Networx Vs. HomeAdvisor: Which Home Services Platform Is Best?

If you’re looking to hire a skilled home service professional, two of the biggest names you’ll encounter are Networx and HomeAdvisor. Both operate as online marketplaces connecting homeowners with contractors, but they differ in some important aspects.

This comprehensive guide examines Networx and HomeAdvisor’s key features, strengths and weaknesses to help you determine the better choice for your home service needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Cost for homeownersFreeFree
Number of contractors10,000+200,000+
Contractor vettingBackground checksBackground checks, licenses verified, 2+ years experience
Matching processGet quotes from multiple contractorsMatched with 1-3 recommended pros instantly
Pay for servicesPay contractor directlyOption to book and pay through HomeAdvisor upfront
Available in CanadaNoYes
GuaranteeNoneHappiness Guarantee up to $1000

Overview Of Networx

Founded in 2005, Networx is an online directory and prescreened network of home service professionals across hundreds of categories like plumbing, electrical, home cleaning and more.

Homeowners can use Networx to research local service pros, read reviews, compare estimates and directly connect with contractors.


Some key facts about Networx:

  • Free for homeowners to use. Contractors pay to be listed.
  • Over 600 service categories from major remodels to simple handyman jobs.
  • More than 10,000 screened and background checked contractors.
  • Available across all 50 states and Canada.
  • Average of 4-8 pre-screened quotes from contractors within hours of requesting service.
  • Contractors rated and reviewed by homeowners directly on their profile pages.

Overview Of HomeAdvisor

Part of ANGI Homeservices, HomeAdvisor is one of the largest home services platforms in the US and Canada.

They pre-screen and list over 200,000 local contractors with verified licenses, insurance and background checks. Here are some quick facts about HomeAdvisor:

  • Free for homeowners. Contractors pay fees to gain leads.
  • Covers over 500 service categories from HVAC to landscaping.
  • Contractors must have at least 2 years of experience to join.
  • Contractors pay a fee per lead generated through the platform.
  • Homeowners are matched with prescreened professionals based on project details.
  • HomeAdvisor offers a Happiness Guarantee up to $1000 for service issues.

Pros Of Networx And HomeAdvisor

Completely Free for Homeowners – Unlike HomeAdvisor, Networx does not charge any fees or require subscriptions for homeowners to use their platform. You can get quotes, read reviews and connect with contractors 100% free.

Higher Number of Listings in Some Areas – For certain service categories and regions, Networx actually has significantly more contractors in their network than HomeAdvisor. This means more options to find the right pro.

Contractors Not Charged Per Lead – With HomeAdvisor, contractors pay a fee for each lead they receive from the site. Networx instead has contractors pay a flat monthly subscription fee to be listed on the platform regardless of leads. This helps attract more skilled pros.

More Comprehensive Contractor Profiles – Networx features robust profile pages for each contractor where homeowners can view ratings, read reviews, see photos of past work and more. This level of transparency helps homeowners make informed hiring decisions.

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HomeAdvisor Pros

Larger Overall Contractor Network – Even though Networx beats them in certain areas, overall HomeAdvisor has a significantly larger network with over 200,000 contractors vs just 10,000 on Networx. Homeowners have more pros to choose from.

Advanced Matching Technology – Based on your service need and location, HomeAdvisor uses proprietary technology to instantly match you with the top three recommended pros. This quick match experience is convenient for homeowners.

Book Services and Pay HomeAdvisor – Exclusive to HomeAdvisor is the ability to not only match with contractors but also book and pay for services directly through HomeAdvisor before the pro arrives. Very convenient compared to getting separate quotes.

Happiness Guarantee – For additional peace of mind, HomeAdvisor offers a Happiness Guarantee where they will refund up to $1000 on any issues with completed services. Networx does not offer a guarantee.

Key Differences Between Networx And HomeAdvisor

Contractor Signup Fees – One of the biggest differences is that HomeAdvisor charges contractors a fee to sign up with a membership and fees per lead, while Networx contractors pay a flat monthly fee to be listed.

