Redfin Vs. eXp Realty: How The Real Estate Brokers Stack Up

When buying or selling a home, choosing the right real estate brokerage to work with is key. Technology-focused brokerages like Redfin and eXp Realty aim to modernize the real estate experience through online tools and services.

But how exactly do these two innovative brokers compare when it comes to working with agents, listings, fees, and more? Let’s dive into the key differences between Redfin and eXp Realty.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryRedfineXp Realty
Business ModelLocal agents + digital toolsCloud-based brokerage
Geographic Coverage90+ metro areasNationwide
Listings DatabaseRobust search portalBasic search portal
Home ToursSelf-scheduling + agent toursAgent-dependent
Commissions1-1.5% totalVaries, set by agents
Buyer Incentives1.5% refundNone
Agent ModelEmployeesIndependent contractors
TechnologyEnd-to-end real estate platformCollaboration tools and software

Overview of Redfin

Founded in 2004, Redfin is a technology-powered real estate brokerage operating in over 90 metro areas across the U.S. and Canada. Redfin combines digital tools with local agents.

Redfin App

Key features of Redfin include:

  • Search millions of detailed home listings
  • Book home tours instantly online 24/7
  • Make an offer with support from Redfin agents
  • Track offer status and get regular updates
  • Rebate for buyers of up to 1.5% of purchase price
  • Local insights and neighborhood guides
  • Redfin Estimate for home valuation
  • Available in most major metro areas
  • Rental listings in some markets

For buyers and sellers, Redfin aims to deliver a modern real estate experience combining online convenience with dedicated agent support when needed. Redfin charges lower total commissions than traditional brokers.

Overview of eXp Realty

eXp Realty takes a different approach than Redfin. eXp is a national brokerage and operates as one entity rather than franchise locations. They focus on cloud-based services and remote agent support.

Some notable eXp Realty features:

  • Cloud-based brokerage model
  • Network of remote, virtual agents
  • Suite of collaboration tools and software
  • Training programs and events for agents
  • Cash bonuses paid to agents for sales
  • Revenue sharing opportunities for agents
  • Lower commissions than brick-and-mortar brokers
  • Access to listings across the U.S. and Canada

Rather than local offices, eXp Realty provides an immersive digital environment. eXp agents work remotely but have access to training, collaboration tools, listing databases, and more through the company’s platform and software ecosystem.

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Key differences Between Redfin And eXp Realty

1. Comparing Listing Databases

The breadth of home listings available is an important brokerage consideration. Here is how Redfin and eXp compare:

  • Redfin listings – Over 2 million residential listings across the U.S. and Canada. Focused mostly on urban metro area markets.
  • eXp listings – Access to listings nationwide across the U.S. and Canada. Listings concentrated where eXp agents are most active.
  • Listings platform – Redfin has an advanced online search with filters, maps, and listing details. eXp uses a more basic search portal for listings.
  • Updates – Redfin listings update in real-time. eXp listings have a slight delay.

Both brokers provide expansive geographic access to listings. But Redfin offers a much more robust, feature-packed search experience with real-time updates.

2. Comparing Agents and Services

Here are key differences in how Redfin and eXp Realty handle agents and services:

eXp Realty
eXp Realty
  • Redfin agents – Salaried employees who specialize in specific metro areas. Offer consultations, tours, negotiations, and closing.
  • eXp agents – Independent contractors who pay fees to eXp. Work remotely nationwide. eXp provides training and back-end support.
  • Tours – Redfin offers online scheduling and agent-led tours. eXp relies fully on their agent network for tours.
  • Technology – Redfin built an end-to-end real estate platform. eXp offers collaboration tools and some transaction management software.
  • Service model – Redfin blends digital with local service. eXp focuses on remote access and agent independence.

Redfin takes a more hands-on, service-focused approach, while eXp empowers agents as independent contractors through technology tools.

3. Redfin Vs. eXp Commissions and Fees

Pricing and commissions are another major point of difference:

  • Redfin seller commissions – Charge 1% – 1.5% total commission. Lower than traditional brokerages.
  • eXp commissions – Lower commissions than brick-and-mortar firms. Specific commissions set by agents.
  • Redfin buyer refunds – Buyers get up to 1.5% of the purchase price back at closing.
  • eXp buyer incentives – No buyer cash incentives. eXp focuses on seller commissions.
  • Agent pay – Redfin agents are employees. eXp agents earn commissions and bonuses based on sales.
  • eXp fees – eXp agents pay $85 – $150 monthly fee plus one-time $249 activation fee to join.

