Rush49 Vs. Groupon: Which Daily Deal Site Is Better In 2023?

Daily deal websites like rush49 and groupon were all the rage 10 years ago, promising unbelievable discounts on everything from restaurant meals to spa packages. Times have changed, but these sites are still kicking.

So, which one is better in 2023 – rush49 or groupon? Let’s take an in-depth look at what each platform offers to find out.

A Brief Comparison Table

LocationsMajor Canadian cities500+ markets globally
Deal TypesLocal experiences onlyLocal deals, travel, products
Discount Percentage50-90% off25-75% off
Deal Duration24 hours only1-7 days
Email FrequencyOne email per dayMultiple emails per day
Mobile ExperienceStrong appsStrong apps
Website InterfaceClean, simpleMore visually busy

Overview Of Rush49

Rush49 burst onto the daily deals scene in 2010 as a Canadian alternative to groupon. The premise is simple – each day Rush49 sends out a heavily discounted deal for local businesses to its email subscribers. These deals usually offer 50-90% off goods and services like restaurants, spas, recreation and more.

Rush49 is currently active in major Canadian cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. They have offered over 10,000 deals from local businesses across Canada.


Some key things to know about Rush49:

  • Deals last 24 hours only. If you don’t purchase that day, you miss out.
  • You typically pre-pay for the voucher on Rush49, then redeem it later at the business.
  • Fine print applies for expiration dates, blackout dates, etc. Read carefully!
  • Rush49 takes a cut of each deal sold. This helps businesses gain new customers.

Overall, Rush49 focuses exclusively on daily deals in major Canadian markets. They don’t offer product deals or have an online marketplace like groupon.

Overview Of Groupon

Groupon has a similar daily deals concept as rush49, but expanded globally. At its peak around 2010, groupon sold over 115 million deals to customers across 500 markets in 48 countries. While past its prime, groupon still has a presence in many locales worldwide.

In addition to daily deals, groupon also offers:

  • Groupon Goods – direct product sales and flash sales
  • Groupon Getaways – discounted travel and vacation packages
  • Groupon Stores – online marketplace for merchants

So groupon has a much broader scope than just local daily deals. Key aspects of groupon daily deals include:

  • Deals last 1-7 days, giving more time to purchase
  • Pre-pay for a voucher, redeem later
  • Fine print may apply
  • Groupon takes around 30% of the revenue from each deal

This wider variety of deals and products gives groupon a unique advantage.

Comparing Key Features

Now let’s directly compare some of the key features of these two daily deal platforms:

  • Deal Variety

Rush49 focuses exclusively on daily deals for local experiences like restaurants, spas, recreation, etc. These deals last 24 hours only.

Groupon offers local daily deals plus travel packages, product sales, and an online marketplace. Deals last 1-7 days typically.

Winner: Groupon offers a much wider range of deal types, though rush49 deals have the urgency of just 24 hours.

  • Deal Quality

Rush49 deals often offer 50-90% off thanks to their limited time availability. Local businesses can afford to offer huge discounts.

Groupon deals tend to be in the 25-50% off range, sometimes up to 75% off. Discounts aren’t quite as steep overall as rush49.

Winner: Rush49 for the huge discount percentages available.

  • Location Availability

Rush49 operates only in major Canadian cities at this time. No USA or worldwide presence.

Groupon is in 500+ markets globally, including nearly every major metro in the US and Canada.

Winner: Groupon for far greater location availability, especially in the US.

  • Mobile Experience

Rush49 has mobile apps for iOS and Android to easily browse and buy deals. The apps function well.

Groupon also has iOS and Android apps that offer an excellent mobile experience. Well-designed and easy to use.

Winner: Tie – both platforms offer solid mobile apps.

  • Website Interface

Rush49’s website has a clean, modern design that makes browsing deals intuitive. Site speed is fast.

Groupon’s website is more visually crowded with many images and tabs. But it makes finding specific deal types easy. Site speed is slower.

Winner: Tie – the sites take different design approaches but are both functional.

  • Email Notifications

Rush49 sends one email per day with that day’s deal. Easy to quickly see the latest offer.

