Graco 210ES Vs. 390 – Which Paint Sprayer Is Right For You?

Painting your home, furniture, or other projects can be daunting. Should you use a paintbrush, roller, or paint sprayer? If opting for a sprayer, which model is best? Two popular options are the Graco 210ES and 390 sprayers. But what’s the difference, and which is better for your needs?

This article will compare the key features, pros, cons, and ideal uses of the Graco 210ES Vs. 390 to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureGraco 210ESGraco 390
Horsepower0.27 hp0.5 hp
Maximum Tip Size0.015 inches0.017 inches
Maximum Pressure3000 PSI3000 PSI
Flow Rate0.27 GPM0.47 GPM
Hose Length25 feet25 feet
Weight17 lbs25 lbs
Best Suited ForSmall DIY projectsMedium to large painting jobs

Overview Of Graco 210ES And 390

The Graco 210ES and 390 are both electric airless paint sprayers made by Graco, a leading brand in sprayers.

The Graco 210ES is a compact, lightweight sprayer ideal for small to midsize DIY projects. It has a 0.27 horsepower motor and can spray unthinned paints at 0.27 gallons per minute. The maximum tip size is 0.015 inches.

The Graco 390 is a step up with a more powerful 0.5 hp motor. It has a higher spray flow rate of 0.47 gpm and can handle tip sizes up to 0.017 inches. The 390 is better suited for larger painting jobs.

Both are designed for spraying unthinned latex and oil-based paints, stains, and varnishes. They have similar easy-to-use features but differ primarily in their motor power and spraying capabilities.

Graco 210ES Sprayer – Key Features

Graco 210ES Sprayer
Graco 210ES Sprayer
  • Motor: 0.27 hp
  • Max Tip Size: 0.015 inches
  • Flow Rate: 0.27 gpm
  • Weight: 17 pounds
  • Power Type: Corded Electric
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Graco 210ES has a lightweight, compact design perfect for small DIY projects. Key features include:

  • Adjustable Pressure Control: Allows you to easily adjust pressure from low (750 PSI) to high (3000 PSI) for optimal coverage.
  • PushPrime Button: Makes quick, easy priming for spraying unthinned paints.
  • Power Flush Adapter: For easy cleaning and removing clogs.
  • Fully Enclosed Cart: Keeps paint hose protected.
  • 25 Foot Duraflex Paint Hose: Flexible and durable.

The 210ES only sprays unthinned paints and stains. It cannot spray thicker materials like primers. The small motor and lower flow rate also limit it to smaller jobs.

Graco 390 Sprayer – Key Features

  • Motor: 0.5 hp
  • Max Tip Size: 0.017 inches
  • Flow Rate: 0.47 gpm
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Power Type: Corded Electric
  • Warranty: 1 year

The Graco 390 has more power and enhanced spraying capabilities while maintaining an easy-to-use design. Key features include:

  • Fully Adjustable Pressure: Up to 3000 PSI for excellent atomization across a range of coatings.
  • Fast Priming: Quick push-button priming even for thicker paints.
  • Power Flush Adapter: For easy cleanup.
  • Durable Cart: Keeps hose neatly contained.
  • 25 Foot Duraflex Paint Hose: Flexible and long-lasting.

The increased motor power and maximum tip size let the 390 spray thicker paints with more coverage and speed. This makes it better for larger painting projects.

Main Differences Between The 210ES And 390

The key differences between the Graco 210ES and 390 paint sprayers are:

  • Motor Power: The 390 has 0.5 hp motor compared to 0.27 hp on the 210ES. This allows more paint flow.
  • Max Tip Size: The max of 0.017 inches on the 390 accommodates thicker paints than the 210ES’s 0.015 tip.
  • Flow Rate: At 0.47 GPM the 390 has nearly double the flow rate Vs. 0.27 GPM of the 210ES.
  • Weight: The more powerful 390 weighs 25 lbs while the smaller 210ES is 17 lbs.
  • Job Size Ability: The 390 can handle bigger painting jobs with more paint output. The 210ES is suited for smaller projects.

While they share features like easy priming and pressure control, the 390 has clear advantages in power and performance to take on larger painting tasks. The 210ES offers a more affordable option for light DIY projects.

