Container Store Vs. California Closets: Best Closet Storage

If you’re looking to overhaul your closet and bedroom storage, you’ve likely come across two big names: Container Store and California Closets. Both companies have been around for decades, providing custom closet organization systems and storage solutions for homes across North America.

But which is the better choice for your needs and budget? Here, we’ll break down the key differences between Container Store and California Closets when it comes to pricing, materials, customization, and more.

A Brief Comparison Table:

FeaturesContainer StoreCalifornia Closets
Pricing$100-$300 for reach-ins, $1,500-$3,000 for custom walk-ins (on average)$3,000-$6,000 for master walk-ins (on average), $10,000+ for large/custom
MaterialsLaminated particle board, plastic, metalSolid wood, premium finishes like glass, satin nickel
CustomizationPre-configured systems, some custom options availableFully customized down to the inch
QualityDecent quality, budget-friendlyHigher end, built to last
StyleSimple, utilitarianLuxe, designer aesthetics
ProcessGrab-and-go systems, optional DIY install3-6 week lead time for customization
Warranty1 year limitedLifetime limited
Store Locations90+ retail stores in U.S.100+ showrooms primarily in major metro areas

Container Store And California Closets: In-Depth Comparison Of Key Features

  • Pricing and Budget
Container Store
Container Store

One of the biggest factors for most customers is cost. In general, California Closets is positioned as a high-end, luxury brand while Container Store is more mass-market and budget-friendly.

California Closets projects often cost thousands of dollars for even a small to mid-sized closet. Their average price for a master bedroom walk-in closet is $3,000-$6,000. For larger or more customized closets, expect to pay $10,000-$25,000+.

Keep in mind you’ll also pay extra for add-ons like drawers, shelves, and specialty storage features.

Container Store’s pricing is more accessible for the average homeowner. Their pre-configured closet systems start at $100-$300 for reach-in closets. For custom walk-in closets, expect to pay $1,500-$3,000 on average.

Hardware, accessories, and storage additions are very affordable as well.

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  • Materials and Construction

When it comes to materials, California Closets uses higher-end wood, metal, and finishes. Their closet systems feature durable wood frames, premium shelves and drawers, and soft-close hinges. Products are available in many designer colors and finishes like satin nickel. They also offer glass cabinetry and acrylic accessory options.

Container Store uses good quality laminated particle board, plastic, and metal for their closet systems. The materials are decent but lean more toward the budget end of the spectrum.

The aesthetics are simple and streamlined. Don’t expect to find soft-close doors or shelves here, but the systems are customizable and functional.

In terms of construction and installation, both companies send professional teams to build your closet system on-site. California Closets cuts their wood and materials specifically for each closet space.

Container Store fits their modular, pre-configured systems into your closet.

  • Customization Options

One big perk of California Closets is the ability to completely customize your system. During the design process, their consultants will measure your space and create 3D renderings to plan everything out.

You can customize the layout, dimensions, features, finishes – right down to the inch. This results in a closet designed specifically for you.

With Container Store, you’ll choose one of their pre-determined closet kits and configure it to your space. The Elfa systems feature mix-and-match components, and you can add extra accessories or storage pieces.

But the overall footprint and look remains within standard sizes and configurations. For the most flexibility, the Container Store Design Squad offers custom ELFA closets for an added fee.

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  • Style and Design Aesthetic

California Closets definitely wins when it comes to variety and style options. Their systems effortlessly blend form and function. You’ll find more elevated designs and details like integrated laundry hampers, jewelry drawers, double hanging rods, and more. Products come in premium finishes like glass, acrylic, and metal.

Container Store has a more utilitarian, mass-market style. Think simple white melamine shelves, basic wood frames, and wire accessorizes. But they offer clever space-saving solutions at an affordable price point. Their style works well for those wanting an organized, clutter-free closet without breaking the bank.

