Graco ProX17 Vs. ProX19 Paint Sprayers: Which Is Fit For You?

When it comes to buying a paint sprayer, Graco is one of the most well-known and trusted brands on the market. Two of their most popular models for DIYers and homeowners are the ProX17 and ProX19. But what exactly sets these two sprayers apart?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features and performance of the Graco ProX17 and ProX19 to help you determine which is the best choice for your painting projects.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureGraco ProX17Graco ProX19
Max Tip Size0.017″0.019″
Horsepower0.55 hp0.75 hp
Hose Length50 ft75 ft
Weight25 lbs30 lbs
Best forDIY home projects, lighter paints/stainsBigger projects, heavy paints/stains
PriceAround $299Around $399

Overview Of The Graco ProX17 And ProX19

The Graco ProX17 and ProX19 are both stand-mounted, high pressure paint sprayers. They use Graco’s proven piston pump technology to deliver a smooth, even coat of paint or stain.

Graco ProX17
Graco ProX17

The main differences between these two models come down to:

  • Motor power – The ProX19 has a more powerful motor (.75 hp Vs. .55 hp on the ProX17). This allows it to handle thicker paints and stains.
  • Max tip sizes – You can use tip sizes up to .017 on the ProX17 and up to .019 on the ProX19. The ProX19 can therefore spray thicker materials.
  • Hose length – The ProX19 comes with a 75 ft hose, while the ProX17 has a 50 ft hose.
  • Weight – The ProX19 is slightly heavier at 30 lbs Vs. 25 lbs for the ProX17.

Other than the differences above, the ProX17 and ProX19 share many of the same great features that make Graco sprayers popular for homeowners. This includes compatibility with unthinned paints and stains, adjustable pressure control, and easy cleanup.

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at each model.

Graco ProX17 Key Features And Benefits

  • Max tip size of .017″ – Can spray lighter paints and stains very well. Great for projects like fences, decks, doors, trim, and interior walls.
  • Up to 3300 PSI – Generates enough pressure for smooth, even coverage.
  • 0.55 horsepower motor – Powerful enough for most DIY projects.
  • 50 ft hose – Gives you good reach for working around your home.
  • Weight of 25 lbs – Light enough to carry around your home with ease.
  • Metal spray gun and wand – Durable components that will last through many projects.
  • Compatible with unthinned paints – Allows you to spray direct from the can without thinning.
  • Fully adjustable pressure – Lets you dial in the optimal pressure for your coating.
  • Fast and easy cleanup – Quick connect couplings allow for soap and water cleanup.

The Graco ProX17 is an excellent choice if you’ll be working on smaller jobs painting siding, fences, decks, doors, trim, and furniture. It can keep up with the demands of most DIYers and homeowners.

Graco ProX19 Key Features And Benefits

Graco ProX19
Graco ProX19
  • Max tip size of .019″ – Can handle heavier paints and stains than the ProX17.
  • Up to 3300 PSI – Same max pressure as the ProX17.
  • 0.75 horsepower motor – More power to tackle bigger painting jobs.
  • 75 ft hose – 25 ft more than the ProX17 allows you to spray further from your paint source.
  • Weight of 30 lbs – Heavier duty but still portable.
  • Metal spray gun and wand – Durable professional-grade components.
  • Compatible with unthinned paints – Sprays directly from the can or bucket.
  • Fully adjustable pressure – Choose the right pressure for smooth results.
  • Fast and easy cleanup – Quick connect parts make soap and water cleaning a breeze.

The ProX19 works great on all the same projects as the ProX17. But with its larger max tip size and more powerful motor, it’s also an excellent choice for painting jobs like exterior siding, garages, outbuildings, decks, ceilings, and other larger surfaces.

Paint Spraying Performance

When it comes down to actually spraying paint or stain, both the ProX17 and ProX19 deliver professional-grade results. Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  • Smooth, even coverage – Graco’s proven piston pump technology provides a consistent spray fan that covers surfaces smoothly and evenly. No thin or thick spots in your paint job.
  • No thinning required – You can spray directly from 1 to 5-gallon paint buckets. No need to thin down your paint or stain.
  • Minimal overspray – Focusing your spray pattern and adjusting the pressure minimizes wasted paint.
  • Works for various surfaces – Apply stains, lacquers, enamels, acrylics, block fillers, primers and more on wood, metal, plastic, masonry and more.
  • Fine finish capability – With the right tip and pressure settings, you can achieve a very fine, spray-like finish.

Both models will get the job done right when used properly. The ProX19 just has a bit more muscle for tackling bigger projects.

Ease Of Use

Graco designed both of these sprayers to be very easy to use, even for first time users. Here are some of the features that make them simple to operate:

  • Intuitive controls – The power, pressure and material flow controls are conveniently located right on the front of the sprayer. Just turn the knobs to your desired setting.
  • Clear cup – Lets you see when you’re out of material so you can refill in time.
  • Paint filter – Catches debris from old paint cans to prevent clogs.
  • Easy startup – Just plug it in, fill the cup with paint, prime it and start spraying.
  • Minimal maintenance – Just flush with water after each use to prevent dried paint from damaging the system.

