RockAuto Vs. The Better Auto Parts Marketplace

When it comes time to buy replacement auto parts, two popular online marketplaces often come to mind – RockAuto and Both offer a wide selection of parts at discounted prices shipped directly to your door.

But which one is better for your needs? Here we’ll compare the key features of RockAuto and CarParts to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table
Product Selection2.5+ million parts300,000+ parts
PricesVery competitive, low pricesPrice matches RockAuto on most parts
Shipping$6 standard (5-6 days), $14 expedited (2-3 days)Free standard shipping over $99 (3-6 days)
Returns90 day return window60 day return window
Customer ServicePhone, email, DIY guidesPhone, chat, parts experts
Mobile ExperienceWebsite not optimized for mobileResponsive site, iOS & Android apps
ReputationA+ BBB ratingA+ BBB rating after 100+ years
Part QualityNew parts only, rigorous quality controlNew parts only from brand name manufacturers

Overview Of RockAuto

Founded in 1999, RockAuto is one of the largest online auto parts stores in the US. Their website stocks over 2.5 million replacement parts for cars, trucks and motorcycles from hundreds of manufacturers. With RockAuto you can shop for practically any automotive part you need – from something as small as a lightbulb to larger components like shock absorbers, brake pads and exhaust systems.

Some key things to know about RockAuto:

  • Huge catalog of parts – RockAuto claims to have the largest catalog of replacement parts online. Their selection includes both everyday maintenance items and hard-to-find parts for older vehicles.
  • Detailed product information – Each part listing includes specifications, compatibility information, warranty details and high-resolution images to help you make the right purchase.
  • Competitive pricing – By selling direct online without a retail storefront, RockAuto is able to offer discounted pricing on most items. Their prices are often significantly lower than local auto parts stores.
  • Shipping options – RockAuto offers a choice of delivery speed at checkout. Standard shipping takes 1-6 business days. Expedited shipping gets your order there in 2-3 days.
  • Easy returns – Parts can be returned within 90 days of purchase. You just need to contact their customer service department to start a return request.
  • Solid reputation – Overall RockAuto has earned a strong reputation for quality parts, good prices and helpful customer service since starting in 1999. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Overview Of

Formerly known as JC Whitney, is another large online retailer of replacement auto parts and accessories. They’ve been in business since 1915, starting out as a mail-order catalog before transitioning to ecommerce in the 2000s.

Some key facts about
  • Broad part selection – CarParts stocks over 300,000 parts for most makes and models of cars and trucks. Their catalog includes maintenance, repair and collision parts plus accessories.
  • Specialty categories – In addition to common repairs, CarParts has categories for off-roading, racing, RVs., classic cars and trucks. Useful for hobbyists and specialty vehicles.
  • Part finder tools – The website has handy part finder tools like a VIN lookup and part name search to help you quickly find the right parts.
  • In-house experts – CarParts has over 100 ASE certified in-house parts experts available by phone or chat to assist with part selection and fitment questions.
  • Free shipping – Orders over $99 get free standard ground shipping. Expedited 2-day delivery is available for an added cost.
  • Return policy – Car parts can be returned up to 60 days after purchase. Just contact their customer service department to get the return process started.
  • Solid reputation – has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating after 100+ years in the auto parts business.

Now that we’ve provided an overview of both companies, let’s directly compare some key factors shoppers care about.

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RockAuto Vs. CarParts: How They Stack Up

When it comes to selecting an online vendor for DIY auto parts, here’s how RockAuto and compare across several factors:

  • Product Selection

RockAuto – With 2.5+ million parts from hundreds of brands, RockAuto offers a megastore selection rivaling massive retailers like Amazon. Hard to beat their catalog size and variety. – At over 300,000 parts, CarParts still offers an extensive selection that covers practically all makes and models. But their catalog is noticeably smaller compared to RockAuto.

Winner – RockAuto wins when it comes to the size of their parts catalog.

  • Prices and Discounts

RockAuto – By selling online only without any brick-and-mortar overhead, RockAuto is able to offer steep discounts on most of their parts. Their pricing is very competitive, often beating local auto parts stores. – As primarily an online retailer, also provides discounted pricing on par with RockAuto. They seem to price match RockAuto on many common parts.

Winner – It’s a tie when it comes to discounted pricing. Both companies offer auto parts at prices lower than retail stores.

  • Shipping Fees and Delivery Times

RockAuto – Offers a choice of delivery speeds at checkout. Standard shipping takes 5-6 business days. Faster expedited shipping will get your order there in 2-3 days for about $8 more. – Provides free standard shipping on orders over $99. Expedited 2nd day air is available for an added fee. But even their standard ground shipping delivers within 3-6 business days.

