Rebag Vs. The RealReal: Which Luxury Resale Site is Better?

If you’re looking to buy or sell pre-owned designer bags and accessories, Rebag and The RealReal are two of the biggest names in luxury resale. As a seasoned shopper in this space, let me walk you through the key differences between these two platforms so you can decide which is best for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryRebagThe RealReal
Product FocusHandbags, wallets, accessoriesClothing, handbags, jewelry, watches, home goods, art
Buying ExperienceSeamless online shopping, free shipping/returnsMore curated e-boutique discovery, $25 returns
Selling ExperienceInstant quotes, fast payout when receivedWhite glove service, higher payouts, consignment
PricingConsistent across itemsUnique market-driven pricing
AuthenticationRigorous inspection processMulti-point inspection plus lab testing
Condition RatingsSimple 5-tier systemNuanced multi-point ratings
SustainabilityRecirculation of items back into marketDonations, brand partnerships

Overview of Rebag and The RealReal


First, a quick rundown on each company:

Rebag is an online store and buyer/seller of pre-owned luxury bags and accessories. Founded in 2014, they sell items from brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and more.

Rebag has a seamless online buying and selling process, allowing you to get instant quotes for your items and receive payment or store credit immediately.

The RealReal is a luxury consignment retailer that sells pre-owned fashion from top designers. Founded in 2011, it carries everything from clothing and handbags to jewelry and home goods.

The RealReal offers white glove concierge service for consignors, authenticating and valuing items before listing them online for shoppers globally.

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Key Differences Between Rebag And The RealReal

  • Buying Experience

Both sites offer an amazing selection of authentic luxury bags and accessories at discounted prices. As a buyer, you’ll find coveted pieces like Chanel flap bags, Louis Vuitton Neverfull totes, Gucci Dionysus bags, and more.

Rebag has a seamless online buying experience. Browse for items by designer or category, add to your cart, and check out. Rebag offers free shipping and free returns, so it’s easy to test drive your purchases. One unique perk is their bag repair and restoration services to refresh well-loved pieces before resale.

The RealReal focuses more on curation and discovery. Pieces are expertly cataloged by season and details, so browsing feels like walking into a high-end boutique. You’ll uncover gems not always found elsewhere. With The RealReal, items ship after processing and authentication. Returns are accepted within 10 days for a $25 restocking fee.

For selection and simplicity, Rebag wins for buying. But The RealReal provides more of a luxe discovery experience.

  • Selling Experience

When it’s time to sell, both Rebag and The RealReal make the luxury resale process smooth and rewarding.

Rebag stands out with instant quotes and payouts. Just submit some photos online and you’ll receive a competitive quote within minutes. If you accept, you can ship your item to Rebag for free using their prepaid label and they’ll pay you the full quoted amount by direct deposit or store credit as soon as it’s received. This means fast cash or spending power in your pocket.

The RealReal offers white glove service for consignors. You’ll book a free virtual appointment with an expert who will authenticate and value your item. If consigned, The RealReal handles photography, copywriting, shipping, and fulfillment. Once sold, you’ll receive 60-70% of the final selling price. The entire process is free but takes more time on your end.

For fast, hassle-free selling, Rebag is the winner. But The RealReal provides more personalized service.

  • Pricing and Values
The RealReal
The RealReal

When it comes to pricing, both Rebag and The RealReal offer fair transparent pricing based on real-time market value.

Rebag has a consistent pricing structure across items. As a buyer, you can easily comparison shop. As a seller, you’ll get a fair transparent quote upfront.

One unique service is Rebag’s Clair trade-in program, offering guaranteed buyback pricing when you eventually re-sell your Rebag purchase back to them in the future.

The RealReal aims to maximize value on each item for both buyers and consignors. Shopping here takes more price research as each item is uniquely priced based on attributes.

But with The RealReal’s massive buyer audience, they strategically price to sell so consignors see solid payouts.

I’d say pricing is a tie. Rebag offers consistency and transparency. The RealReal goes for maximized value. Both aim to give buyers deals and sellers fair compensation.

  • Product Selection

Both Rebag and The RealReal offer amazing designer brands, but product mix differs.

Rebag focuses specifically on handbags, wallets, accessories, and small leather goods from luxury brands. They offer an extensive selection of the most coveted designer styles. Stock rotates quickly, especially on classic pieces and neutral colors which sell fast.

The RealReal takes a broader approach, carrying everything from jewelry and watches to clothing, shoes, home goods and art. The breadth can be overwhelming but provides endless options to browse. The RealReal gets more one-of-a-kind runway and vintage pieces compared to Rebag.

