Lillypost Vs. Bookroo: Which Kids’ Book Subscription Is Best?

Reading with your children is invaluable for stimulating their development and bonding. But finding new, high-quality children’s books consistently can be challenging and costly. That’s where subscription services like Lillypost and Bookroo come in! These companies curate and deliver exciting book collections tailored to your child’s interests and reading level.

But how do Lillypost and Bookroo compare when it comes to their book selections, customization options, pricing and overall service? Let’s dive in to see which kids’ book subscription box emerges as the superior choice.

A Brief Comparison Table

Book SelectionHardcover and paperback for 0-6 years oldHardcover only for 0-9 years old
PersonalizationLimited customization based on profileRobust matching algorithm and custom box preview
Subscription OptionsMonth-to-month or 3, 6, 12 month prepayMonth-to-month or 3, 6, 12 month prepay, plus sibling plans
Pricing$18.50-$27.50 per month$17.99-$32.99 per month
ExtrasEducational materials and worksheetsBonus gifts and collectibles
ShippingFree within contiguous USFree within contiguous US
Customer ServiceMediocre, email onlyExcellent, phone/chat/email available

Key Differences Between Lillypost And Bookroo

  • Book Selection and Quality

Obviously, the specific titles and quality of books offered is crucial. Here is how Lillypost and Bookroo compare:


Lillypost offers three distinct book collections focused on either learning (LillyLearning), reading (LillyReading), or story time (LillyStorytime). Books are geared toward toddlers up to 6 years old. Both hardcover and paperback options are included depending on subscription.

Bookroo provides hardcover books spanning board books, picture books, early readers and chapter books. Their collections are tailored to children from newborns through 9 years old. Bookroo focuses exclusively on hardcover formats.

Regarding book selection, both Lillypost and Bookroo provide a diverse mix of titles spanning various formats, genres, authors and themes. Bookroo has a slight edge for focusing specifically on hardcovers, which hold up better. But Lillypost also incorporates paperbacks for affordability. The book choices are high quality and engaging from either service.

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  • Personalization and Matching

To get the most value, books need to match your child’s specific interests and reading capabilities. Here is how the companies compare at personalization:

Lillypost has you fill out a profile with your child’s name, age, gender, and interest areas. They use this to curate books and reading level. However, customization options are limited compared to other services.

Bookroo goes much deeper with personalization. Their online quiz asks detailed questions about your child’s preferences, vocabulary, school grade, etc. to hone recommendations. Bookroo also lets you further customize each box and swap books in/out before it ships.

Bookroo is the clear winner when it comes to tailoring each box to your child and letting you select books. Their robust matching algorithm combined with customization makes their collections truly personalized.

  • Subscription Options and Ordering

Let’s break down the subscription options and ordering process:

Lillypost offers month-to-month plans or discounted 3, 6, and 12-month pre-paid plans. Subscriptions can be canceled or skipped anytime. Ordering is simply done through their website.

Bookroo also has flexible month-to-month and pre-paid 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions. There are also discounted sibling plans. Ordering is smooth through their site with the ability to preview and customize each box.

The companies are on par with subscription flexibility. Ordering is hassle-free with both. Bookroo just has an edge allowing box previews and swapping book titles if desired each month.

  • Pricing and Value

Pricing can make or break a book subscription service. Here is how Lillypost and Bookroo cost:


Lillypost starts at $18.50/month for a pre-paid 6-month paperback subscription and goes up to $27.50/month for a monthly hardcover plan. Their most popular plan is $21.50 for a 3-month prepaid hardcover subscription.

Bookroo pricing ranges from $17.99-$27.99 per month for pre-paid plans and $32.99 per month with no pre-pay. Their most popular plan is the 3-month hardcover pre-pay for $23.99/month including 4-5 books.

The pricing is very comparable between the two services, though Bookroo edges out with slightly lower cost options for hardcover books. Overall both provide great value given the book quality and custom matching.

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  • Additional Perks

Some added benefits beyond just books:

Lillypost includes educational materials with each shipment such as reading guides, worksheets, coloring sheets, recipes, and more. These encourage extension activities.

Bookroo sends an array of extras like bookmarks, activity cards, book plates, and fun surprises like stickers, toys, and more. These bonuses motivate children to dive into reading.

Both services enhance the book collections with meaningful extras that young readers adore. Lillypost focuses more on supplemental learning while Bookroo aims to spark excitement.

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  • Shipping and Delivery

Timely, convenient delivery is imperative. Here is how the brands compare:

Lillypost offers free shipping within the contiguous US. Barring delays, orders ship around the 20th of each month. Tracking information is provided.

Bookroo also provides free domestic shipping. Boxes ship between the 1st and 5th of each month. Tracking numbers are accessible online.

Shipping is fast and hassle-free with both Lillypost and Bookroo. You can expect to receive your monthly book collections right on schedule.

Customer Experience

The overall ordering and subscription management experience matters too.

Lillypost website is clean and easy to navigate. Account management could be better with limited ability to interact with orders. Customer service response is mediocre. Cancellation must be done manually by email.

Bookroo website is visually appealing and gives you more control over managing your subscription. Customer service earns rave reviews for prompt, thoughtful assistance. Cancelling is easy to do online without needing to contact support.

Bookroo clearly has superior customer service and a more user-friendly, functional website. Communication is key for subscriptions, and Bookroo wins here.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happened to Lillypost?

In 2022, Lillypost was acquired by Literati, another popular book subscription company. Existing Lillypost subscribers were transferred over to Literati. However, Literati does not offer identical plans to Lillypost. Many feel the books and personalization are not as strong under Literati so far.

How much does Bookroo cost?

Bookroo plans range from $17.99 per month for a 12-month prepay to $32.99 month-to-month with no prepay. Their most popular 3-month prepaid plan costs $23.99/month. Sibling and add-on pricing is discounted. Free shipping is included.

What is Bookroo’s company mission?

Bookroo’s mission is to help foster a lifelong love of reading in children. Their subscription service aims to expose kids to high-quality, diverse books matched to their interests and evolution as readers. Bookroo wants to motivate children to become passionate about books.

How much does Literati cost compared to Lillypost?

Previously, Lillypost plans started at $18.50/month for paperbacks. With the Literati acquisition, the cheapest subscription is now $14.95/month for board books up to $24.95/month for hardcover chapter books. So Literati pricing is somewhat cheaper but the box contents are not rated as favorably.

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Final Thought

Based on this detailed comparison, Bookroo comes out on top as the superior kids’ book subscription service. Key advantages include:

  • Highly personalized book selections via quizzes
  • Fun extras and surprises to motivate reading
  • Slightly lower pricing, especially for hardcovers
  • Preview and customize boxes each month
  • Intuitive website and stellar customer service

Lillypost has merit for its focus on educational materials and straightforward ordering. But Bookroo beats them in key categories like personalization, value, and customer experience.

While both services will satisfy any young reader, opt for Bookroo if you want the magic of discovering books matched specifically to your child. Let the adventures begin!

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