Nordic Pure Vs. Filtrete: Which Air Filter Brand Is Better?

When it comes to keeping your home’s air clean, few things are as important as having a high-quality air filter in your furnace or air conditioner. Nordic Pure and Filtrete are two of the most popular air filter brands on the market today. But which one is right for your home?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Nordic Pure and Filtrete air filters side-by-side, looking at key factors like filtration performance, durability, cost, and more. Whether you’re trying to decide which brand to buy for the first time or looking to switch from one to the other, this guide will help you make the right choice.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureNordic PureFiltrete
Filtration MediaFiberglass, syntheticElectrostatic synthetic
Filtration Efficiency90-95% (0.3 microns)<br>50% (0.1 microns)85-90% (0.3 microns)<br>65% (0.1 microns)
Moisture ResistanceExcellentModerate
Filter TypesPleated, mesh, furnace, air purifierPleated, electrostatic, HEPA, air purifier
Warranties1-5 years1-10 years
ManufacturingUSA and CanadaGlobal

How They Filter Air

The first thing to understand is how Nordic Pure and Filtrete filters actually clean the air.

Nordic Air Filter

Nordic Pure air filters use a layered filtration media to trap particles. Most Nordic Pure filters have a sheet of small fiberglass fibers as the first layer to catch larger particles like dust and pet hair. Underneath are layers of increasingly dense synthetic fibers to filter out smaller particles like pollen and smoke. The densest filters can remove particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Filtrete takes a different approach, using an electrostatic filtering media. As air passes through, particles stick to the filter’s electrically charged fibers. Some Filtrete filters also incorporate antimicrobial agents to inhibit bacteria growth. The highest-end Filtrete filters are certified to remove particles as small as 0.1 microns, same as Nordic Pure.

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Key Differences Between Nordic Pure And Filtrete

When it comes to outright filtering performance, the top models from both brands are comparable. The key differences come down to filter design and longevity.

  • Filtration Efficiency

One important metric for air filters is filtration efficiency – what percentage of particles of a certain size they remove from the air passing through.

For bacteria-sized particles around 0.3 microns, top Nordic Pure pleated filters are rated to be 90-95% efficient. The equivalent high-end Filtrete filters achieve 85-90% efficiency for 0.3 micron particles.

For even smaller particles around 0.1 microns in size, Nordic Pure fiberglass mesh filters reach 50% efficiency. Comparable electrostatic Filtrete models can reach upwards of 65% efficiency for the smallest particles.

So in terms of raw particle capture percentages, Filtrete filters have a slight performance advantage over Nordic Pure models on the smallest particle sizes. However, both brands deliver high filtration that exceeds industry standards.

  • Filter Media

One advantage of Nordic Pure is that most of its filters use layered fiberglass media. Fiberglass has very consistent filtration properties and stands up well to moisture and humidity. This can help extend the usable lifespan of Nordic Pure filters.

Filtrete’s electrostatic synthetic fibers do not handle moisture quite as well. In humid environments, the electrostatic charge can dissipate faster, reducing the filter’s trapping effectiveness over time. The media itself also eventually breaks down.

If you live in a humid climate or run your AC constantly, the inherent durability of fiberglass makes Nordic Pure filters a better choice in the long run.

  • Filter Designs
Filtrete Air Filter
Filtrete Air Filter

Both Nordic Pure and Filtrete offer their filters in a wide range of designs suited for different applications.

Nordic Pure offers basic 1-inch fiberglass filters for furnaces and window ACs. For central air systems and HVAC units, they have 2-to-4-inch thick pleated filters in a variety of efficiencies and frame sizes. Nordic Pure also makes air purifier filters and high-density mesh filters for HVAC systems.

Filtrete has a diverse product line that includes 1-inch and 2-to-4-inch pleated filters, electrostatic air purifier filters, HVAC filters, and high-efficiency filters certified for medical and industrial uses.

No matter what type of filter you need, both brands provide options. Nordic Pure has more fiberglass furnace filter choices, while Filtrete has a edge with electrostatic air purifiers and their elite Maximum filters.

  • Cost Comparison

When comparing Nordic Pure vs Filtrete air filters, cost is often a major factor for consumers.

In general, Nordic Pure pleated filters tend to be 10-25% less expensive than comparable Filtrete models. For example, a 24x24x4 inch Nordic Pure pleated filter with MERV 11 efficiency usually costs $15 to $20. A similar Filtrete 1900 filter averages $25 to $30.

However, Filtrete’s higher-end electrostatic filters like the Elite Allergen models can be 50-100% more expensive than equivalent Nordic Pure filters. For instance, a 20x30x1 inch Nordic Pure elite fiberglass filter runs about $25, while a Filtrete 1900 equivalent is closer to $40.

Across most product tiers, Nordic Pure filters offer significant savings over Filtrete for similar performance. Only at the premium filter levels does Filtrete’s extra power justify the higher prices.

Additional Factors to Consider

Beyond performance and cost, here are a few other considerations when choosing between these top brands:

  • Availability – Nordic Pure filters are carried by major home improvement stores like Home Depot. Filtrete filters have wider distribution across big box and online retailers. Both offer direct shipping.
  • Warranties – Nordic Pure typically provides 1-to-5 year warranties depending on the filter type. Most Filtrete filters come with a 1 year warranty. For the premium models, Filtrete offers a 10 year warranty.
  • Sustainability – Nordic Pure filters generally produce less landfill waste. The metal mesh and fiberglass media are more recyclable than Filtrete’s synthetics. However, both brands offer some eco-friendly filters.
  • Capacity Ratings – Nordic Pure filters list a month rating for filter lifespan. Filtrete rates capacity in terms of air flow, measured in millions of cubic feet. Compare similar models between brands to make sure you get the right capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Filtrete a good brand?

Filtrete is one of the biggest and most trusted names in residential air filtration. Their filters consistently score well in independent testing for particle removal efficiency across particle sizes. Filtrete filters are a reliable choice for most home air systems.

Which AC filter brand is best?

According to most experts, Nordic Pure and Filtrete rank as the top two air conditioner filter brands overall based on performance, durability, warranties, and consumer satisfaction. Models from both brands effectively clean air and last for their rated capacities. Ultimately the “best” brand depends on your specific needs.

Are Filtrete air purifiers good?

Filtrete makes some of the highest rated electrostatic air purifiers for home use. Their elite purifiers remove up to 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns, filter large volumes of air, and have low energy use. Filtrete air purifiers are an excellent choice for cleaner indoor air.

Where are Nordic pure filters made?

Nordic Pure manufactures their filters in the United States and Canada using mostly U.S. and Canadian sourced materials. Most of their popular pleated filters are assembled at their facility in Dallas, Texas. Nordic Pure’s local manufacturing results in filters designed specifically for North American HVAC systems.

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Final Thought

When choosing between Nordic Pure and Filtrete filters, here are some quick recommendations based on common situations:

  • For budget-friendly basic filtration, Nordic Pure’s affordable fiberglass furnace filters deliver excellent value.
  • In humid climates, Nordic Pure filters hold up better over time than Filtrete.
  • For medical-grade particle removal, Filtrete Maximum filters are certified to remove the most particles.
  • For electrostatic air purifiers, Filtrete has the top selection and performance.
  • For the best balance of efficiency and cost, Nordic Pure pleated filters offer high filtration at moderate prices.

Overall, Nordic Pure is the best choice for durable, long-lasting filtration across all types of HVAC systems, especially in demanding environments. Filtrete offers cutting edge electrostatic performance for high-end applications. For homes seeking reliable, affordable filters to handle typical residential needs, Nordic Pure is hard to beat.

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