Orangetheory Vs. Life Time Fitness: Which Gym Is Best For You?

When it comes to choosing a gym, OrangeTheory and Life Time Fitness are two popular options. But how do you decide which is better for your needs?

This comprehensive comparison examines the key differences between OrangeTheory and Life Time Fitness. We’ll contrast the workout styles, training, amenities, costs, and more to help you pick the fitness center that’s right for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsOrangetheoryLife Time Fitness
Workout StyleStructured HIIT classesHundreds of group fitness classes
TrainingFocus on heart rate zone trainingOption for one-on-one personal training
AmenitiesLimited equipment and compact studiosPools, courts, spa, salon, cafe, kids club
Membership Cost$59-$159 per month$100-$200 per month, plus fees
VibeHigh energy, intense, motivationalUpscale, resort-like, relaxing
Best ForGroup HIIT trainingAmenities and family access

Overview of OrangeTheory

Founded in 2010, OrangeTheory offers 1-hour, full-body group workout classes based on interval training. You wear a heart rate monitor as coaches guide you through treadmill, rowing machine, and floor stations designed to hit different zones.

Orange Theory Fitness

Key features of OrangeTheory include:

  1. Structured HIIT-style classes
  2. Focus on hitting specific heart rate zones
  3. Varied equipment like rowers and treadmills
  4. Small group setting with energy
  5. Classes tailored for all levels
  6. Goal of burning 500-1000 calories per session

With over 1,300 studios globally, OrangeTheory is all about sweating, burning calories, and gaining “the afterburn” through intense interval training.

Overview of Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness operates luxury athletic resorts providing health and wellness services since 1992. Each location (over 150) offers amenities like fitness classes, salons, spas, restaurants, and pools. You can access any location with an All-Access membership.

Features of Life Time Fitness include:

  1. Hundreds of group fitness classes
  2. State-of-the-art strength equipment
  3. Lap pools, therapy pools, and whirlpools
  4. Full-service salon and cafe
  5. Kids Academy with youth activities
  6. Family recreation like sports leagues
  7. On-demand virtual classes

Life Time Fitness goes far beyond just gym facilities with its resort-like experience.

Key Differences Between Orangetheory And Life Time Fitness

  • Facilities and Amenities

OrangeTheory centers are compact studios focused just on their 1-hour workout classes. Equipment is limited to treadmills, rowers, TRX suspension trainers, and some free weights. Studio sizes vary from around 2,000 to 4,000 square feet.

Life Time locations are giant fitness resorts spanning 100,000 to 200,000 square feet. Their health club facilities include:

  1. State-of-the-art strength machines and free weights
  2. Lap pools, whirlpools, and therapy pools
  3. Group fitness studios for yoga, cycling, etc.
  4. Full-size basketball courts
  5. Spa, salon, and cafe
  6. Kids Academy with games, activities
  7. Luxury locker rooms

For pure workout spaces, OrangeTheory offers a focused environment to get your sweat on. But Life Time is miles ahead in amenities for the whole family to enjoy.

Life Time Fitness
  • Workout Style and Training

OrangeTheory is built around a specific 60-minute interval workout each visit:

  1. 1-hour workout split into stations
  2. Coach guides you to target heart rate zones
  3. Treadmill, rowing, and floor segments
  4. Wear heart rate monitor entire session
  5. Interval training to hit anaerobic zone
  6. Focus on “afterburn” calorie burn

Life Time offers expansive variety rather than a set class format:

  1. 100+ weekly small group classes
  2. Trainers assist with programs if desired
  3. Huge range from yoga to cycling
  4. Option for one-on-one personal training
  5. State-of-the-art resistance machines
  6. Indoor tracks for running/walking
  7. Lap lanes for swimming
  8. Specialty studios like Pilates reformer

For motivation through intense heart-pumping interval training, OrangeTheory delivers a set workout formula. Life Time wins for nearly endless class options from yoga to kickboxing to suit your preferences.

