Newport Brass Vs. Kohler: Which Faucet Brand Is Better?

When it comes to selecting faucets and fixtures for your bathroom or kitchen, Newport Brass and Kohler are two of the most well-known and popular brands. But which one is better?

In this guide, we’ll compare Newport Brass and Kohler across a variety of factors to help you decide which brand best suits your needs and style.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureNewport BrassKohler
ConstructionSolid brassBrass and zinc
StyleTraditional, ornateContemporary, transitional
FinishesNearly 50 options with patinas25-30 options
Price$$$$ (expensive)$$ (affordable)
AvailabilityShowrooms and specialty suppliersHome improvement stores
WarrantyLimited lifetimeLimited lifetime
ProsElegant vintage styles, expansive finishes, high-quality materialsAffordable prices, wide range of styles, easy to find
ConsVery expensive, limited availabilityNot all solid brass, more limited finishes

Overview Of Newport Brass And Kohler

Newport Brass
Newport Brass

Founded in California in 1988, Newport Brass focuses on crafting faucets and fixtures from solid brass. They offer a range of styles from traditional to modern, with many collections featuring ornate details and vintage-inspired designs. Newport Brass prides itself on the quality of its materials and construction.

Kohler, on the other hand, is one of the oldest and largest bathroom and kitchen brands in the United States. Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Wisconsin, Kohler offers a vast selection of faucets, fixtures, furniture, tiles and more. Their designs range from sleek and contemporary to elegant and traditional. Kohler is known for innovation and putting comfort at the center of their products.

Comparison Between Newport Brass And Kohler

Quality And Construction

When it comes to quality and construction, both Newport Brass and Kohler make durable, reliable products built to last.

Newport Brass constructs all of their faucets from premium solid brass. Even their finishes are layered by hand and designed to avoid corrosion, chips, and scratches. This attention to detail and sturdy brass construction allows Newport Brass faucets to stand up well to regular wear-and-tear over time. Many of their products feature ceramic disc valves and other high-end components.


Kohler also utilizes solid brass and zinc castings in many of their faucets and fixtures. They employ durable finishes designed to avoid rust, corrosion, or tarnishing. Kohler products feature quality ceramic disc valves and cartridges as well. While not every Kohler faucet is all brass, their products do meet rigorous standards for endurance and performance.

For the most part, both brands construct faucets built to work well for years to come. Newport Brass edges out Kohler in terms of its commitment to solid brass.

Design Aesthetic

When it comes to overall aesthetic, Newport Brass and Kohler offer quite different design styles and choices.

Newport Brass is known for more ornate, vintage-inspired designs. Many of their products are modeled after classical or vintage American and European styles. You’ll find designs with delicate details, arched spouts, traditional handles, and decorative accents. The overall look leans traditional, though they offer some transitional styles as well.

Kohler’s aesthetic is more varied and modern. Their products include minimalist, contemporary designs as well as more ornate traditional styles. Clean lines, simple forms, and polished chrome/nickel finishes feature prominently throughout their collections. Compared to Newport Brass, Kohler has more modern and transitional options.

This makes Newport Brass a great choice if you want an antique or Old World style. Kohler is better if you desire a sleek, contemporary look. Kohler also has more options overall due to their wider product line.

Finish Selection

The range of available finishes is another key difference between Newport Brass and Kohler faucets.

Newport Brass provides almost 50 distinct finish options. Their selection includes living finishes like oil-rubbed bronze that develop a patina with use. They also offer vibrant brushed nickel, dazzling polished chrome, satin brass, crackled copper, and more. Newport Brass allows you to customize many of their faucets with different finish combinations too.

Kohler offers a smaller but still versatile 25-30 finish choices. These include polished and brushed chrome, vibrant brushed nickel, and matte black. Kohler does provide living finishes like oil-rubbed bronze and vibrant rose gold. However, their selection doesn’t have as many dramatic patinas and textures compared to Newport Brass.

If unique, living finishes are important to you, Newport Brass will have more options to fit your interior decor. For standard contemporary finishes, either brand works well.

