Living Spaces Vs. Wayfair: Battle Of The Living Room Furniture

When it comes to outfitting your living room with stylish, comfortable, and budget-friendly furniture, two major retailers stand out: Living Spaces and Wayfair. Both offer a wide selection of sofas, sectionals, chairs, tables, and more to fit any decor.

But which provides the best value for your money? Here’s an in-depth look at the pros and cons of buying living room furniture from Living Spaces versus Wayfair.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureLiving SpacesWayfair
PricingAffordable, frequent salesVery low starting prices
QualityDecent for budget furnitureVaries greatly
SelectionSmaller curated selectionMassive, millions of options
ShippingFees apply unless minimum reachedFree over $49
Returns3 days, restocking fees30 days, free return shipping
Shopping ExperienceCan test in storeOnline only
FinancingSpecial financing offersAffirm and Afterpay
Items in StockGood availability in local warehousesHigh volume quick shipping
Customer ServiceKnowledgable sales associatesDIY online

Overview Of Living Spaces

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in California, Living Spaces is a furniture retailer that focuses on providing affordable, stylish living room furniture and home decor. They operate over 60 stores across the western United States, but also have a robust online store for wider shipping.


Some key things to know about Living Spaces:

  • Specializes in living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture for every style. Also offers home decor like rugs, lighting, and wall art.
  • Emphasis on affordable pricing, with sofas starting around $499. Regular sales and special financing options.
  • In-house brands like Nasa and Calla Bay make up the bulk of products. Some name brands like Ashley also available.
  • Brick-and-mortar showrooms allow you to test out furniture in person before ordering online for delivery.

Overview Of Wayfair

Founded in 2002 and based in Boston, Wayfair is an ecommerce behemoth that sells just about anything for your home. While not a specialty furniture store, they offer a massive selection of living room furniture from budgets to luxury.

Some key things to know about Wayfair:

  • Massive online selection of over 18 million products across all home categories. Thousands of living room furniture options.
  • Products range from budget to high-end. Sofas from just $99 to over $3,500. Brands like Mercury Row, Alwyn Home, George Oliver, etc.
  • Emphasis on cost savings and convenience through online ordering, rapid shipping, and satisfaction guarantees.
  • No brick-and-mortar locations, online-only. Free shipping over $49.

Now that you know a bit about each retailer’s offerings, let’s directly compare the pros and cons of buying your living room furniture from them.

Living Spaces Pros

Affordable pricing: Living Spaces positions itself as an affordable furniture store, with regular sales that can slash prices 30-50% off. Even at regular price, sofas start around just $499.

Convenient test drives: With physical showrooms, you can visit a local Living Spaces to test out furniture in person before ordering online. This allows you to evaluate comfort, construction, and quality hands-on.

Helpful sales associates: Living Spaces staff at showrooms are readily available to answer questions and make recommendations on purchasing. For novice furniture buyers, this guidance can prove useful.

Quick in-stock delivery: Living Spaces maintains inventory at local warehouses for faster delivery. In-stock items often arrive within 3-7 business days.

Quality construction: While priced low, Living Spaces furniture meets relatively high quality and durability standards for budget-friendly brands. Structural integrity and longevity exceed expectations.

Extended warranties: Living Spaces offers extended warranties up to 5 years for added peace of mind. Coverage includes repairs, replacements, and technical assistance.

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Living Spaces Cons

Limited selection online: Much of the in-store stock is not available for online ordering. The online selection is limited in comparison to massive retailers like Wayfair.

West coast focused: With stores located only in western states, easy access is limited for those on the east coast or midwest. No national chain of locations.

Potentional delivery fees: While free delivery is offered on some promotions, Living Spaces charges up to $99 for delivery depending on your location and purchase total.

Questionable quality claims: Some reviews dispute the claimed quality and durability, reporting issues like furniture breaking or wearing out more quickly than expected.

Unpadded bench seating: Many Living Spaces sofas use a less comfortable hard bench seat foundation rather than individually padded cushions.

Short return window: Items can only be returned within 3 days of delivery, and return delivery/restocking fees apply.

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Wayfair Pros


Massive online selection: With over 18 million home products, Wayfair offers the largest selection of living room furniture you’ll find online. Brands range from budget to luxury.

Low pricing: Wayfair is competitive on price for budget-friendly furniture, offering attractive sales and deals. Sofas can be found for under $500.

