NRG Vs. PECO: The Best Electricity Provider In Pennsylvania

When it comes to choosing an electricity provider in Pennsylvania, two major players stand out – NRG and PECO. As a Pennsylvania resident, you likely have access to both these providers. But how do you decide which one is the better fit for your home?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare NRG and PECO on pricing, contracts, renewable energy options, customer service and more. Read on to find out the key differences between these two Pennsylvania electricity providers so you can make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

PricingFixed & variable rate plansOnly variable rate
Contract Terms6-36 month contractsNo contracts
Renewable EnergyNRG EcoShare for $0 extraPECO Wind for $0.0023/kWh extra
Customer Service24/7 support, high satisfactionLimited hours, mixed reviews
Billing & PaymentsFlexible online payments, no late feesPaper bills, late fees apply
PerksRewards program for cashbackEnergy usage tools & rebates

Overview Of NRG

NRG is one of the largest competitive electricity providers in Pennsylvania with over 3 million customers across the US. The company offers electricity plans in every major Pennsylvania energy market including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg.


Here are some key things to know about NRG:

  • Provides fixed-rate and variable rate plans with no cancellation fees
  • Allows you to earn rewards points through their NRG Rewards program
  • Offers green energy options for eco-conscious customers
  • Has an A+ rating on BBB with positive customer reviews

Overview Of PECO

PECO on the other hand is Pennsylvania’s largest electric utility company and distributes power to over 1.6 million customers in the region. They are also the default utility provider for most parts of Southeastern PA.

Here’s an overview of PECO’s offerings:

  • PECO provides only the standard variable rate with no fixed rate plans
  • Does not require contracts so you can switch anytime without fees
  • Offers wind energy options through PECO Wind for green power
  • Has been in business for over 130 years as a utility monopoly

Now that we’ve introduced both companies, let’s dive into a detailed feature-by-feature comparison.

Pricing And Contract Options

When it comes to electricity plans, pricing and contract terms are two of the biggest factors for most homeowners. Let’s see how NRG and PECO stack up in these areas:


  • Offers both fixed and variable rate plans ranging from 6 to 36 months
  • Fixed rate plans offer price protection against market fluctuations
  • Has flexible no-contract variable rate plans (can cancel anytime)
  • Provides guaranteed savings over the utility with fixed-rate plans
  • May charge exit fees if you cancel a fixed-rate plan early


  • Only has a variable rate that changes monthly based on market conditions
  • No term contracts so you can switch anytime without early termination fees
  • As the utility provider, their variable rate is the “price to compare” benchmark
  • Does not guarantee savings over their own variable rate

When it comes to flexibility, PECO certainly wins out with no contracts. But NRG offers the ability to lock in a low fixed rate which can potentially save you money over PECO’s variable rate in the long run.

Renewable Energy Options

Supporting renewable energy is important for many homeowners today. Both NRG and PECO offer green power options generated from renewable sources.


  • NRG EcoShare provides 50% or 100% renewable energy
  • Sources include wind, solar, hydropower and biomass
  • For every unit you purchase, NRG invests in renewable energy projects
  • Available with fixed or variable rate plans for no added cost


  • PECO Wind allows you to purchase 25%, 50% or 100% renewable energy
  • Comes from wind turbines located within PA
  • Currently costs $0.0023 per kWh extra for PECO Wind
  • No fixed term so you can enroll or cancel anytime

The great thing is both providers make it easy to upgrade to renewable energy. NRG EcoShare is the better value as it costs the same as regular electricity.

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Customer Service

Having knowledgeable and responsive customer service can greatly improve your experience as an energy consumer. Here’s how NRG and PECO compare when it comes to serving their customers:


  • Customers report positive experiences with NRG’s customer service
  • Available 24/7 for questions by phone, email or online chat
  • Ranks high in J.D. Power customer satisfaction surveys
  • No major complaints found by Pennsylvania utility regulators


  • Mixed reviews when it comes to PECO’s customer service
  • Phone support only available Monday-Friday, limited weekend hours
  • Higher than average number of complaints according to PA utility regulators
  • Customers report issues with billing, payments and collections

Based on customer feedback and service quality, NRG appears to be the superior choice for customer support. Their 24/7 availability and timely responses result in higher satisfaction.

