? We’ll compare the fabrics, fits, styles, pricing, and key features of each underwear brand to help you determine if SAXX or Tommy John is a better match for you. Let the underwear wars begin!

A Brief Comparison Table

CategorySAXXTommy John
FabricsMicrofiber, Modal blendsSupima cotton, Modal blends
FitContoured, athleticTailored, roomier
Key FeaturesBallPark PouchSeamless construction
PerformanceMoisture-wicking, quick-dryingPrevents chafing and irritation
QualityDurable constructionExcellent stitching and fabrics
StyleModern prints and solidsFocus on solids
Price$20-$30 per pair$25-$35 per pair
Best ForAthletic activity and sportsAll-day comfort and wear

Overview of SAXX Underwear

Founded in 2007 in Canada, SAXX set out to reinvent men’s underwear with its patented BallPark PouchTM technology for contouring support and comfort. They focus on breathable, high-tech fabrics perfect for athletic lifestyles.

SAXX Underware

Some standout features of SAXX underwear include:

  • Lightweight, breathable microfiber and Modal fabric blends
  • Contoured BallPark Pouch design and ergonomic panels
  • Moisture-wicking, anti-odor, and quick-dry technologies
  • Modern patterns, colors, and collegiate styles
  • Boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, and boxer shorts
  • Athletic and performance-focused

SAXX is ideal for active men wanting breathable, contouring underwear that keeps them supported during workouts, travel, and daily wear. The BallPark Pouch provides an ergonomic cradling effect versus typical flatten seams.

Overview of Tommy John Underwear

Founded in 2008, Tommy John set out to fix underwear irritation and create a seamless wearing experience. Their fabrics and unique designs eliminate chafing, rubbing, and discomfort.

Here are some highlighted features of Tommy John underwear:

  • Ultra-soft Supima cotton and Modal fabric blends
  • Horizontal Quick DrawTM fly and stay-put waistband
  • Contoured pouch and seamless construction
  • Moisture-wicking Cool CottonTM and Second Skin® fabrics
  • Boxer briefs, briefs, trunks, and loungewear
  • Focus on ultimate comfort and non-chafing

Tommy John is perfect for men seeking ultra-soft, seamless underwear for all-day wear. Their innovative fabrics and construction prevent any rubbing or irritation.

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SAXX Vs. Tommy John: Direct Comparison

Now let’s directly compare SAXX and Tommy John across the factors that matter most:


Tommy John
Tommy John
  1. SAXX: They utilize lightweight microfiber, which is known for its silky texture and moisture-wicking capabilities. Coupled with Modal, a type of rayon known for its softness and breathability, it ensures a comfortable experience. This combination is particularly beneficial for those engaged in active tasks as it promotes ventilation.
  2. Tommy John: Their primary material of choice is Supima cotton, which represents less than 1% of cotton grown in the world. It’s known for its longer fibers which provide strength, softness, and color retention. They blend this with Modal, amplifying the comfort. The result is a fabric that feels gentle against the skin and is also durable.
  3. Comparative Feel: Tommy John products generally feel softer to the touch, ideal for those who prioritize a gentle feel. On the other hand, SAXX leans more towards a technical, performance-driven feel.

Fit and Style

  1. SAXX: Designed with an athletic audience in mind, their fit is contoured, hugging the body and accentuating the natural shape. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of prints catering to those who prefer quirky, fun underwear designs.
  2. Tommy John: Their designs have a tailored appearance, giving a sophisticated look, yet they are roomy enough for unrestricted movement. They tend to stick with solid colors, promoting a classic and elegant aesthetic.

Key Features

  1. SAXX: Their distinctive BallPark Pouch is engineered to provide contouring and support, ensuring everything stays in place without discomfort. This is especially beneficial during physical activity.
  2. Tommy John: One of their standout features is the intentional elimination of seams and potential chafing points. This design consideration minimizes skin irritation, particularly important for those with sensitive skin or during extended wear.
  3. Comfort Factor: Both brands have made comfort a cornerstone of their offerings. While SAXX offers support and contouring, Tommy John prevents irritation, ensuring a comfortable experience.


