American Mattress Vs. Mattress Firm: Better Mattress Retail Giant

When it comes to mattress shopping, two big names often come to mind – American Mattress and Mattress Firm. As major national mattress retailers with stores across the country, they are go-to destinations for many consumers looking to buy a new bed.

But how exactly do these mattress giants compare? Let’s take a detailed look at the pros, cons, product selection, pricing, and other factors that set American Mattress and Mattress Firm apart.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryAmerican MattressMattress Firm
Company HistoryFounded in 1936, 100+ stores in 5 Midwest statesFounded in 1986, 2,500+ stores nationwide
Store FootprintRegional concentration in MidwestNational presence across 49 states
Brand SelectionAll major brands like Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, SealyAll major brands plus emerging online brands like Purple
Inventory AvailabilityCan experience out of stocks at local storesBroad distribution network prevents out of stocks
PricingEveryday low-price claims, price match guaranteeFrequent sales and deals, high-low pricing
Customer ServiceExcellent customer guidance and attentivenessSpotty customer service due to high sales volume
Return Policy120-day comfort guarantee, $100 restocking fee120-day comfort guarantee, $100 restocking fee

Overview Of American Mattress

American Mattress is one of the largest specialty mattress retailers in the United States. Founded in 1936, the company has over 100 stores in five states – Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and Michigan. American Mattress carries a wide selection of mattress models from leading brands like Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, and Sealy.

The retailer is known for its extensive collection of mattress options and knowledgeable sales associates who provide personalized service to help customers find the right mattress.

American Mattress
American Mattress

Some key strengths of American Mattress include:

  • Massive selection of mattresses – they offer everything from budget-friendly basic mattresses to luxury options over $5,000. Brands carried include Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Sealy, King Koil and more.
  • Strong reputation for excellent customer service – sales associates are trained to listen to customers’ needs and guide them to the best mattress for their sleep style, health considerations, and budget.
  • Price match guarantee – American Mattress promises to match or beat a competitor’s price on comparable mattresses.
  • Generous comfort guarantee – customers can exchange or return a mattress within 120 days if not fully satisfied.

Some potential downsides of shopping at American Mattress are:

  • Pressure from salespeople – the commissioned sales model can lead to overly persistent associates pressuring customers into purchases.
  • Limited geographic availability – American Mattress only has stores in 5 Midwestern states.
  • Frequent sales & deals – the retailer often runs promotions making it difficult to discern true regular prices.

Overview Of Mattress Firm

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Houston, Mattress Firm is the nation’s largest specialty mattress retailer with over 2,500 store locations throughout the country. After acquiring Sleepy’s in 2016, Mattress Firm further expanded its reach on the East Coast.

Mattress Firm carries all the major mattress brands like Serta, Simmons, Tempur-Pedic, and Sealy, along with emerging direct-to-consumer online mattress brands.

Mattress Firm
Mattress Firm

Some of the key strengths of Mattress Firm include:

  • National footprint – with stores in 49 states, Mattress Firm’s massive retail presence makes it convenient for many customers.
  • Huge product selection – Mattress Firm offers a vast array of mattress options from budget basics to luxury. Brands carried include Serta, Beautyrest, Tempur-Pedic, Stearns & Foster, Sealy, Purple, and more.
  • Frequent sales events – the retailer regularly offers discounts and promotions to drive sales volumes. Mattress Firm is known for sales tactics like “buy one get one 50% off.”
  • Generous comfort guarantees – Mattress Firm provides 120-day comfort returns or exchanges.

Potential weaknesses of Mattress Firm include:

  • Aggressive sales tactics – pushy sales associates motivated by commissions may overwhelm customers.
  • Lack of personalized guidance – with high sales volumes, associates may not take time to properly fit customers to optimal mattresses.
  • Questionable regular pricing – deep discounts make it hard to determine true mattress value, leading to feelings of being oversold.
  • Supply chain issues – widespread acquisition expanded operations faster than infrastructure could support. Out-of-stock issues are not uncommon.

Now that we’ve provided an overview of each major mattress retailer, let’s directly compare the two on key purchasing factors:

Detail Comparison Of American Mattress And Mattress Firm

Product Selection & Availability

When it comes to product selection, both American Mattress and Mattress Firm offer a vast array of mattress models and brands. However, Mattress Firm’s national scale gives it an edge in terms of total inventory volume and diversity. American Mattress has over 100 store locations concentrated in the Midwest.

