Novilla Vs. Lucid Mattress: Which Is Better For You?

If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you’ve probably come across popular bed-in-a-box brands like Novilla and Lucid. Both offer low-cost, compressed mattresses shipped conveniently to your door. But which one is better suited for your sleep needs?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features, benefits, and downsides of Novilla and Lucid mattresses to help you decide which is the better pick.

A Brief Comparison Table

Price (Queen)$500-$700$200-$1,200
MaterialsGel memory foamGel memory foam, latex, hybrid options
Firmness OptionsMedium onlySoft, medium, firm
SupportZoned ergonomic supportDecent support but lacks zones
CoolingGel infusion; sleeps warm for someGel and airflow; mixed reviews
Motion IsolationExcellentGood in foam; less in hybrid
Trial Period100 nights120 nights
Warranty10 years25 years
Country of OriginUSAChina
Lifespan5-6 years4-5 years
Best ForSide/back sleepers, pressure relief, couplesBudget shoppers, bouncy feel, variety of firmness

Novilla Mattress Overview

Founded in 2019, Novilla is a relatively new direct-to-consumer mattress company based in California. Their focus is on producing affordable, high-quality mattresses made with premium materials.

Novilla Mattress

Novilla currently offers three all-foam mattress models:

  • Novilla Hybrid Mattress
  • Novilla Premier Mattress
  • Novilla Queen Mattress

The Novilla mattresses use a combination of memory foam and gel-infused foam layers to provide pressure relief and minimize motion transfer. Their mattresses also have zoned ergonomic support to properly align the spine and relieve pressure points.

Novilla Mattress Pros

  • Competitively priced between $500-$700 for a Queen
  • Ships for free in the contiguous US
  • Made in the USA
  • Gel-infused memory foam regulates temperature
  • Zoned support aligns the spine
  • Minimal off-gassing odor
  • 100-night risk-free trial

Novilla Mattress Cons

  • Only one firmness option (medium)
  • Lacks edge support due to all-foam construction
  • Some report it sleeps hot for heavier people
  • Shorter lifespan (5-6 years) than premium brands

Lucid Mattress Overview

Lucid is one of the pioneers in the online, direct-to-consumer mattress space. They’ve been selling compressed mattresses since 2010.

Lucid offers a wide range of all-foam and hybrid mattresses with memory foam and latex options. Their extensive lineup includes:

Lucid Mattress
Lucid Mattress
  • Lucid Memory Foam
  • Lucid Latex Hybrid
  • Lucid Bamboo Charcoal
  • Lucid Plush Memory Foam
  • Lucid Gel Memory Foam
  • Lucid Hybrid

Lucid mattresses range from 10-14 inches thick. Most models feature gel-infused memory foam, aloe vera fabric covers, and premium support foams.

Lucid Mattress Pros

  • Very affordable prices from $200-$1200
  • Many firmness and material options
  • Gel-infusion promotes cooling
  • Good for back and side sleepers
  • Ships compressed in a box
  • Strong edge support in the hybrid models
  • 120-night risk-free trial

Lucid Mattress Cons

  • Questionable long-term durability
  • Some off-gassing smells
  • Weaker motion isolation in hybrid models
  • Mixed reviews on temperature regulation
  • Lacks spine alignment found in Novilla
  • Shorter lifespan (4-5 years expected)

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Novilla Vs. Lucid: Key Differences

Now that we’ve covered the basics on Novilla and Lucid, let’s directly compare the two brands across some key factors:



  • Novilla mattresses cost between $500-$700 for a Queen size.
  • Lucid mattresses range from just $200 up to $1200 for a Queen.

Lucid wins when it comes to budget-friendly pricing. However, Novilla still offers good value, keeping prices affordable through their direct-to-consumer model.


  • Novilla uses a 3-layer foam construction with gel-infused memory foam.
  • Lucid also favors gel-infused memory foams but offers some latex and hybrid options too.

When it comes to materials, Lucid wins for offering more choices like latex and hybrid designs. But Novilla still uses high-quality foams.

Firmness Options

  • Novilla mattresses are a medium firmness not adjustable.
  • Lucid mattresses come in soft, medium-firm, and firm options.

For shoppers wanting a choice on firmness, Lucid is the clear winner here.


  • Novilla’s zoned support foam is ergonomically designed to cradle the body and align the spine.
  • Lucid lacks the zoned construction but provides decent support, especially in the hybrid models.

When it comes to proper spinal alignment and pressure relief, Novilla takes the edge.


  • Novilla’s gel-infused memory foam helps dissipate heat but some heavier folks complain it sleeps hot.
  • Lucid uses similar gel and aeration but has mixed reviews on temperature regulation.

For cooling, it’s a mixed bag and depends on your body type. Neither brand is a cooling standout.

Trial Period

  • Novilla has a 100-night sleep trial
  • Lucid has a 120-night sleep trial

Lucid wins when it comes to the trial period length. Both offer free returns.


  • Novilla provides a 10-year limited warranty
  • Lucid offers a 25-year limited warranty

Lucid has Novilla beat with an exceptionally long warranty for the industry.

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Who Should Buy Novilla?

Novilla mattresses are best suited for:

  • Side and back sleepers – Good spinal alignment
  • People seeking pressure relief – Foam cradles hips and shoulders
  • Couples – Zoned foam minimizes motion transfer
  • Budget shoppers – Costs less than competing brands

The Novilla is not ideal for:

  • Heavier people and hot sleepers – Could sleep warm
  • Those wanting bounce – Foam doesn’t have much responsiveness
  • People who prefer a very plush or firm bed – Only medium

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Who Should Buy Lucid?

Lucid mattresses appeal most to:

  • Budget buyers – Very affordable starting prices
  • Those wanting latex or hybrid – More material options
  • People who like a firmer sleep surface – Has soft, medium, and firm
  • Hot sleepers – Gel and airflow help regulate temperature

The Lucid may not be right for:

  • Side sleepers needing spinal alignment – Lacks zoned support
  • Couples – More motion transfer than foam-based Novilla
  • Heavier individuals – Durability concerns due to density
  • Those wanting strong edge support – Soft around the edges

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Novilla make a good mattress?

Yes, Novilla makes high-quality memory foam mattresses that provide good support, pressure relief, and motion isolation. The ergonomic zoning and premium materials make Novilla one of the better budget foam mattress options.

How long do Novilla mattresses last?

You can expect a Novilla mattress to last for 5-6 years on average with proper care. Higher density foams lend durability but don’t match the lifespan of pricier innerspring mattresses. Rotating and protecting the mattress can extend its usable life.

Is Novilla mattress made in China?

No, all Novilla mattresses are designed and manufactured in California. The foam layers are CertiPUR-US certified and made without ozone-damaging chemicals.

Is Lucid a Chinese company?

Yes, Lucid is owned by Tektogen, Inc. which is headquartered in China. However, Lucid operates as its own brand from the United States. The Lucid mattresses sold in America are made in China then shipped to the US.

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The Verdict

Overall, Novilla beats Lucid when it comes to spinal support, pressure relief, and motion isolation. The zoned construction and high-density foam better contour the body. But Lucid offers far more options at very affordable prices.

For shoppers on a tight budget who want a firmer, bouncier mattress, Lucid comes out ahead. The range of firmness, materials, and hybrid designs appeal to different preferences. But expect shorter durability compared to Novilla.

No matter which mattress you choose, both Novilla and Lucid offer sleep trials so you can test the bed risk-free.

Hope this Novilla Vs. Lucid mattress comparison helps you decide which model best suits your sleep style and budget! Reach out with any other questions.

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