Between the two models, the ProX17 may have a slight ease of use advantage thanks to its smaller size and lighter weight. But neither model should pose much of a challenge for DIYers to operate.

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Cleanup And Maintenance

Quick and easy cleanup is crucial for a good user experience with any paint sprayer. Here is what you can expect with the ProX17 and ProX19:

  • Soap and water cleaning – Flush paint out of the system by running soapy water through. The quick connect parts make this simple.
  • Filter removes debris – The paint intake filter captures debris and is easy to remove and clean. Prevents clogs.
  • No need to disassemble – You don’t have to break down the whole sprayer for cleaning like some models.
  • Prevents damage from dried paint – Flushing out paint prevents potential damage from paint drying in the system.
  • Lubricates parts – Running soapy water through also lubricates the piston pump components.
  • Takes just minutes – Cleanup can be done in as little as 5 minutes after you finish spraying.

Follow the cleaning steps in the manual and both sprayers will provide years of trouble-free service. Proper cleanup and storage is key no matter which model you choose.

Durability And Warranty

With proper care and maintenance, both the ProX17 and ProX19 are built to provide years of reliable service. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Professional grade components – From the piston pump to the metal spray gun, these are built to last.
  • Withstands wear and tear – Durable parts that can take inevitable drops and bangs that happen during DIY projects.
  • Corrosion resistant – Materials that can handle being exposed to paint and stain without excessive wear.
  • 1-year warranty – Graco stands behind these sprayers with a 1-year warranty. This protects against defects and premature wear.

Based on owner reviews, you can expect to get many years of use out of either model as long as you properly maintain them and don’t abuse them. The ProX19 may have a slight advantage in longevity thanks to its metal stand and more powerful motor.

Value For Money

When comparing the prices of the ProX17 Vs. ProX19, you’ll find that the ProX19 costs around $100 more on average. The question is whether that extra cost is worth it for your needs.

ProX17 value:

  • Costs around $299
  • Can handle most DIY home projects
  • Delivers professional quality results
  • More affordable option of the two

ProX19 value:

  • Costs around $399
  • Extra power for larger projects
  • Longer hose for more spraying radius
  • Worth the upgrade if you’ll use it heavily

For most homeowners doing periodic small to medium size painting jobs, the ProX17 offers great performance and value. Going up to the ProX19 is ideal for those painting entire exteriors or tackling painting projects on a regular basis.

Both models deliver outstanding quality for homeowners and dilettantes and typical price tags under $400. Consider paying a little more for the ProX19 if you want some extra power and durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best overall Graco paint sprayer?

For most homeowners, the Graco ProX17 is the best overall choice. It can handle small to medium size DIY projects with ease. It delivers professional quality results for a very reasonable price point under $300.

What watts does a ProX19 sprayer take?

The ProX19 has a 0.75 horsepower motor that draws around 1000 watts while operating. Make sure you have an outlet capable of providing at least 1000W to run the ProX19.

How do you use a Graco ProX17 sprayer?

Here are the basic steps to get spraying with a ProX17:
Assemble the stand, connect the hose and tighten fittings.
Attach tip and tip guard to spray gun.
Fill intake cup with paint and attach cup to gun.
Plug in the power cord.
Turn pressure knob to minimum setting.
Turn on sprayer power switch.
Turn prime valve to open to get paint flowing through hose to spray tip.
Test spray on cardboard until steady flow achieved.
Adjust pressure as needed and start spraying!

How do you prime a magnum ProX17?

Priming fills the hose with paint so it will spray evenly. Follow these steps:
Make sure intake cup is filled with paint.
Turn pressure knob to lowest setting.
Point spray gun at metal bucket.
Turn prime/spray valve to prime setting.
Pull trigger until paint flows from gun.
When steady flow achieved, turn valve to spray.
Increase pressure and test spray.
Adjust pressure until desired spray pattern achieved.
That covers the basics of getting a ProX17 ready to spray! Follow all instructions in manual for full guidance.

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Now that you know the key similarities and differences between the Graco ProX17 and ProX19, it’s time to decide which model best fits your needs.

The Graco ProX17 is the best choice if:

  • You’re a homeowner doing occasional small painting projects
  • You need to spray lighter paints and stains
  • You don’t require more than 50 feet of hose reach
  • You want to spend less than $300

The Graco ProX19 is the ideal pick if:

  • You’re a DIYer doing frequent paint jobs
  • You need to spray thicker paints and stains
  • You want the extra 25 ft of hose length
  • You can invest a little more for added power and durability

Either model will serve most homeowners well. Go with the ProX17 for lighter duty needs or ProX19 for taking on bigger painting projects. And follow the use and maintenance steps outlined in the owner’s manual.

With Graco’s proven quality and performance, you can be confident investing in a ProX17 or ProX19 will provide beauty and protection to your home’s surfaces for years to come.

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