OkiOki Vs. Purple Mattress: Which Should You Choose?

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you may be considering popular brands like OkiOki and Purple. But with so many options out there, how do you decide which one is right for you?

In this detailed review, we’ll compare OkiOki and Purple mattresses side-by-side, looking at materials, firmness, price, policies, and real customer experiences. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of the key differences between OkiOki and Purple so you can choose your ideal mattress for a great night’s sleep!

A Brief Comparison Table

MaterialsProprietary AirCell, Airflex, and support foamsHyper-elastic polymer grid, transition and support foams
FirmnessMedium, 6.5/10Medium firm, 6.5/10
Prices$1099 (Queen)$1099 (Queen)
Policies120-night trial, 15 years warranty100-night trial, 10 years warranty
Temperature regulationVery good with cooling foamsAverage, may sleep somewhat warm
DurabilityGood but soft foams show impressionsExcellent with resilient materials
Customer serviceLimited reviews, few retail locationsWidely praised, many showrooms
NoiseSilent, all-foam constructionMinimal noise
Best ForSide sleepers, hot sleepersBack sleepers, eco-conscious buyers

OkiOki Mattress Overview

OkiOki is a newer mattress brand that launched in 2019. They offer just one mattress model made from premium materials. Here are the key details:

OkiOki Mattress
  • Materials: The OkiOki mattress uses 3 foam layers – a top layer of proprietary AirCellTM foam, a middle layer of responsive transitional AirflexTM foam, and a base layer of firm support foam. The cover is made from a cool-to-the-touch phase change material.
  • Firmness: It’s a medium firm mattress, rating around a 6.5/10 on the firmness scale. OkiOki says it’s designed to contour lightly while still providing full-body support.
  • Thickness: The OkiOki mattress is 12 inches thick.
  • Price: The mattress costs $1,099 for a Queen size. OkiOki regularly offers discounts on their website.
  • Policies: Free shipping, 120-night risk-free trial, and 15-year limited warranty.

Overall, the OkiOki mattress gets great reviews for its balance of comfort and support. Customers praise the contouring yet responsive feel. The advanced foam layers help relieve pressure while keeping you lifted. Many also say it sleeps cooler than other all-foam beds.

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Purple Mattress Overview

Purple is one of the most well-known online mattress brands. They manufacture all their own proprietary materials. Here are the key details on their flagship model:

  • Materials: The Purple mattress contains 3 layers – a 2″ Purple GridTM hyper-elastic polymer comfort layer, a 3.5” transitional PU foam layer, and a 4″ high-density support foam base. The soft flex cover is a blend of viscose, polyester, and Lycra spandex.
  • Firmness: It’s around a medium firm, or 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The grid layer is designed to gently cradle your body.
  • Thickness: The mattress is 9.5″ tall.
  • Price: A Queen size Purple mattress costs $1,099. Purple often offers seasonal sales on their site.
  • Policies: Free shipping, 100-night trial, and 10-year limited warranty.

The Purple mattress is highly rated for its unique feel. The grid layer collapses under pressure to relieve tension in your hips and shoulders. It’s also great for keeping your spine aligned. Many sleepers say the Purple mattress helps relieve their back and joint pain.

Key Differences Between OkiOki And Purple Mattress

Now that we’ve covered the basics on each mattress, let’s compare them across a few key factors:

  • Materials

Both mattresses feature proprietary foam, but Purple uses a hyper-elastic polymer grid layer while OkiOki uses advanced polyurethane foams.

The Purple Grid gives the mattress a unique, gel-like feel that quickly responds to your body’s contours. OkiOki’s AirCell foam aims to offer a similar responsive cradling effect.

For some sleepers, the bouncy Purple grid feels more pressure relieving, while others may prefer the subtle hug of OkiOki’s foam layers.

  • Firmness

OkiOki and Purple both land around a 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, putting them both in the medium to medium firm range.

Most sleepers agree the Purple seems to feel a bit firmer and more responsive. Its grid layer stays supportive when you press into it. The OkiOki conforms a little more closely to ease pressure points but still gives enough support.

So OkiOki has a more cushioned yet contouring feel, while Purple is bouncier and more reactive.

  • Sleeping Position Suitability
Purple Mattress
Purple Mattress

Due to their similar firmness levels, both mattresses work for a wide range of sleeping positions.

The Purple rates well for side sleepers.

Its grid collapses under the shoulders and hips to cushion pressure points while preventing you from sinking in too deep.

The OkiOki also provides nice pressure relief for side sleepers while offering close contouring. Most stomach and back sleepers will feel properly supported on either mattress.

Heavier individuals might slightly prefer the thicker profile and firmer base foam of the OkiOki. But both mattresses provide an adequate lift for larger body types.

  • Temperature Regulation

One area where the OkiOki seems to outperform the Purple is in temperature regulation.

The OkiOki contains cooling AirCell and phase change materials to help dissipate heat and maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

While the Purple doesn’t sleep excessively hot, some reviewers mention it retains a bit more heat than ideal. Its grid layer and thinner profile don’t offer the same cooling power as the OkiOki design.

So if sleeping cool is a priority, the OkiOki may have a slight edge over the Purple.

