Graco Ultra Vs. TC Pro: Which Airless Paint Sprayer Is Right For You?

Airless paint sprayers are a popular choice for DIYers and professionals looking to take on interior or exterior painting projects. Two of the top models on the market are the Graco Ultra and Graco TC Pro. But with overlapping features and capabilities, how do you decide which one is the best fit for your needs?

This comprehensive guide examines the key differences between the Graco Ultra and TC Pro to help you determine the right airless sprayer for your next project.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureGraco UltraGraco TC Pro
Weight26 lbs28.5 lbs
Max Tip Size0.017”0.019”
Max Pressure3000 PSI3300 PSI
Power SourceCorded ElectricCordless Battery
Hose Length75 ft50 ft
Warranty1 Year2 Years

Overview of the Graco Ultra

Graco Ultra
Graco Ultra

The Graco Ultra is a corded electric airless paint sprayer designed for DIYers and homeowners. Here are some of its key features:

  • Lightweight at only 26 lbs making it easy to move around
  • Powerful 1500 watt motor generates up to 3000 PSI
  • Supports tip sizes up to 0.017” for thicker coatings
  • 75 ft durable BlueMax II hose for extended reach
  • Accepts 5 gal paint buckets for less refilling
  • Features PushPrime technology for quick priming
  • Compatible with interior and exterior paints and stains
  • 1 year warranty from Graco

Overview of the Graco TC Pro

The Graco TC Pro is a cordless, battery-powered airless sprayer built for professional use. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Runs on a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for untethered spraying
  • Generates up to 3300 PSI with the brushless DC motor
  • Supports tip sizes up to 0.019” for heavy coatings
  • Includes 50 ft Duraflex hose that resists kinks
  • Lightweight design at 28.5 lbs for easy portability
  • ProConnect pump makes spraying unthinned paints easy
  • 2 year warranty from Graco for peace of mind
  • Ideal for professionals painting large exterior surfaces

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Key Differences Between the Graco Ultra and TC Pro

While the Graco Ultra and TC Pro share some basic capabilities, there are some important differences that set them apart:

1. Power Source


The most significant difference lies in the power source. The Graco Ultra operates using a corded electric motor. This means that as long as it is plugged into an outlet, it provides an unlimited run time. This is particularly useful for extended painting sessions, ensuring that you won’t have to halt your progress due to a drained battery.

On the other hand, the TC Pro is celebrated for its cordless feature, running off a rechargeable battery pack. This model offers untethered convenience, capable of spraying up to 30 gallons per charge. The freedom to move without being restrained by a cord makes the TC Pro a go-to for projects where mobility is key.

2. Max Pressure

The Graco Ultra is no slouch, offering a respectable 3000 PSI of maximum pressure. This pressure level is more than adequate for most home projects, easily handling a variety of coatings.

However, the TC Pro steps it up a notch with a maximum of 3300 PSI. This extra pressure capacity enables the TC Pro to manage even the thickest coatings with ease, making it a preferred choice for professionals tackling more demanding applications.

3. Hose Length

With a generous 75 ft hose, the Graco Ultra stands out in providing extended reach. This feature is especially beneficial for exterior projects where covering large areas is the norm. The longer hose allows for greater flexibility and maneuverability around a worksite.

While the TC Pro comes with a 50 ft hose, which might seem less compared to the Ultra, it still offers ample length for various projects. The slightly shorter hose contributes to the overall portability and is well-suited for situations where excessive hose length might be cumbersome.

4. Weight

Weighing in at 26 lbs, the Graco Ultra is designed with portability in mind. Its lightweight build makes it a practical choice for DIYers who prioritize easy transportation and storage.

The TC Pro, at 28.5 lbs, is slightly heavier, but the difference is marginal. Despite the additional weight, the TC Pro maintains its reputation as a portable model, catering to professionals who need to transport their equipment between job sites.

5. Warranty

Graco offers a 1-year warranty on the Ultra model. This warranty period is standard for home use equipment, ensuring that consumers have adequate protection against manufacturing defects.

In contrast, the TC Pro comes with a 2-year warranty, reflecting its professional-grade status. This extended warranty offers additional peace of mind for professionals investing in equipment for regular use.

6. Price

Designed with home use in mind, the Graco Ultra is the more budget-friendly option. Its price tag reflects its position as a reliable choice for those undertaking smaller, less demanding projects.

As a high-end professional model, the TC Pro commands a higher price. The increased cost is a testament to its enhanced features and capabilities, justifying the investment for those requiring a more robust and versatile tool.

7. Ideal Use

The Graco Ultra, with its corded convenience and adequate pressure, is a match made in heaven for DIY enthusiasts. Whether it’s painting indoors or tackling smaller outdoor projects, the Ultra proves to be a reliable companion, balancing performance and affordability.

With its cordless convenience, maximum pressure, and professional-grade features, the TC Pro shines in the realm of professional exterior painting. It is tailored for those who seek uncompromised performance and are willing to invest in a tool that meets the demands of more extensive, challenging projects.

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Pros and Cons of the Graco Ultra


  • More affordable price point for DIYers
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Generates up to 3000 PSI for most painting needs
  • Long 75 ft hose for exterior reach
  • Compatible with interior or exterior paints
  • Easy to prime with PushPrime technology


  • Cord limits mobility and reach
  • Not suitable for the thickest coatings
  • Only 1 year warranty
  • May need extension cord for larger projects
  • Not designed for continuous professional use

Pros and Cons of the Graco TC Pro


  • Cordless operation for unlimited mobility
  • Generates max 3300 PSI for heavy coatings
  • Durable pump for professional demands
  • Easy to spray unthinned paint
  • 2 year warranty from Graco
  • Long battery life up to 30 gallons per charge


  • Heavy price tag for just DIY projects
  • Shorter 50 ft hose than Ultra
  • Battery takes up to 2.5 hours to fully recharge
  • Overkill for simple interior painting
  • On the heavy side at 28.5 lbs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between the Graco Ultra and Ultra Max?

The Ultra Max offers a few upgrades over the standard Ultra like ProConnect pump, rugged cart design, and faster motor for improved performance. But it comes at a higher price point. The Ultra is best for basic DIY projects.

What is the Graco Ultra Max cordless used for?

The Ultra Max Cordless provides the power and performance of the Ultra Max with the freedom of battery operation. It’s ideal for professional painters working on large exteriors that need maximum pressure and mobility.

How do you use a Graco TC Pro sprayer?

To use a TC Pro, first charge the battery. Then fill the paint bucket, attach the suction tube, prime the pump, and connect the hose and spray gun. Adjust the pressure for your project, then unlock the trigger lock and spray in smooth horizontal or vertical passes.

How do I choose an airless sprayer?

Consider the size of your project, your experience level, portability needs, and your budget. DIYers should look at models like the Graco Ultra or Project Painter Plus. Professionals will benefit from the Graco TC Pro or Mark V for heavy duty use. Match the sprayer PSI to the paint thickness as well.

Final Thoughts

For small-scale painting jobs by DIYers, the Graco Ultra is a budget-friendly option with good power and helpful convenience features. Professionals who regularly tackle large exterior painting projects would benefit from the high pressure, cordless mobility, and durable pump of the Graco TC Pro.

Carefully consider your experience level, project scope, needed power, and budget to decide between these two capable airless sprayer models from Graco. Checking specs like PSI, hose length, warranty, and price will help you pick the right sprayer for your upcoming painting project.

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