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Pros And Cons Of The Graco 210ES Sprayer


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Lower price point
  • Good max pressure (3000 PSI)
  • Easy push-button priming
  • Adjustable pressure for control
  • Compact cart design


  • Small 0.27 hp motor
  • Low 0.27 GPM flow rate
  • Only sprays thin paints
  • Not for big painting jobs
  • Small max tip size of 0.015 in
  • Short 1 year warranty

The Graco 210ES is best for small DIY projects. The portable size and easy priming features make it user-friendly. But the low power limits the coating thickness and speed for larger jobs.

Pros And Cons Of The Graco 390 Sprayer


Graco 390 Sprayer
Graco 390 Sprayer
  • More powerful 0.5 hp motor
  • Nearly double the flow rate at 0.47 GPM
  • Sprays thicker paints and coatings
  • Greater max tip size (0.017 in)
  • Fast push-button priming
  • Up to 3000 PSI pressure
  • Durable cart and hose


  • Heavier at 25 lbs
  • More expensive
  • Overkill for small projects
  • 1 year warranty

The increased power of the 390 makes it better suited for medium to large painting projects. But the higher price tag may be unnecessary for small jobs.

Should You Buy The 210ES Or 390?

Deciding between the Graco 210ES Vs. 390 sprayers depends mainly on your planned painting project size.

The 210ES is ideal for:

  • Small DIY projects
  • Painting furniture
  • Staining fencing/decks
  • Touch-ups and crafts

Its lower power and flow rate provide a user-friendly option for light painting tasks.

The 390 suits larger projects like:

  • Painting exterior house siding
  • Fences, decks, and exterior furniture
  • Interior house painting
  • Workshops, basements, attics
  • Painting cabinets or shutters

The increased motor, flow rate, and tip size give the 390 the capabilities to take on these more demanding painting jobs.

If you only occasionally tackle small spray paint projects, the more affordable 210ES should meet your needs. Homeowners planning to paint the exterior or interior of their home will benefit from choosing the 390 for the job.

Getting The Best Results From Your Graco Sprayer

Whichever model you choose, follow these tips to get quality results:

  • Use the recommended tip size and adjust pressure for the coating.
  • Strain paint before pouring it into the sprayer to prevent clogs.
  • Use steady, even motions when spraying about 8-12 inches from the surface.
  • Maintain a consistent speed and distance for uniform coverage.
  • Keep the sprayer clean to prevent buildup of dried paint.
  • Follow all manufacturer guidelines and safety instructions.

Investing in high quality Graco paint sprayers paired with proper technique will give your DIY or home painting projects a smooth, professional finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is The Graco 390 Good?

Yes, the Graco 390 is an excellent mid-range paint sprayer. It produces outstanding results for most home painting projects. The 0.5 hp motor provides strong paint flow and allows spraying unthinned latex paints. Durability, easy controls, and consistent coverage make it a great sprayer for the money.

How many watts does a Graco 390 use?

The Graco 390 paint sprayer uses 550 watts of power. This gives it the 0.5 horsepower performance needed to spray at a rate of 0.47 gallons per minute while supporting tip sizes up to 0.017 inches. The 390 plugs into a standard 120 volt household outlet.

What is Graco Nova?

Graco Nova is a patented technology used on certain Graco paint sprayer models. It allows spraying at high pressure with less overspray and a softer spray pattern. Models like the Graco Ultra 390 and UltraMax II 390 come equipped with Nova technology. It is not included on the standard Graco 390 sprayer.

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Graco makes trusted electric paint sprayers suitable for both small hobbyists and serious DIYers. The Graco 210ES and 390 models compared here represent an affordable starter sprayer and a step-up model with more power.

Choosing between them means weighing your needs in motor performance, paint thickness, speed, and project size. For small jobs, the portable 210ES provides a budget-friendly introduction to paint spraying. Bigger house painting projects call for the 390’s enhanced flow rate, tip size, and power.

Whichever Graco sprayer you pick, proper set-up, spraying technique, and maintenance will ensure you achieve a high-quality paint finish with less mess and effort than brushes or rollers.

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