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  • Membership Costs and Plans

Here is how the membership pricing shakes out:


  1. Basic: 4 classes/month for $59/month
  2. Elite: 8 classes/month for $99/month
  3. Premier: Unlimited classes for $159/month
  4. $28 per class for single drop-in
  5. Regional memberships for access to area studios
  6. Nationwide memberships for any location

Life Time Fitness

  1. All-access: $100-$200/month
  2. Single club: $70-$150/month
  3. Elite personal training packages
  4. $30 guest pass per day
  5. Discounts for couples, families, students
  6. Joining fees from $99-$349

For unlimited access to classes, OrangeTheory comes in cheaper by about $50/month. But Life Time offers far more amenities and flexibly priced local single club access. Life Time costs more but accounts for whole families.

Overall, OrangeTheory is your best bet for budget-friendly unlimited HIIT classes. But joining Life Time grants you resort-like facilities.

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  • Vibe and Community

The overall atmosphere can greatly impact your workout experience.

OrangeTheory locations have an intense, high-energy environment. Loud top 40 music keeps you pumped as coaches push you to hit target heart rates. The focused intervals foster camaraderie and competition. Staring at screens adds data-driven seriousness.

Life Time Fitness has a more refined, relaxed ambiance of an upscale country club. The expansive facilities, nice locker rooms, and salon bring a touch of luxury. There is a family-friendly vibe with kids activities. But the sheer size prevents a tight-knit community feel.

For an intense, sweating-it-out experience, OrangeTheory delivers. If you prefer a calmer spa-like workout setting, Life Time is more your speed.

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Pros and Cons Summary

Here is a quick pros and cons rundown:

OrangeTheory Pros

  1. Structured HIIT-style workout formula
  2. Burn lots of calories (up to 1000 per class)
  3. Engaging group training environment
  4. Heart rate monitors track intensity
  5. Flexible membership options

OrangeTheory Cons

  1. Limited equipment and amenities
  2. Same workout structure every time
  3. Compact, tight spaces
  4. Monthly fees add up for unlimited access

Life Time Pros

  1. Hundreds of classes like yoga, Pilates, cycling
  2. Resort-like amenities and luxury facilities
  3. Options for entire family to use
  4. State-of-the-art strength training
  5. Pool, sports courts, spa, salon, and more

Life Time Cons

  1. Much more expensive membership costs
  2. Can feel impersonal due to giant size
  3. Joining fees and add-ons increase price
  4. Membership required for gym access

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Orangetheory the best workout?

OrangeTheory is one of the best structured HIIT-style workouts out there for burning calories fast (up to 1000 per class). The small group setting keeps you engaged as coaches guide your heart rate into target zones. If you love treadmills, rowing, and floor work in intense intervals, OrangeTheory delivers an effective full-body workout formula unmatched for calorie torching with “the afterburn.”

How is Orangetheory different from other gyms?

OrangeTheory differs from traditional gyms in a few key ways:
Structured interval workout formula rather than open gym equipment access. Focus on heart rate training and hitting specific zones. Group-based training for motivation. Compact studio layout built just for their specific class model. Goal of maximum calorie burn through HIIT-based training.

Is Life Time Fitness app free?

Yes, the Life Time Fitness app is free to download and use for members. The app provides gym schedules, class booking, progress tracking, virtual on-demand workouts, and facility information for members. There is also a paid premium upgrade ($9.99/month) with additional features like guided programs and workout tracking.

Is Life Time more expensive than LA Fitness?

Yes, Life Time Fitness is significantly more expensive than LA Fitness on average. Life Time costs $100-$200+ per month for an all-club membership with high joining fees, while LA Fitness charges $30-$50 per month with minimal to no joining fees. You pay a premium at Life Time for far more amenities, classes, services, and luxury facilities than a basic gym like LA Fitness.

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Final Thought

In my view, here are the best use cases for each gym:

OrangeTheory is ideal for those seeking a structured interval workout alongside motivated peers. The heart pumping treadmill, rower, and floor stations deliver serious calorie burn. I’d pick OrangeTheory for group accountability to push your cardio limits. But expect a repetitive formula each visit.

However, Life Time can’t be matched for amenities like pools, courts, spas, and classes for the whole family. Life Time shines if you want resort-style facilities and variety to customize your training. But the membership is a huge spend just for gym access. Expect a country club vibe versus intense training environment. Choose based on your workout preferences and budget ultimately. For budget interval training in a high-energy setting, OrangeTheory rules. But you can never beat the luxury of Life Time resort facilities under one roof. Evaluate what matters most to pick the right gym fit.

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