Meanwhile, Mattress Firm’s 2,500+ locations give it a significantly larger network for distribution and delivery logistics. Consumers are more likely to encounter out-of-stock issues at local American Mattress stores versus widespread Mattress Firm locations when wanting to test or purchase a specific model.

Winner: Mattress Firm

Pricing & Value

Determining true regular pricing is challenging at both retailers, since sales and promotions run rampantly. American Mattress advertises that its everyday low pricing delivers savings versus competitors without the need for constant deals. However, both companies use inflated regular prices to make constant discounts seem deeper than they are. American Mattress does back its pricing with a lowest price guarantee.

Overall, Mattress Firm likely has lower operating costs thanks to its enormous economy of scale. But in practice, consumers will encounter a broad range of sticker prices at both chains making price comparisons difficult. It becomes necessary to negotiate with sales associates to feel confident in getting the best deal.

Winner: Tie

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Customer Service

When it comes to guidance during the mattress shopping process, American Mattress generally provides a better customer experience. With sales associates in its smaller network of stores taking more time to listen and make personalized recommendations, customers feel taken care of rather than pressured.

Mattress Firm’s immense sales volume often translates into associates rushing customers into purchases to meet sales goals. However, Mattress Firm’s broad footprint can make it more convenient for customers if there is an accessible local store.

Winner: American Mattress

Comfort Guarantees & Return Policies

Mattress Firm and American Mattress have similar comfort guarantee windows at 120 days. This provides several months to properly test out a new mattress at home. Both retailers also provide free haul away of the old mattress with delivery of the new one.

For returns, the retailers have restocking fees of around $100. American Mattress may waive the fee if exchanging for a more expensive mattress. Overall, their policies are comparable.

Winner: Tie

Major Differences & Key Factors To Consider

When choosing between American Mattress and Mattress Firm, keep the following key differences in mind:

  • Store footprint – Mattress Firm has vastly more locations, while American Mattress concentrates its stores regionally. Convenience may dictate which you choose.
  • Staff attentiveness – American Mattress excels in personalized guidance while high sales volumes can lead to rushed experiences at Mattress Firm.
  • Brand availability – While both offer all leading brands, Mattress Firm’s suppliers can provide greater inventory breadth and depth. Out-of-stock disappointments are less likely.
  • Sale pricing – Both retailers regularly offer sales and promotions that make it hard to decipher true mattress value. Deep discounts often require negotiating.
  • Comfort guarantees – Nearly identical 120-day trial periods offer time to test mattresses at home. Restocking fees waived under some circumstances.

For many customers, the extensive selection and convenient locations of Mattress Firm make it a go-to option for mattress shopping. But the smaller American Mattress provides superior customer service. Weigh convenience against guidance to choose which retailer best fits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What was the previous name of Mattress Firm?

Mattress Firm was originally founded in 1986 under the name Mattress Discounters. The company changed its name to Mattress Firm in 2004.

What company owns Mattress Firm?

Mattress Firm is currently owned by Steinhoff International, a South Africa-based retail holding company that acquired Mattress Firm in 2016.

Why is it called Mattress Firm?

Mattress Firm gets its name from the firmness level of mattresses it sells. Firm mattresses provide more support through added density foam layers or innerspring coils. The name Mattress Firm signals that the company specializes in firmer, supportive mattresses preferred by many customers.

What is the annual revenue of Mattress Firm?

As the nation’s largest mattress retailer, Mattress Firm has annual revenues of over $3.4 billion according to recent financial reports. The company has grown rapidly from just over $1 billion in revenues in 2010.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to mattress shopping, consumers can’t go wrong visiting either American Mattress or Mattress Firm. Both offer vast product selection, competitive pricing, and strong comfort guarantees. American Mattress excels in attentive customer service while Mattress Firm provides unmatched convenience and inventory availability.

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Take your sleep needs and local retail landscape into account when deciding between these two mattress giants. With smart comparison shopping, you can rest easy knowing you found both a retailer and mattress you can dream on.

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