Haverdash Vs. Rent The Runway: Battle of Clothing Rental Service

Clothing rental services are becoming increasingly popular among fashion-forward consumers looking to frequently update their wardrobe in a more sustainable and affordable way. Two of the major players in this space are Haverdash and Rent the Runway.

But which one is right for your needs? Here’s an in-depth look at the key differences between Haverdash and Rent the Runway to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table Of Haverdash And Rent The Runway:

FeatureHaverdashRent the Runway
Cost$59/month for 3 items<br>$69/month for 4 items$69-$159/month for 4-unlimited items
BrandsContemporary, trendy brands like Reformation, Vince, JoieHigh-end luxury like Oscar de la Renta, Jason Wu
SelectionCurated selection of apparel essentialsThousands of items across all categories
ShippingFree both waysFree first month, $9 exchanges after
SwapsCan swap anytimeUnlimited exchanges
SustainabilityEco-friendly packagingCircular business model, carbon neutral
Ideal ForBudget-conscious shoppers, minimal needsMaximizing variety and designer looks

Overview Of Haverdash

Founded in 2019, Haverdash is a relatively new startup aiming to make designer clothing rental simple and stylish. Their subscription plans allow you to rent 3 or 4 garments per month from a rotating selection of luxury and contemporary brands like ALC,alice + olivia, Reformation, Rag & Bone, and more.


Some key things to know about Haverdash:

  • Cost: Plans start at $59 per month for 3 garment rentals
  • Brand selection: Focused on luxury and contemporary brands
  • Categories: Primarily womenswear including dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, jackets and more
  • Flexibility: Skip months or change plan anytime
  • Shipping: Free shipping both ways

Haverdash aims to provide effortless designer fashion delivered right to your door. Their curated selection offers chic and trendy options from established brands across multiple categories. The simple monthly plans and free shipping make exploring new looks convenient and budget-friendly.

Overview Of Rent The Runway

Founded in 2009, Rent the Runway is the pioneer of clothing rental and has become a household name. With RTR, you can rent everything from casual everyday wear to gowns and accessories for special events.

Some key things to know about Rent the Runway:

  • Cost: Plans from $69-$159 per month for 4-16 garment rentals
  • Brand selection: Luxury designers like Badgley Mischka, Derek Lam and more plus their own lines
  • Categories: Womenswear, accessories, dresses, denim, outerwear and more
  • Flexibility: Swap garments anytime
  • Shipping: Free 2-day shipping on first order, $9 after

Rent the Runway offers endless outfit variety with thousands of styles from both high-end designers and their own exclusive labels. The unlimited swap options make it easy to maximize your plan and change up your look as often as you want.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into a detailed comparison between these two popular clothing rental subscriptions.

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Comparing Haverdash And Rent The Runway

Pricing and subscription options

Rent the Runway
Rent the Runway

Both Haverdash and Rent the Runway offer flexible monthly plans, but RTR has more tiers to choose from.

Haverdash pricing:

  • $59 per month for 3 garment rentals
  • $69 per month for 4 garment rentals

Rent the Runway pricing:

  • $69 per month for 4 garment rentals
  • $89 per month for 8 garment rentals
  • $135 per month for 16 garment rentals
  • $159 per month for Unlimited garment rentals

RTR also offers a lower cost “Reserve” plan for $39 per month which lets you rent 4 items per month but doesn’t guarantee availability for new releases or hot items.

For budget-conscious consumers or those with lighter fashion needs, Haverdash provides solid value at the base $59 tier. But Rent the Runway offers greater flexibility to scale up garment rentals at higher price points for those wanting more variety.

Brand selection and inventory

Both services provide on-trend contemporary labels, but Rent the Runway has high-end luxury designers as well.

Haverdash brand highlights: ALC, alice + olivia, Diane von Furstenberg, Joie, Reformation, Rag & Bone, Vince

Rent the Runway brand highlights: Badgley Mischka, Jason Wu, Derek Lam, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Tory Burch

Rent the Runway also offers exclusive designs under their own labels such as House of RTR and Something Navy created in collaboration with influencer Arielle Charnas.