Groupon sends multiple emails per day showcasing different deals. Can be overwhelming.

Winner: Rush49 for concise, once daily email.

Pros And Cons Of Each Site

Based on the comparisons above, what are the major pros and cons of each platform?

Rush49 Pros

  • Huge discounts, often 50-90% off
  • Deals only last 24 hours, creating urgency
  • Simple email with one daily deal
  • Intuitive mobile apps and website

Rush49 Cons

  • Only available in major Canadian cities currently
  • Deals end very quickly at 11:59pm PST
  • Cannot browse past deals or multiple categories

Groupon Pros

  • Broad availability in 500+ markets globally
  • Wider variety of deals like travel and products
  • Lengthier 1-7 day deal durations
  • Strong mobile experience

Groupon Cons

  • Discounts usually max out at 50-75% off
  • Website and emails can feel cluttered
  • Heavier marketing approach overall

Is Groupon Still Popular In 2023?

Groupon exploded in popularity in 2009 and 2010, selling hundreds of millions of deals. But is groupon still relevant in 2023? Let’s take a look.

While past its growth peak, groupon still sells millions of deals annually and has an email subscriber base of over 44 million.

Surveys show over 40% of consumers have purchased groupons within the past year, indicating it still maintains a solid user base. Groupon is profitable on an adjusted basis and has billions in annual gross revenue.

So while groupon isn’t the unchecked growth story it once was, it’s still a major player in the space with strong brand recognition. Groupon will likely continue adapting its strategy like expanding groupon stores in the years ahead.

Is Rush49 A Good Groupon Alternative?

For Canadians looking for an alternative to groupon, rush49 is a viable option in select cities. The huge discounts and mobile-friendly experience make rush49 deals highly appealing.

Rush49’s more limited Canadian presence and lack of travel deals makes groupon a better choice for broader deal selection. But for discounted local experiences, rush49 delivers excellent value.

The 24 hour time limit creates urgency to snap up rush49 deals quickly. And the selectivity of one daily deal simplifies the decision making process.

So, while groupon is the bigger brand, rush49 excels at the core daily deals concept, especially in Toronto, Vancouver and other Canadian markets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does Rush49 work?

Rush49 sends an email to subscribers each day around 11am PST with that day’s heavily discounted deal. These deals typically offer 50-90% off local businesses like restaurants, spas, recreation and more.
The deals last for 24 hours only. If interested, customers pre-pay for a voucher on Rush49, then redeem it later directly at the business. Fine print applies for expiration, blackout dates, etc.

What is Rush49 website? is the website for Rush49, a Canadian daily deals platform. On the website you can browse current deals, purchase vouchers, redeem past purchases, and manage your account.
The website has a clean, modern design that makes searching deals simple. There is also iOS and Android mobile apps for easy mobile access.

What happened with Groupon?

Groupon quickly became a sensational success after launching in 2008, selling millions of deals per day at its peak. Growth later slowed, along with the broader daily deals industry.
In recent years Groupon has focused on adjusting its strategy. This includes expanding its online marketplace Groupon Stores along with its goods and travel businesses.
While past its growth prime, Groupon still sells millions of deals annually and has tens of millions of email subscribers. It remains a major player in the space.

Do people still use Groupon?

Yes, Groupon still maintains a large base of active customers. Surveys indicate over 40% of consumers have purchased Groupons within the past year.
Groupon emails reach over 44 million subscribers who redeem billions in deals annually. So while growth has leveled off, Groupon remains popular with a significant set of loyal users.

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The Verdict

For shoppers looking to score deals on local experiences, rush49 and groupon both deliver excellent value. Rush49 wins for huge discounts and simplicity, while groupon takes the edge in product variety and global reach.

Trying both platforms can maximize access to great offers. Groupon is ideal for broader shopping needs, while rush49 nails the daily deals model. Take advantage of rush49’s short time windows to find unbelievable bargains in Canada.

In the daily deals space, consumers are the real winners. With sites like rush49 and groupon competing for business, shoppers can save big on dining, recreation, travel and more. Stay alert for the best daily deals by subscribing to both platforms.

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