Redfin discounts commissions on both buy and sell sides. eXp offers lower-cost brokerage access for agents willing to pay their fees.

Pros And Cons Of Redfin And eXp Realty

Pros of Redfin

Some of the major advantages of using Redfin include:

  • Huge listing database updated in real time
  • Intuitive online search with helpful tools
  • Book home tours and unlock doors through the app
  • Local Redfin agents guide you through the process
  • Lower total commissions compared to most traditional brokers
  • Cash back for buyers at closing up to 1.5%
  • Available across over 90 major metro areas

Redfin provides top-notch technology integration with dedicated agent support. Home buyers can potentially save thousands through Redfin’s buyer refund program.

Cons of Redfin

Here are some potential disadvantages to consider about Redfin:

  • Primarily located in urban metro areas, fewer rural options
  • Requires physical Supra lockboxes for home tours
  • Offers less personal touch than local independent brokers
  • Can take days for agents to respond to offers during competitive markets
  • Strict criteria to get the maximum buyer refund
  • High demand means limited home inventory

Redfin prioritizes convenience through technology which sometimes can mean slower personal responses at key times. Inventory can also be limited in hot markets.

Pros of eXp Realty

Some of the biggest advantages of eXp Realty include:

  • Nationwide network of agents without confinement to regions
  • Attractive financial incentives for agents, stock awards
  • Lower cost brokerage model compared to brick-and-mortar
  • Cloud collaboration tools and technology ecosystem
  • Access to listings across the U.S. and Canada
  • Training, education, and support systems for agents
  • Virtual environment reduces overhead costs

The virtual, low-cost structure of eXp appeals to many agents. The company culture also promotes collaboration for agents who thrive in an autonomous environment.

Cons of eXp Realty

Some key downsides of eXp Realty to consider:

  • Less robust property search tools for buyers and sellers
  • No home tour booking or dedicated agent teams for consumers
  • Inconsistent level of service and responsiveness across agents
  • Lower average transaction volume compared to major brokers
  • Requires paying monthly fees to join as an agent
  • Less oversight and accountability for poor agents
  • Potentially less visibility for sellers with fewer local offices

As an agent-centric brokerage, eXp caters more to agent needs than consumers. Buyers and sellers have less consistent end-to-end service compared to more hands-on brokers like Redfin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are people switching to eXp Realty?

Many agents join eXp Realty because of the higher income potential from their compensation model. eXp agents praise the culture of collaboration as well as the lower costs enabled by the virtual environment with no brick-and-mortar office overhead.

Does eXp give agents leads?

eXp Realty does not directly provide buyer and seller leads to agents. However, agents have access to referral networks and Warm Call leads to build their business. Agents can also leverage eXp’s mentoring programs to gain strategies for generating real estate leads.

How do I remove an agent from Redfin?

As a client, you cannot directly remove or change your Redfin agent. But you can contact Redfin support to request being assigned a different local agent if you are dissatisfied with your current one. Redfin reviews agents and stops underperformers from working leads.

What does Redfin stand for?

Redfin’s name represents the company’s goal to “redefine” real estate through the use of technology and lower commission models that benefit buyers and sellers. The name highlights their focus on innovation compared to old-school brokerages.

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Final Thought

When choosing between innovative real estate brokerages like Redfin and eXp Realty, consider your priorities as a homebuyer or seller:

Go with Redfin if you want:

  • A seamless digital real estate experience
  • Cash back incentives for buyers
  • Local agents assisting for tours and negotiations

Go with eXp Realty if you want:

  • A lower-cost brokerage model as an agent
  • Cloud collaboration tools and a virtual work environment
  • Coverage across the entire U.S. and Canada

Both brokerages aim to enhance real estate through technology and reduced costs. But at its core, Redfin offers a stellar consumer experience while eXp focuses on agent empowerment.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to consult real estate agents to understand how brokerage commissions and services will work for your specific situation. With the right brokerage partner, you can streamline the transaction process and save money.

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