With around 700 brands and counting, Rent the Runway simply offers far greater depth and variety across all categories from evening gowns to accessories and outerwear. Haverdash keeps their selection focused on a highly curated selection of established yet trendy labels.

Categories and selection

Both services cover all the main fashion categories, but Rent the Runway has far more breadth and depth.

Haverdash categories: Dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, jackets, outerwear, handbags, jewelry

Rent the Runway categories: Dresses, tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, outerwear, sweaters, swimwear, denim, maternity, accessories, handbags, jewelry, outerwear, blazers

Rent the Runway has thousands of options across every category imaginable from coats and swimsuits to maternity and accessories. No matter what the occasion, their extensive selection aims to cover all style needs and new pieces are continually added to keep the variety fresh.

Meanwhile, Haverdash handpicks their collection but has a smaller total inventory. Their sweet spot is having enough variety to allow subscribers to regularly rotate their daily wardrobe staples.

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Shipping and swaps

For utmost convenience, Haverdash offers free shipping both ways with no limitations. Rent the Runway provides free shipping on the first order each month, after which shipping is $9 for exchanges.

Both services allow subscribers to swap items at any time, but Rent the Runway places no limits on exchanges so you can change your rental selection as often as you want. Haverdash doesn’t promote unlimited swaps in the same way.

For easy back and forth, Haverdash has the edge. But Rent the Runway offers ultimate flexibility for those who want to maximize exchanges and continuously rotate options.

Approach to sustainability

Since extending the lifespan of clothing helps reduce waste, clothing rental inherently has sustainability benefits. But these brands also have their own initiatives.

Haverdash uses eco-friendly garment bags and recyclable packaging. Rent the Runway aims to become an entirely circular business by recirculating unused items, recycling, and making their operations carbon neutral.

Rent the Runway also has their own resale program allowing customers to shop previously rented items at discounted prices further promoting reuse. Overall, Rent the Runway emphasizes sustainability practices at scale slightly more than the newer Haverdash.

Watch the video to learn more!

Ideal customer

Haverdash is ideal for:

  • Those wanting to experiment with new styles and luxury brands affordably
  • Budget-conscious shoppers looking for a minimal monthly commitment
  • Customers looking for contemporary, trendy styles for everyday
  • Shoppers who appreciate a highly curated selection of designers

Rent the Runway is perfect for:

  • Customers wanting endless variety and options for frequent outfit changes
  • Fashionistas interested in high-end luxury designers
  • Shoppers needing special occasion dresses or accessories for events
  • Those looking to maximize sustainability and recycling practices

Both services aim to provide convenience, flexibility and access to designer fashion. Haverdash shines for their affordability and approachable offerings. Rent the Runway excels in selection, variety, and sustainability efforts at scale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is Haverdash per month?

Haverdash starts at $59 per month for 3 garment rentals and goes up to $69 per month for 4 garment rentals.

How popular is Rent the Runway?

Rent the Runway has over 150 million users and is considered the market leader in clothing rental. The company was valued at $1 billion as of 2019.

Does Rent the Runway have its own brand?

Yes, Rent the Runway designs and produces their own exclusive labels including House of RTR, Something Navy x RTR, Refinery29 x RTR and many more.

Is Rent the Runway only dresses?

No, Rent the Runway offers much more than dresses including tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, sweaters, outerwear, swimwear, accessories and more across thousands of options.

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The Bottom Line

When it comes to Haverdash Vs. Rent the Runway, both offer convenient ways to access designer fashion through subscription rental models. Haverdash provides quality essentials at an affordable base price point.

Rent the Runway excels in luxury brands, variety, sustainability efforts, and flexibility with unlimited swaps.

Ultimately, Haverdash caters more to budget-conscious customers looking for a minimal rotation of everyday wear. Rent the Runway is ideal for maximizing designer looks across endless categories for frequent outfit changes.

Compare their options closely and consider your specific style, budget and wardrobe needs to determine the best clothing rental service fit.

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