Mixbook Vs. Artifact Uprising: Which Photo Book Service is Better?

Photobooks and photo albums have become extremely popular for preserving memories and sharing photos with friends and family. Two of the most well-known companies for creating beautiful, customizable photobooks are Mixbook and Artifact Uprising.

But which one is better for your needs? Here’s an in-depth comparison of Mixbook and Artifact Uprising to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureMixbookArtifact Uprising
Book sizes5×5″ to 12×12″ standard sizes4×4″ to 12×12″ including square and panoramic
BindingStandard bindingLay flat binding
Print qualityVibrant, good for everyday useArchival, professional grade
PaperGood thicker paperUltra thick Fuji Crystal Archive paper
Design styleFun themes and graphicsMinimalist, modern
CustomizationVery flexible with many templatesClean designs focus on images
Turnaround time4-9 days6-9 days
Mobile appApp to build books on the goApp to upload and organize
Photobook typesSoftcover, hardcover, spiralHardcover lay flat
Additional productsPrints, cards, canvas, giftsPrints, cards, calendars


Mixbook and Artifact Uprising both provide easy-to-use online platforms for building custom photo books. They have drag-and-drop editors with themes and layouts to choose from. You can upload your own photos or use stock images. Both have mobile apps so you can create books on the go.

Mixbook Photo Service

Some key differences:

  • Prices: Mixbook offers more budget-friendly options. Artifact Uprising is premium-priced.
  • Quality: Artifact Uprising uses higher-end printing and materials. Mixbook still has good quality for the price.
  • Design: Artifact Uprising provides more minimalist, modern designs. Mixbook has more themes and layout templates to choose from.
  • Sizes: Mixbook has standard book sizes from 5×5″ to 12×12″. Artifact Uprising offers smaller sizes starting at 4×4″ and large lay flat books up to 12×12″.

Let’s look more in-depth at each company’s photobook style and quality.

Mixbook Photo Book Overview

Mixbook has been around since 2006. They make it easy and affordable to create beautiful one-of-a-kind photobooks using their online editor.

Some key features of Mixbook:

  • Huge template selection – Tons of themes, layouts, backgrounds, and design elements to choose from. Great for overwhelming creative options.
  • Budget pricing – Softcover books start at just $10 for 20 pages. Hardcover 8×8″ books are around $20. Very affordable!
  • Standard sizing – Size offerings range from 5×5″ up to 12×12″. Great for common photo book sizes.
  • Good paper and print quality – Books are printed on thick, durable paper. Image quality is vibrant and clear.
  • Fast turnaround – Receive your photobook in as little as 4-9 days depending on the product. Rush shipping available.

Overall, Mixbook delivers good printed photo quality at very reasonable prices. The editor makes it simple to customize a photobook exactly the way you want within minutes. It’s a great option for personal photo keepsakes.

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Artifact Uprising Photo Book Overview

Artifact Uprising focuses on premium-quality designs with beautiful photography. They are a small Denver-based company.

Artifact Uprising
Artifact Uprising

Some key features:

  • Minimalist designs – Gorgeous modern layouts with clean fonts and white space.
  • Lay flat binding – Pages lie completely flat for vivid two-page spreads.
  • Pro-grade printing – They use professional Fuji Crystal Archive paper and printing.
  • Unique trim sizes – Sizes range from 4×4″ up to 12×12″ including square layouts.
  • Fast production – Get your photobook in about a week.

Artifact Uprising is the way to go if you want a high-end photobook made with thick archival paper and vibrant inks. The lay flat binding shows off photos spanning two pages seamlessly. The book designs are magazine-quality.

Mixbook Vs. Artifact Uprising: Photo Book Comparison

Now let’s directly compare some key factors between Mixbook and Artifact Uprising.

  • Quality

Artifact Uprising has higher-end print quality and materials overall. The lay flat binding allows panoramic double page photos. The paper is very thick with crisp, vibrant photo reproduction. Mixbook offers good quality for more affordable casual photobooks. But serious photographers may prefer Artifact Uprising.

  • Design and Customization

Mixbook has far more design templates and elements to customize your book. It’s great if you want lots of creative options. Artifact Uprising offers a smaller selection of stylish modern layouts. Their minimalist designs focus on your images.