Winner – wins when it comes to delivery fees and times. Orders over $99 ship free within 3-6 days.

  • Return Policy and Warranties

RockAuto – Parts can be returned up to 90 days after purchase. The site provides detailed warranty info with each part listing so you know what’s covered. – Offers a more generous 60 day return window. Most parts include a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Professional parts advisors can explain warranty coverage.

Winner – edges out RockAuto with the longer 60 day return window and availability of experts to clarify warranty information.

  • Customer Service and Support

RockAuto – Provides customer support by phone and email. Their website has extensive DIY guides and auto repair tips. But there are no online chat agents to immediately assist customers. – Operates a dedicated customer service call center with ASE parts experts available by phone or online chat. Very helpful for guidance choosing parts.

Winner – shines when it comes to customer service thanks to their team of parts advisors reachable by phone and chat.

  • Mobile Friendliness

RockAuto – The RockAuto website has a dated design that is not mobile optimized. There is no mobile app, so the shopping experience on phones is just okay. – has a modern, responsive website design that adapts well to mobile screens. They also offer an iOS/Android app to easily shop and track orders.

Winner – is much more mobile-friendly with their adaptive site and handy mobile apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is better than RockAuto?

While RockAuto is one of the most popular online auto parts stores, is considered by many to be a better overall option. Reasons why some shoppers prefer CarParts over RockAuto include:
Larger $99 free shipping minimum (RockAuto’s is $50)
60 day return policy Vs. 90 days at RockAuto
Parts experts available by phone or chat
More mobile-friendly website and shopping apps
Specialty parts for race cars, off-roading, RVs.
However, RockAuto still can’t be beaten when it comes to their unmatched selection of replacement parts for nearly every make and model.

Is CarParts com trustworthy?

Yes, is a very trustworthy source for buying auto parts online. The company has been in business for over 100 years since starting as a mail-order catalog in 1915. They are now one of the largest online auto parts retailers in the US.
Key signs is trustworthy:
A+ Better Business Bureau rating after decades in business
Hundreds of thousands of verified customer reviews
Secure checkout and website (https, Norton Secured)
responsive customer service agents available by phone or chat
When you buy from, you can feel confident you’ll receive the exact parts ordered in new condition along with helpful support. Their long history and sterling reputation make them a reputable company to purchase from.

Is RockAuto com a reliable site?

Yes, RockAuto is a highly reliable and recommended site for buying auto parts online. They have earned a sterling reputation since starting in 1999. Here’s why RockAuto is considered reliable:
A+ rating from Better Business Bureau
Hundreds of thousands of 5-star customer reviews
Strict processes to ensure part quality
Massive selection of name brand auto parts
Competitive pricing with discounts
Smooth shipping and returns
Helpful customer service team
When you order parts from RockAuto, you can trust they have passed quality inspections and will match the exact specifications provided. Reviews consistently praise their shipping accuracy, competitive pricing and support.

Are parts from RockAuto used?

No, RockAuto does not sell used auto parts – all parts ordered on their site will be brand new. The key facts about RockAuto’s parts:
All parts shipped are new, not used or refurbished
Most parts are sourced directly from manufacturers
Rigorous quality control procedures to verify part condition
Detailed product descriptions clearly state if a part is new, remanufactured or refurbished
Returns department inspects any potentially defective parts
The RockAuto website makes it very clear through product descriptions and labeling if a part is anything other than new. Customers praise their stringent processes to ensure you receive new parts in perfect condition every time. You can feel confident parts ordered from RockAuto will arrive just like new.

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Final Verdict

When we tally up the key factors, RockAuto comes out very slightly ahead thanks to their unrivaled catalog size, competitive pricing and smooth delivery. However, nearly matches them on selection and cost while edging ahead for customer service, warranties and mobile experience.

In truth, both RockAuto and are excellent choices for buying replacement auto parts online and having them conveniently shipped to your home or garage. CarParts may be the better option for DIYers who want access to professional advisors and mobile shopping. But RockAuto can’t be beaten if you want the biggest selection of parts all in one place.

Either marketplace will likely meet your needs for finding quality discount parts for maintaining and repairing your vehicle.

We recommend comparing prices across both sites and taking advantage of any seasonal sales or coupons to get the best deal. With their hassle-free delivery, you can skip the auto parts store and get exactly what you need delivered straight to your driveway.

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