Free shipping: Wayfair provides free shipping on all orders over $49. No more worries about delivery fees tacking on hidden costs.

Rapid delivery: The vast selection coupled with fast shipping from warehouses means Wayfair can deliver most orders within 3-7 business days.

Return flexibility: All eligible items can be returned within 30 days for a full refund. Return processing is convenient with at home pick up or return to local UPS.

Payment options: In addition to major credit cards, Wayfair offers Afterpay and Affirm financing programs for low monthly payments over time.

Handy apps: Wayfair has iOS and Android apps to easily browse and manage your order on-the-go. Useful augmented reality allows you to visualize items in your space.

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Wayfair Cons

No test drives: Without any physical showrooms, you can’t try out Wayfair furniture in person. You must judge comfort and quality from online images alone.

Inconsistent quality: With so much budget-priced furniture, quality control can be hit or miss. Some items fall apart or wear poorly. Carefully read reviews.

Annoying upselling: The website pushes add-ons aggressively. Prepare to decline many recommendations for warranties, furniture protection plans, bonus decor items, etc.

Long return times: Although returns are free for 30 days, actually getting a refund processed and picked up can take weeks of waiting post-return.

No expert guidance: Without knowledgeable sales staff, it’s on you to figure out the quality and specs. Use customer service chat for urgent questions.

Damaged deliveries: With a high volume of shipping, arrivals with minor defects or damage in transit are not uncommon. Inspect packages promptly.

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Key Differences: Living Spaces Vs. Wayfair

To recap the main differences:

  • Selection: Wayfair has a vastly larger online selection, while Living Spaces has less variety but you can test in person.
  • Prices: Both offer similarly affordable prices on budget-friendly furniture; Wayfair likely cheaper for higher end.
  • Shipping: Living Spaces charges for delivery unless you meet order minimums, while Wayfair has free shipping over $49 always.
  • Returns: Wayfair offers a more generous 30 day return window compared to just 3 days for Living Spaces.
  • Quality: Living Spaces upholds decent quality standards for budget furniture, while Wayfair quality varies greatly by item.
  • Experience: Living Spaces provides salespeople and physical showrooms, while Wayfair is fully digital and self-service.

Which Is Better?

Overall, Wayfair is the better option for sheer selection and convenience thanks to broader online inventory and shipping perks. But Living Spaces shines if you prefer to test furniture in person before buying, as well as connecting with knowledgeable salespeople.

Living Spaces furniture meets reasonable quality standards for budget-friendly brands, while Wayfair’s massive marketplace hosts a wider range of quality levels that must be carefully judged by reviews, specs, and brand reputation. For the best chance at scoring a high quality living room set under $1,000 with helpful service along the way, Living Spaces gets the edge. But deal hunters who don’t mind buying big ticket items sight unseen can likely snag excellent deals on Wayfair with a bit more research.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is better than Wayfair?

For in-person shopping, more consistent quality standards, and knowledgeable assistance selecting furniture, Living Spaces is often a better choice than Wayfair’s fully online experience. Brands like Crate & Barrel, West Elm, and IKEA also offer advantages over Wayfair in certain aspects like quality guarantees and non-pushy service.

Who has a good but economical selection of sofas besides Wayfair?

Some retailers with quality, affordable sofas include Living Spaces, Ikea, Ashley Furniture, AllModern, Walmart, Amazon, and Rooms To Go. Living Spaces in particular is known for modern styles under $1,000.

Why is everything so cheap on Wayfair?

Wayfair keeps prices low through high volume online sales without the overhead of physical stores. They can negotiate discounts buying inventory in bulk. Much of their furniture is budget-friendly brands, or unbranded items direct from manufacturers. Quality at the lowest price points can be questionable.

How long do Living Spaces couches last?

With decent quality construction and materials given the low prices, you can expect a Living Spaces couch to last 4-7 years on average with regular use. Investing in an extended warranty and protecting the upholstery with covers extends a Living Spaces couch’s lifespan. Comparable to other budget-friendly big box stores.

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The Bottom Line

If saving money is the top concern, Wayfair has the overall edge for major discounts on a huge assortment of living room furniture. But smart shoppers who do a bit of homework can also find stylish, affordable living room sets at Living Spaces that offer a better in-store experience and higher baseline quality for not much more.

Take the time to carefully evaluate options from both retailers before deciding where your new living room furniture will come from.

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