Matching Process – Networx generates multiple quotes for you to compare, while HomeAdvisor instantly matches you with top recommended pros first.

Booking and Payments – HomeAdvisor lets you book and pay the contractor upfront on their platform. With Networx you book directly with the pro.

Availability in Canada – Both operate in the US, but only HomeAdvisor is available for Canadian homeowners as well. Networx is US only.

Guarantee – HomeAdvisor offers a Happiness Guarantee while Networx does not provide a guarantee.

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Which is Better for Common Home Service Needs?

Now that we’ve compared the pros, cons and key differences, let’s see how Networx and HomeAdvisor stack up for some of the most common home service needs:

Handyman Services

For general handyman tasks like furniture assembly, hanging decorations or basic repairs, Networx is likely the better choice. Their higher number of listings for handymen means more options at more affordable rates without paying fees.


For any plumbing emergencies or installation projects, HomeAdvisor tends to be better. Their advanced matching and ability to book plumbers instantly makes emergency repair situations much smoother. Their Happiness Guarantee also adds peace of mind for such critical issues.

HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

For any heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects, from new system installation to AC tune-ups, HomeAdvisor is superior. With such an expensive service category, the Happiness Guarantee provides assurance in case any problems arise down the line. Their HVAC pros are also highly-vetted.


For electrical work, Networx gets the slight edge. Their transparent contractor profile pages make it easy to gauge electrician quality and expertise. And you can get quotes from several electricians to find the best value. HomeAdvisor’s electrical network is solid too though.

Landscaping and Lawn Care

For landscaping services from lawn mowing to irrigation system installation, HomeAdvisor is the better choice. Their advanced matching gets you quotes from only the most qualified landscapers from the start. And booking services upfront is very convenient for recurring lawn care.


For roof replacements, repairs or inspections, HomeAdvisor stands out as the superior platform. With such a vital service for protecting your home, you want the assurance of their Happiness Guarantee in case any problems emerge. You’ll also benefit from their robust vetting of roofing contractors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are angi and HomeAdvisor the same?

Yes, ANGI Homeservices is the parent company of HomeAdvisor so the platforms are the same service. Angie’s List merged with HomeAdvisor in 2017.

Is working with HomeAdvisor worth it?

For most contractors, working with HomeAdvisor is worthwhile thanks to the massive amount of homeowner leads generated through their platform. However, the fees can be substantial ranging from $50-$100+ per lead. It offers great exposure but eats into profits.

What is the difference between thumbtack and HomeAdvisor?

Thumbtack and HomeAdvisor both match clients with local service professionals online. However, Thumbtack charges homeowners to submit service requests, while HomeAdvisor is free for homeowners and charges the pros. Both sites vet contractors though.

How much does HomeAdvisor cost per lead?

HomeAdvisor charges contractors between $50-$100+ per lead depending on factors like service type and location. There are also membership fees. So for home service pros, the costs of HomeAdvisor adds up quickly but may pay off from the business gained.

Final Recommendation

While both platforms offer benefits, here is my final verdict on which site is best for homeowners overall:

I recommend HomeAdvisor as the superior choice. The sheer breadth of their contractor network means you’re more likely to find a match. Their advanced matching technology instantly connects you with qualified, local pros for practically any service need.

The ability to book and pay for services upfront directly through their platform also brings significant convenience compared to getting separate quotes. And the Happiness Guarantee grants peace of mind that Networx cannot match.

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While Networx does have its perks like completely free access and transparent contractor profiles, HomeAdvisor’s larger network, improved matching and unique guarantees win out in my opinion. Their well-rounded solution simplifies the entire process.

That said, it never hurts to compare options! For basic handyman services, areas where Networx has more robust contractor coverage, or if you want to cast a wide net and compare quotes, exploring Networx as well can be advantageous.

But for critical needs like plumbing electrical and HVAC, HomeAdvisor should be your go-to choice.

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