  • Product Quality and Durability
California Closets
California Closets

With proper care, California Closets systems are built to last for years. Their wood frames feature quality joinery. Drawers have full-extension metal glides and soft-close capabilities. Doors feature European hinges for smooth opening and closing. The materials and construction are very durable for long-term use.

Container Store products are decent and reasonably priced, but perhaps not heirloom quality. Their particle board components are laminated for moisture protection. But over time, the shelving and frames may warp or wear.

The metal components and accessories are generally sturdy and built to handle regular use. Just don’t expect them to have the same longevity as California Closets.

  • Installation Process and Lead Times

Expect a 3-6 week lead time for California Closets. After signing an agreement and paying a deposit, their design specialist will visit your home for exact measurements. It then takes 2-3 weeks for production and 1-2 weeks for professional installation. This lengthy process ensures a fully customized closet.

With Container Store, you can take home a closet system the same day or schedule delivery within a few days. Some local stores offer basic installation services. For more complex projects, the Container Store Design Squad offers custom closets with approximately 3 week lead times from purchase to completion.

  • Warranties and Customer Service

California Closets offers a limited lifetime warranty on their customized closet systems to cover defects. Their customer service team is available by phone, email, and online chat to promptly handle any issues. They also provide support for post-installation adjustments and maintenance.

Container Store provides a limited 1-year warranty on closet systems to cover manufacturer defects. Their customer service is available by phone, email, and chat as well. Keep in mind, resolving issues with their pre-packaged systems may require some DIY adjustments on your end versus California Closets handling it for you.

  • Availability and Store Locations

California Closets has over 100 showroom locations, primarily in large metropolitan areas across the US and Canada. They also ship catalogs and offer virtual design consultations. But an in-store design appointment is recommended for the full customized experience.

With over 90 retail stores across the U.S., Container Store has a wider physical footprint than California Closets. This makes it more convenient to shop in person, pickup click-and-collect orders, or return and exchange items as needed. Container Store is also readily available online for easy self-service ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is California Closets more expensive than Container Store?

Yes, California Closets has significantly higher price points than Container Store. A California Closets master bedroom walk-in closet averages $3,000-$6,000 while a comparable custom closet from Container Store averages $1,500-$3,000.

Who is California Closets biggest competitor?

California Closets’ biggest competitors are:
Container Store – More budget-friendly option for mass market
Closet Factory – Similar offerings and price point as California Closets
Closets by Design – Known for affordability and quick installation
EasyClosets – Direct-to-consumer custom closets at lower price points

Does California Closets use solid wood?

Yes, California Closets uses high-quality solid wood and engineered wood for their closet systems. This includes wood species like maple, cherry, alder, and thermofoil. Their wood frames and components are built to last.

Who is the largest closet company in the US?

California Closets is the largest closet company in the US. They have over 100 showroom locations across the country and decades of experience providing luxury, customized closet storage systems for homes.

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Bottom Line

Here’s a quick recap of the major differences between these leading closet storage providers:

  • Pricing: California Closets is significantly more expensive, with average master closets starting around $3,000+. Container Store is more budget-friendly, with custom closets averaging $1,500-$3,000.
  • Materials: California Closets uses higher-end woods, metals and finishes versus Container Store’s budgets materials like particle board and plastic.
  • Customization: California Closets offers True customization down to the inch. Container Store has configurable systems but limited customization ability.
  • Quality: California Closets is built to last, while Container Store products have a shorter lifespan before showing wear.
  • Style: California Closets has more designer, elegant aesthetics, while Container Store leans utilitarian and basic.
  • Process: California Closets requires 3-6 week lead times for complete customization, versus Container Store’s grab-and-go system with optional DIY install.

Overall, California Closets justifies their higher pricing with unparalleled customization options, premium materials, durable construction, and stylish designs. Container Store offers a solid budget option for simple and affordable closet organization. Define your budget, style, and organizational needs before deciding which provider is the better fit.

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