Samsonite Vs. Calpak Luggage: Which Brand Is Better For Travel?

When searching for new luggage, two of the top brands you’ll encounter are Samsonite and Calpak. Both companies make durable, stylish travel bags to fit any trip. But should you choose versatile classics from Samsonite, or modern chic from Calpak?

We break down the key differences between these luggage titans across the categories that matter most – durability, design, features, warranties, and cost. Read on to determine if your ideal travel companion comes from Samsonite or Calpak.

A Brief Comparison Table

DurabilityPolycarbonate or ABS shells withstand impact; durable zippers and wheelsPolycarbonate hardsides are resilient; softsides made of tough ballistic nylon
Design & StyleClassic, sleek, and sophisticatedContemporary, colorful, and playful patterns
FeaturesCompression straps, pockets and smart organizationExpandable shells and compartments maximize packing capacity
Warranty10 years softside, 5 years hardside2 years softside, 5 years hardside
CostAffordable luxury, larger bags $160-$500Value-focused pricing, most under $300
Special ConsiderationsTimeless style and innovative materialsFun modern looks offered at lower price points

Key Differences Between Samsonite And Calpak Luggage

  • Durability and Construction

The most important factor in any piece of luggage is whether it can stand up to the wear and tear of traveling. Here’s how Samsonite and Calpak compare:

Samsonite Luggage
Samsonite Luggage

Samsonite construts their luggage out of strong polycarbonate or ABS materials. Both substances are lightweight while still maintaining flex and impact resistance. For premium lines, they use 100% polycarbonate, an extremely sturdy plastic. Entry-level bags may use ABS plastic blends.

Calpak manufactures their hardside luggage out of polycarbonate as well. Their high-end suitcases use polycarbonate exclusively, while affordable lines may incorporate ABS.

For softside bags, both brands opt for ballistic nylon with water-resistant coatings. This synthetic fabric is chosen for its strength, durability, and lightweight properties.

When it comes to hardware, Samsonite relies on zippers from industry leader YKK. For spinner wheels, they use V-groove tracking for seamless maneuverability.

Calpak also sources YKK zippers for reliable access. Their spinner wheels utilize sealed ball bearings that prevent abrasive buildup.

In summary, both brands check the boxes for durability. Their materials and components are made to withstand travel conditions. Samsonite edges ahead based on their expertise crafting hardside polycarbonate shells. But Calpak still produces solid luggage.

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  • Design and Style

Frequent travelers know your luggage should reflect your personality and sense of style. Here’s how these brands compare aesthetically:

Samsonite is known for classic silhouettes and timeless colors like black and navy blue. Their designs are unfussy and versatile. They also offer casual patterns or subtle textures for added flair. Overall their look balances function with understated elegance.

Calpak takes a decidedly modern, fashion-forward approach. Their bags come in pops of color, prints like marble or camo, and metallic or iridescent finishes. The vibe is fun, playful, and on-trend. This makes their luggage easy to spot at baggage claim.

Samsonite prioritizes versatile, sophisticated style. Calpak embraces contemporary colors and patterns. Pick Calpak if you want your suitcase to make a statement. Opt for Samsonite if you prefer sophistication.

  • Features and Organization

What useful features and compartments make these brands stand out?

CALPAK Luggage
CALPAK Luggage

Samsonite designs thoughtfully organized interiors to keep belongings secure. Compression straps, mesh pockets, and multi-compartment layouts keep you tidy while traveling. They also incorporate TSA-approved locks on most models for security.

Calpak focuses on maximizing packing space. Expandable hardsides and compression boards allow you to fit more. Interiors include a variety of zippered pockets and wet/dry storage. Spinner luggage keeps contents centered while moving.

Both brands load their suitcases with components for organization. Samsonite excels at smart pocketing. But Calpak’s expandable designs are great for packing flexibility.

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  • Warranties

A strong warranty proves a company stands behind their products. Here’s the coverage offered:

Samsonite provides a 10-year limited warranty on all softside bags and 5-year limited warranty on hardside luggage. This protects against defects in materials or workmanship.

Calpak offers a 2-year limited warranty on softside bags and 5-year limited warranty for their hardside lines. This covers manufacturer defects.

Samsonite edges out Calpak for longer warranties, especially on softside bags. But both companies provide assurance their luggage is built to last.

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  • Cost and Value

Let’s break down luggage prices between the brands:

Samsonite position themselves as an affordable luxury brand. Larger suitcases start around $160 for softside and $200 for hardside. More premium designs can reach $500+ for leather pieces. Sales are common.

Calpak targets the contemporary market with most bags under $300. Carry-ons start around $100, with checked bags from $140-$200. High-end aluminum luggage reaches nearly $500.

Samsonite offers outstanding quality and durability at modest price points compared to similar legacy brands. Calpak keeps costs low yet still delivers style and function. Overall, Samsonite wins for value. But the affordability of Calpak makes their modern look very accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Calpak luggage durable?

Yes, Calpak luggage is known for its durability. The hardside suitcases are made from resilient polycarbonate plastic that can withstand cracking and scratching. Their softside luggage uses ballistic nylon with water-resistant coatings to prevent damage. Calpak bags also feature high-quality YKK zippers and sealed spinner wheels that stand up to heavy travel use.

What makes Samsonite better?

There are a few key reasons why Samsonite luggage is considered superior:
Extremely durable – Samsonite uses 100% polycarbonate on premium hardsides making shells nearly indestructible. Softsides feature thick ballistic nylon. Lightweight – Innovative construction keeps weight down even in larger bags. Timeless style – Sleek silhouettes and classic colors stay in fashion. Well-organized – Interiors have lots of pockets and straps to keep packed items secure and tidy. Brand reputation – Samsonite has over 100 years of expertise crafting quality luggage.

What type of luggage is most durable?

Polycarbonate plastic hardside luggage is the most durable for resisting scratches, cracks, and punctures during travel. At the same time, softside ballistic nylon bags are flexible and can recover from impacts. For long-term durability, hardside polycarbonate suitcases are best. But high-quality softside luggage also lasts with proper care.

What is special about Samsonite?

There are a few key things that make Samsonite stand out:
Cutting-edge materials – Samsonite innovates with extremely lightweight and impact-resistant polycarbonate. Classic styling – Their timeless silhouettes and smart details become instant classics.
Organizational features – Interiors are designed to keep belongings secure and accessible. Brand legacy – Founded in 1910, they have over 100 years perfecting luggage. Quality craftsmanship – From zippers to wheels, each component is built to last. Travel expertise – Samsonite understands the rigors of travel and designs accordingly. Extensive selection – Bags for any trip from weekenders to large checked bags.
In summary, Samsonite is special for blending classic style, innovation, quality materials, and thoughtful organization into luggage you can rely on for years. Their expertise shines through in each bag.

The Verdict

When choosing between these leading luggage brands, it comes down to priorities:

For frequent fliers who want durable classics, timeless style, and thoughtful details, Samsonite is tough to beat.

For travelers who value affordability along with of-the-moment looks, Calpak’s fun patterns and colors make packing a breeze.

No matter which you choose, you really can’t go wrong. Both Samsonite and Calpak deliver luggage you can feel confident relying on trip after trip. Your travel style and budget should point you to the right brand for your needs. Safe travels!

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