  1. SAXX: Thanks to the microfiber component, it excels in wicking away sweat, keeping the wearer dry. Its quick-drying nature also makes it suitable for workouts, hikes, or other strenuous activities.
  2. Tommy John: Their focus is on preventing rubbing and irritation. While also suitable for mild activities, they shine as everyday wear where consistent comfort is paramount.


  1. SAXX: Known for its top-notch construction, SAXX ensures that each pair of underwear is built to last. Attention to detail and the use of quality materials ensures longevity.
  2. Tommy John: Quality is evident in their meticulous stitching and overall build. They are crafted to withstand regular use and washing without significant wear and tear.
  3. Longevity: Both brands have a reputation for maintaining their fit and quality over time, giving users value for their money.


  1. SAXX: Typically, a pair from SAXX will cost between $20-$30. The pricing reflects the quality and design intricacies of their products.
  2. Tommy John: Slightly on the higher side, their prices range from $25-$35 per pair. This is justified by the premium materials like Supima cotton and the brand’s overall focus on luxurious comfort.
  3. Comparison: While there is some overlap in pricing, the difference is often reflective of the specific features and materials each brand prioritizes. Both offer good value, given their quality and durability.

In summary, it’s a close match-up between these premium underwear giants. Keep reading as we dive deeper into the pros and cons of each brand.

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SAXX Underwear: Pros and Cons

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the standout benefits and potential drawbacks of SAXX underwear:


  • Innovative BallPark Pouch design
  • Lightweight, breathable technical fabrics
  • Contoured fit tailored for movement
  • Moisture-wicking and quick-drying
  • Anti-odor protection
  • Great modern patterns and colors


  • Fabric not as naturally soft as cotton
  • Runs small, so sizing up is needed
  • limited matching loungewear available
  • Higher price point

Overall, SAXX is a leading premium men’s underwear brand that delivers great technologies, performance and style. The technical fabric may not be the absolute softest, but gets the important stuff right.

Tommy John Underwear: Pros and Cons

Now let’s examine the key pros and cons of Tommy John underwear:


  • Ultra-soft Supima cotton and Modal fabric
  • Seamless construction eliminates chafing
  • Contoured pouch for support
  • Moisture-wicking Cool Cotton material
  • Generous sizing and fits
  • Great for all-day wear


  • Limited patterns and prints
  • Waistband may lose elasticity over time
  • Not specifically designed for athletic activity
  • Higher price point

Tommy John focuses on unbeatable comfort through the highest quality materials and smart seamless engineering. They keep customers comfortable year after year.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Which Saxx collection is best?

SAXX’s most popular collections are the Ultra Boxer Brief, Black Sheep, and Body Builder which balance comfort, support, and style. The Quest and Force lines are best for high activity and sports. Vibe is the most affordable SAXX option.

Is Saxx a mens brand?

Yes, SAXX is a men’s underwear and loungewear brand. While they formerly had a women’s collection, SAXX has refocused solely on men’s underwear including the signature BallPark Pouch design.

Who is the owner of Tommy John boxers?

Tommy John was founded by Tom Patterson and Erin Fujimoto who set out to reinvent men’s underwear. Patterson came up with the idea after suffering chronic underwear discomfort. The brand is still led by the pair from its headquarters in New York City.

Is Tommy John a good brand?

Yes, Tommy John is considered one of the top premium men’s underwear brands thanks to their soft fabrics, seamless construction, and innovative designs. While pricing is high, Tommy John underwear is praised for its exceptional comfort and quality.

The Verdict

When comparing SAXX versus Tommy John, choosing the right brand for you depends on your needs and priorities:

For athletic performance and breathable comfort, SAXX is the winner. Their technical fabrics and BallPark Pouch provide contouring support perfect for activity.

But for plush softness and all-day wearability, Tommy John comes out on top. Their seamless construction prevents any irritation or discomfort during daily life.

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Both SAXX and Tommy John are premium men’s underwear brands that offer significant upgrades from basic briefs. SAXX provides technical support while Tommy John focuses on lifestyle comfort.

So whether you need moisture wicking performance for the gym or softness for the office, SAXX and Tommy John have you covered in style below the belt.

Decide what matters most to crown the best underwear brand for your unique needs. Your boys will thank you!

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