Billing And Payment Options

Managing your electricity payments is easier when you have flexible billing and payment choices. Let’s explore how NRG and PECO differ in this area:


  • Offers paperless billing andrecurring auto-payments for convenience
  • Allows one-time payments via debit/credit card, PayPal, Western Union
  • Provides payment extensions and arrangements if needed
  • Does not charge late payment fees


  • Mails paper bills with option for paperless e-bills
  • Accepts one-time payments via credit card, check or money order
  • Late payment fees applied if bill not paid by due date
  • Disconnection and reconnection fees apply for non-payment

NRG has a clear advantage when it comes to billing flexibility. Their range of payment options and lack of late fees make it easier to manage electricity payments.

Additional Perks

Aside from the major factors above, there are some extra perks offered by each electricity provider:


  • Earn cash back and rewards through their loyalty program NRG Rewards
  • Refer friends and earn up to $50 in rewards per referral
  • No deposit required for new customers with solid credit


  • Offers billing history and usage data through online account
  • Provides home energy audits to identify savings opportunities
  • Variety of energy efficiency rebates available for PECO customers

NRG’s rewards program is a nice added benefit if you’re looking to earn points and cashback when paying your electricity bill. PECO on the other hand provides tools to track and reduce your home energy usage.

Major Differences At A Glance

  • Price options: NRG offers fixed and variable rate plans whereas PECO has only a variable rate
  • Contract terms: NRG requires long-term contracts with early termination fees while PECO has no contracts
  • Renewable energy: Both providers offer 100% renewable energy options at varying costs
  • Customer service: NRG offers 24/7 support and earns higher satisfaction scores
  • Billing and payments: NRG has more flexibility with online payments and no late fees
  • Perks: NRG provides a loyalty program for earning rewards points and cashback

To recap, NRG comes out ahead for their competitive pricing, superior customer service, billing flexibility and loyalty perks. PECO’s advantage lies in not having contracts so you can switch freely without penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is NRG Energy a good company?

Yes, NRG Energy is one of the top rated electricity providers in Pennsylvania with a strong reputation. They offer competitive pricing with fixed-rate plans that guarantee savings, plus great customer service and rewards programs that sets them apart.

How do I switch back to NRG from PECO?

Switching back from PECO to NRG is quick and easy. Simply contact NRG directly to setup new electric service. As a previous customer, they’ll take care of cancelling your PECO account and resuming service with NRG. The entire process typically takes just 1-2 billing cycles.

Who are PECO electric competitors?

Some of PECO’s major competitors in Pennsylvania include:
NRG Home, Green Mountain Energy, Direct Energy, Spark Energy, Constellation.
These providers actively compete with PECO for electric customers in regions where PECO operates like Philadelphia and Harrisburg. They provide alternative pricing and plans compared to PECO’s variable rate offering.

What companies does NRG own?

NRG owns a diverse portfolio of energy companies including:
NRG Home – Electricity provider for homes
Green Mountain Energy – Renewable energy plans
Energy Plus – Natural gas provider
Cirro – Smart energy solutions
Right Now Air – Air conditioning and HVAC services
XOOM Energy – Electricity and natural gas plans
In total, NRG runs over 40 brands and subsidiaries across the energy industry.

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The Verdict

With this overview, you should now understand the key differences between NRG and PECO. Choosing the best electricity provider depends on your specific needs and priorities as a customer.

Here are a few guidelines for deciding between NRG and PECO:

  • If price stability is important, NRG’s fixed rates may save you money
  • If you don’t want contracts, PECO allows you to switch anytime
  • If you want renewable energy, both offer solid green power options
  • If you want reliability from an established utility, PECO is the legacy provider
  • If you want better service and rewards, NRG is the preferable choice

Look closely at your expected power usage, budget, contract preferences and customer priorities. Weigh the pros and cons carefully for your home’s needs. If you still can’t decide, take advantage of no-risk quotes to compare personalized pricing from each provider. Switching electric companies in Pennsylvania has been made simple. Now that you understand these two top providers, you can make the electric choice that provides the best value for your home.

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