So Rebag wins if you’re shopping specifically for bags and accessories. The RealReal is better for clothes, shoes, jewelry and home luxury.

  • Item Condition

Understanding item condition is key when buying pre-owned. You’ll encounter different condition rating systems on each marketplace.

Rebag uses a straightforward 5-tier system from Excellent to Poor condition. Each category has a clear description of visible wear to expect. Rebag refurbishes items rated Good or below to restore them to pristine condition before listing. So feel confident purchasing even lower rated Rebag pieces.

The RealReal uses a nuanced multi-point system with ratings from 5 to 1 considering over 60 aspects like craftsmanship, age, and signs of wear. It takes more work deciphering listings. But items rated Very Good or above should arrive looking great. Lower rated items will show more visible flaws or need restoration.

Rebag’s simpler condition rating system makes shopping easier. But both sites have you covered if items don’t match description upon arrival – returns and refunds are there as a safety net.

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  • Authentication and Quality

The most important factor in luxury resale is that items are 100% authentic. Both Rebag and The RealReal thoroughly authenticate items before listing.

Rebag has a team of brand experts that inspects details of each item. Many compare the inspection process to forensics, looking for specific markers to verify authenticity and detect any alterations.

If any issues, the piece won’t make it to listing. Rebag also directly partners with brands like Louis Vuitton, providing past sales data and imagery to assist with authentication.

The RealReal takes things a step further with an internal lab for testing. Items go through inspection by multiple experts.

Then material, hardware, and adornments get evaluated using technology like 3D spectroscopy and gemology tools. Fakes never make it through.

By all accounts, both processes are extremely rigorous. Counterfeits should not be a concern with either marketplace. You can shop their luxury resale selections with total confidence.

  • Sustainability

Sustainability is core to the ethos of luxury resale. Both Rebag and The RealReal make it easy for shoppers to participate in the circular economy.

Rebag calls their process “recirculation” – providing an outlet for shoppers to sell what they already own, then buy previously owned pieces at an affordable price point.

This promotes reusing vs producing new items. Rebag makes the recirculation process extremely user-friendly.

The RealReal takes sustainability a step further through their philanthropic partnerships. They partner with charities like Habitat for Humanity and Dress for Success to donate unsold inventory.

They also partner with luxury brands themselves to run initiatives sending consigned pieces back into the production stream.

Ultimately, both Rebag and The RealReal allow shoppers to extend the lifecycle of luxury items while avoiding waste. This leaves a smaller footprint on the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Still have some questions about Rebag and The RealReal? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Does Rebag sell authentic bags?

Yes, 100%. Rebag thoroughly authenticates every bag before listing through expert inspection and directly consulting with luxury brands. Counterfeits are not an issue when shopping at Rebag.

What makes the RealReal unique?

The RealReal provides an unparalleled breadth of authenticated pre-owned luxury across categories like clothing, jewelry, watches, home decor and art. Their consignment process is tailored with white glove service. The RealReal also partners with charities and brands themselves on sustainability initiatives.

What percentage do you get from Rebag?

With Rebag, you receive direct payout of the full quoted amount as soon as your item is received. So if Rebag quotes $1000 for your Chanel bag, you get the full $1000 paid out.

How does the Rebag work?

Selling on Rebag is easy. You get a free instant quote online by submitting photos and details. If you accept, ship your bag to Rebag using their prepaid label. As soon as Rebag receives and authenticates your item, you get paid the full quoted amount via direct deposit or store credit immediately.

Hope this overview of Rebag vs The RealReal was helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions – I’m happy to provide advice to help you find your perfect pre-loved pieces.

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Final Thought

So when should you choose Rebag vs The RealReal? Here are my recommendations:

Shop Rebag If You Want:

  • A seamless online experience buying or selling handbags/accessories
  • Instant payouts when selling – cash in hand quickly!
  • Simple pricing and rating structures – easy to understand
  • Straightforward focus on bags and small leather goods

Shop The RealReal If You Want:

  • A high-end curated e-boutique discovery experience
  • Top dollar for luxury consignment arranged for you
  • More variety like clothes, jewelry, home goods and art
  • Sustainability through donations and brand partnerships

Overall, I recommend Rebag for handbags and accessories specifically. They provide unparalleled convenience buying and selling online.

The RealReal is a better total lifestyle luxury resale marketplace. Their breadth, partnerships and sustainability focus are hard to beat.

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