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When it comes to price and overall value, Kohler tends to cost less than Newport Brass. Here are some examples of typical price differences:

  • For a basic kitchen faucet, Kohler prices range from $150-$600 while Newport Brass costs $500-$800.
  • A mid-range bathroom faucet from Kohler costs $180-$550 versus $250-$700 for Newport Brass.
  • High-end Kohler shower fixtures run $600-$1500. Similar Newport Brass shower setups cost $1000-$2500.

Kohler’s greater production capacity allows them to offer more competitive pricing, sales, and consumer-friendly prices. Newport Brass faucets often cost 50-100% more for a comparable product from Kohler.

That said, Newport Brass frequently offers excellent quality for the premium price. The higher cost reflects their dedication to solid brass construction and ornate detailing. For budget buyers, Kohler delivers quality at a more affordable range.

Availability Of Products

The distribution and supply chains for these two brands also impact availability. Kohler’s massive production network allows their products to be widely accessible through home improvement stores, local plumbing suppliers, and online retailers. Newport Brass has a smaller distribution network centered around specialty showrooms and high-end plumbing suppliers.

As a result, it’s generally easier to view, purchase, and install Kohler faucets for the average home DIYer. Newport Brass may require some searching and special ordering through plumbing professionals. However, Newport Brass does offer online purchasing direct as well.

For rare or custom Newport Brass finds, be prepared to visit showrooms or suppliers focused on high-end bathroom and kitchen projects. The additional effort can be worthwhile to find Newport Brass products suiting your unique style.


Kohler and Newport Brass both provide good warranties to protect your investment. Here’s how they compare:

  • Kohler: Most faucets have a limited lifetime warranty covering leaks, drips, and finishes. Limitations apply for commercial use.
  • Newport Brass: Offers a limited lifetime guarantee against defects in materials or manufacturing. Different limitations apply for different product lines.

In general, both brands will have you covered for manufacturer defects or premature failure. Make sure to review the warranty terms for the specific product you choose. Kohler seems to have an edge when it comes to warranty coverage for commercial applications.

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Pros And Cons Comparison

Here’s a quick overview of the main pros and cons of each brand:

Newport Brass


  • Elegant vintage and traditional styling
  • Durable all-brass construction
  • Extensive, unique finish selection
  • High-end materials and detailing


  • Very expensive
  • Limited availability
  • Mostly traditional designs



  • Affordable, consumer-friendly prices
  • Wide range of contemporary to traditional styles
  • Easy to find and purchase
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • Not all solid brass construction
  • More limited finish selection
  • Can seem common

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Newport Brass better than Kohler?

In terms of quality and materials, Newport Brass is slightly better than Kohler due to the prevalence of solid brass in their constructions. Newport Brass also offers more unique, upscale designs and finishes. However, Kohler delivers excellent quality at more affordable price points with wider availability. For budget buyers, Kohler provides tremendous overall value.

Is Newport Brass a good company?

Yes, Newport Brass is highly regarded for making exceptional faucets and fixtures. They are known for solid brass construction, ornate period designs, artisan finishing, high-end components, and excellent customer service. Their products stand the test of time while adding vintage sophistication to any bath or kitchen.

Who manufactures Newport Brass?

Newport Brass designs, engineers, finishes, and assembles all their products at their manufacturing facility in California. They pride themselves on controlling the entire manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality.

Who are the competitors of Newport Brass?

Some competitors of Newport Brass in the premium faucet and fixtures market include brands like: Moen, Delta, Grohe, California Faucets, Rohl, Watermark, Victoria + Albert. Newport Brass competes by offering vintage period designs that many competitors lack. Their expansive finish options also set them apart in the marketplace.

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For shoppers seeking a vintage aesthetic and exceptional quality, Newport Brass is likely the better choice. Their dedication to solid brass and one-of-a-kind finishing is hard to match. Kohler can’t compete with the ornate, luxurious designs that Newport Brass does best.

Budget-conscious buyers wanting reliable faucets with contemporary styles will prefer Kohler. Their prices and availability can’t be beaten. Kohler offers a great balance of quality, selection, and value across their vast product line.

Ultimately the right faucet brand comes down to your own design sensibilities and needs. Consider the key differences in terms of aesthetics, price, quality, and availability outlined above. Weigh what’s most important for your home and décor. With Newport Brass or Kohler, you really can’t go wrong. Both companies make faucets built to enhance your home with comfort, convenience and style for years of flawless performance.

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