  • Durability

These mattresses are both built to last, but Purple seems to have a bit of an advantage when it comes to durability.

The hyper-elastic polymer grid in the Purple stands up exceptionally well to pressure and body impressions over time. Its high-density foams also provide lasting support.

OkiOki uses quality materials, but some customers have reported indentations forming a bit faster than expected – likely due to the softer foams.

While both mattresses should retain their support and shape for many years, Purple may be the more durable long-term option.

  • Customer Service

OkiOki and Purple both offer free shipping, 100+ night sleep trials, and at least 10-year warranties, so you can try out the mattresses at home risk-free.

In terms of customer service experience, Purple seems to have an edge. They have many physical showrooms staffed with knowledgeable sleep experts. Their online customer service also gets rave reviews.

OkiOki has limited retail presence and fewer online reviews of their customer service. But overall, they provide solid purchasing policies on par with other leading online brands.

  • Noise

Neither mattress makes any notable noise or disturbance when bearing weight thanks to their all-foam construction.

The Purple’s grid layer makes a bit of a squishing sound when you first lie down, but otherwise you can expect a silent night’s sleep on both of these mattresses. They won’t make any noise as you change positions or get in and out of bed.

  • Price

The OkiOki and Purple mattresses are identically priced at $1,099 in a Queen size before any discounts or promotions. Both brands regularly offer sales on their websites that can drop the price by $100-200.

So in terms of regular retail value, it’s an even match. OkiOki and Purple are reasonably priced for the quality compared to similar online mattress brands.

  • Social Impact

Eco-conscious shoppers may favor Purple when it comes to social responsibility. Purple supports charitable initiatives like the Purple Backpack Project and uses CertiPUR-US certified foams.

OkiOki’s social impact is less clear – they don’t seem to promote any corporate social responsibility programs or certifications.

So Purple has an edge in terms of their positive social and environmental commitments.

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OkiOki And Purple: Weighing The Pros And Cons

To summarize the key differences between the two mattresses:

OkiOki Pros:

  • Highly conforming AirCell foam offers pressure relief
  • Cooling technology helps regulate temperature
  • Softer feel appeals to some side sleepers
  • Comparable policies and pricing to Purple

OkiOki Cons:

  • May sleep warm for some hot sleepers
  • Softer foams are less durable long-term
  • Limited company presence and reviews

Purple Pros:

  • Unique gel grid design provides responsive support
  • Proven pressure and pain relief
  • Durable materials retain shape and support
  • Strong company reputation and customer service

Purple Cons:

  • Grid takes some adjustment for new sleepers
  • Runs warmer than some all-foam mattresses
  • Not as closely contouring as OkiOki

Here is a review video of Purple mattress.

As you can see, there are several trade-offs to consider between these two popular mattresses. Choosing comes down to your sleep preferences and needs.

Side sleepers who want close contouring may prefer the OkiOki, while those who need extra support and relief for back pain may favor the Purple. Hot sleepers and eco-conscious buyers may also be drawn to OkiOki’s cooling features and purple’s social missions respectively.

Overall, Purple has the advantage when it comes to proven customer satisfaction and reviews over the years. But the newer OkiOki offers quality materials and strong policies that make it competitive with the leading online brands.

Still Undecided? Consider Your Sleeping Position

If you’re still on the fence after comparing all the differences, your sleeping position can help finalize your decision.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • For side sleepers, the OkiOki provides exceptional pressure relief. Its cradling foam layers cushion the shoulders and hips.
  • For back sleepers, the Purple is ideal. Its grid bounces back to keep your spine aligned in this position.
  • For stomach sleepers, either mattress can work well. The OkiOki may offer a bit more cradling comfort.
  • For combination sleepers, the Purple is likely best. Its responsiveness makes changing positions easier.

So side sleepers can benefit most from the OkiOki’s contouring comfort, while the Purple provides the best support for back and combination sleepers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve covered a lot so far comparing OkiOki vs. Purple mattresses! To wrap up, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about these two popular brands:

Is Purple a luxury mattress?

Purple mattresses are priced higher than budget options but lower than ultra-luxury mattresses. Their proprietary materials and quality construction do make them a cut above cheap foam mattresses. But with an entry price of $1099, Purple is considered mid-range luxury.

What is the OkiOki mattress?

The OkiOki mattress is an all-foam bed featuring three layers of proprietary polyurethane foam, including the cooling AirCell comfort layer. It has a medium firm feel and costs $1099 for a Queen.

What are the different levels of Purple mattresses?

Purple offers three mattress models: the flagship Purple, the hybrid Purple Hybrid, and the extra-plush Purple Hybrid Premier. The original Purple is an all-foam mattress with their signature grid layer.

What is OkiOki?

OkiOki is a direct-to-consumer online mattress brand that launched in 2019. They currently offer just one all-foam mattress that features unique AirCell foam. OkiOki ships their mattresses factory-direct and offers sleep trials.

Final Thoughts

So in summary – OkiOki and Purple both make high-quality, comfortable mattresses at an affordable luxury price point. The ideal mattress comes down to your sleep style and preferences. Side sleepers may favor the OkiOki while the Purple suits back sleepers.

We hope this detailed comparison helps you decide which of these great mattresses is best for you. Rest easy and wake up feeling refreshed!

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