  • Prices and Ordering

Mixbook delivers exceptional value at budget pricing. A 100-page 8×8″ hardcover photobook starts around $35. At Artifact Uprising, a similar 8×8″ hardcover book would cost about $100.

But Artifact Uprising frequently offers sales and bundles for discounts. Their photobooks also come with nice keepsake boxes.

Both companies usually deliver books within a week after ordering. Mixbook may be a bit faster for standard shipping.

  • Sizes

While Mixbook sticks to standard sizes, Artifact Uprising has more variety. Artifact Uprising offers square layouts and smaller trim sizes down to 4×4″. They are one of the few companies that prints large 12×12″ lay flat photobooks. Mixbook also goes up to 12×12″ but not lay flat.

  • Mobile Apps

You can download the Mixbook app or Artifact Uprising app to build photobooks on your phone or tablet. Both apps make it easy to create a book on the go. The Mixbook app has more templates and graphics for editing. The Artifact Uprising app focuses on uploading and organizing your images.

  • Photobook Types

Mixbook has a larger catalog of photobook types – not just premium hardcover books but also softcover, spiral bound, and posters. Artifact Uprising focuses specifically on high-quality hardcover photobooks with lay flat binding.

  • Additional Products

Both companies offer cards, calendars, prints, and wall art in addition to photobooks. Mixbook has a much larger selection of home decor and photo gift products – canvas prints, mugs, pillows, blankets, magnets, and more. Artifact Uprising sticks to just archival quality prints and a few beautifully designed cards and calendars.

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Mixbook Vs. Artifact Uprising: Which Is Better For You?

Deciding between Mixbook and Artifact Uprising depends on your specific needs:

What’s your budget?

If you want an inexpensive photobook, Mixbook can’t be beaten on affordability. Their quality is still very good for casual photobooks given the low prices.

Artifact Uprising is worth the higher investment if you want a photobook made with archival papers and professional grade ink withlay flat panoramic spreads. But it will cost you around 3x more.

What’s your photobook for?

For family memories, everyday photo albums, kids’ books, or fun gifts, Mixbook offers endless creative options. The huge selection of themes and graphics make it perfect for all kinds of projects.

Artifact Uprising’s stylish, modern designs are ideal to showcase your best photography. Their books look and feel like art gallery pieces.

What sizes and binding do you need?

If you need smaller or square trim sizes, or want lay flat panoramic spreads, choose Artifact Uprising. Mixbook has great standard photo book sizes.

How quickly do you need it?

Mixbook’s speedy shipping gets you photobooks in a week or less. Artifact Uprising books ship slightly slower at around 9 days but still very reasonable.

Do you need other photo products?

Mixbook is your one-stop shop for all kinds of personalized photo gifts and home decor like mugs, blankets, and wall art. Artifact Uprising only sells photobooks, calendars, cards, and archival photo prints.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Artifact Uprising good quality?

Yes, Artifact Uprising photobooks are exceptionally high-quality. They use Fuji Crystal Archive paper which is thicker and longer-lasting than other brands. Their lay flat binding allows panoramic double page spreads. The print quality is professional grade. Their books look and feel like art pieces.

Is Artifact Uprising better than Shutterfly?

Artifact Uprising books are higher-end than Shutterfly. They use better paper, inks, and book materials for a premium product. Shutterfly has good quality for casual use. But Artifact Uprising is better for professional photographers or special photo keepsakes.

Who are the competitors of Artifact Uprising?

Some competitors in the premium photobook space include Nations Photo Lab, Picaboo, Printique, and White House Custom Color. Like Artifact Uprising, these companies focus on professional photography styles and archival book materials.

Does Mixbook have good quality?

Yes, Mixbook provides very good print quality and durable books especially given their inexpensive prices. While serious photographers may still prefer Artifact Uprising, Mixbook books are vibrant with modern digital printing.
Their hardcover books have thick glossy or matte pages. For most general use photobooks, Mixbook quality is excellent.

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The Final Verdict

You really can’t go wrong with either Mixbook or Artifact Uprising. Both deliver beautiful, custom photobooks.

For budget-friendly books with lots of creative options, Mixbook is the best value. If you want a designer art-style photobook made with archival paper and inks, choose Artifact Uprising.

We hope this detailed comparison helps you decide which company is right for your next photo book project!

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