Genie 7055 Vs. 7155 Garage Door Openers: Which Is Better?

When it comes time to replace your old and unreliable garage door opener, Genie’s 7055 and 7155 models are two popular options to consider. But what exactly sets them apart?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key differences, pros and cons of Genie 7055 Vs. 7155 openers to help you determine which is the better choice for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureGenie 7055Genie 7155
Motor TypeChain driveBelt drive
Horsepower1/2 HPc3/4 HPc
Lifting CapacityUp to 300 lbsUp to 500 lbs
SpeedUp to 7.5 in/sUp to 7.5 in/s
Noise LevelAverageUltra-quiet
WiFi/Smart FeaturesAladdin Connect compatible (sold separately)Built-in Aladdin Connect hub
Lighting2 LED bulbs3 LED bulbs
WarrantyLimited lifetime motor, 5 year parts, 1 year accessoriesLimited lifetime motor, 5 year parts, 1 year accessories

Overview Of Genie 7055 Garage Door Opener

The Genie 7055 is a chain drive opener that is part of Genie’s Value series. This moderately priced opener offers reliable performance and comes with all the basic features you need.

Genie 7055
Genie 7055

Some of the key details about the 7055 include:

  • Horsepower: 1/2 HPc
  • Speed: Operates at up to 7.5 inches per second
  • Noise level: Average noise output
  • Included accessories: 2 LED light bulbs, wireless keypad, multi-function wall station, safety sensors
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime motor, 5 years for parts, 1 year for accessories

The 7055 is a good choice if you want an affordable option that gets the job done. While not the most powerful or feature-packed model, it provides smooth operation and includes everything you need for convenient access.

Overview Of Genie 7155 Garage Door Opener

The Genie 7155 has the edge over the 7055 when it comes to power and accessories included. This model falls in Genie’s TriloG series which is designed to be ultra-quiet while still providing robust operation.

Key details about the 7155 include:

 Genie 7155
Genie 7155
  • Horsepower: 3/4 HPc
  • Speed: Operates at up to 7.5 inches per second
  • Noise level: Ultra-quiet operation with DC motor
  • Included accessories: 3 LED light bulbs, Aladdin Connect WiFi hub, wireless keypad, multi-function wall station, safety sensors
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime motor, 5 years for parts, 1 year for accessories

With its 3/4 HPc motor, the 7155 is better equipped to handle larger and heavier garage doors. Connectivity features like the Aladdin Connect WiFi hub also add convenience. This model costs more than the 7055 but delivers upgraded power, smoothness, and smart functions.

Genie 7055 And 7155: Feature Comparison

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a detailed look at how the 7055 and 7155 stack up against each other in terms of key features and specs.

Motor Type

  • Genie 7055: Chain drive
  • Genie 7155: Belt drive

Winner: Genie 7155

While both openers have sufficient power for residential use, the 7155’s belt drive is the better choice. Belt drives run more smoothly and quietly than chain drives.


  • Genie 7055: 1/2 HPc
  • Genie 7155: 3/4 HPc

Winner: Genie 7155

The 7155’s 3/4 HPc motor gives it the advantage when it comes to lifting force. This extra power enables it to operate larger doors up to 500 pounds.

Operation Speed

  • Genie 7055: Up to 7.5 in/s
  • Genie 7155: Up to 7.5 in/s

Winner: Tie

Speed is equal for both models at 7.5 inches per second. This speed is typical for residential openers and enables the door to fully open in around 15 seconds.

Noise Level

  • Genie 7055: Average
  • Genie 7155: Ultra-quiet

Winner: Genie 7155

With its belt drive design and insulated steel chassis, the 7155 is much quieter than the 7055 when in use. If noise is a concern, the 7155 is the way to go.

Included Accessories

  • Genie 7055: 2 LED bulbs, keypad, wall station, safety sensors
  • Genie 7155: 3 LED bulbs, Aladdin Connect, keypad, wall station, safety sensors

Winner: Genie 7155

You get more value for money with the 7155 as it includes the smart WiFi hub along with an extra bulb. This allows full control via a smartphone app.

Smart Features

  • Genie 7055: Compatible with Aladdin Connect (sold separately)
  • Genie 7155: Aladdin Connect hub included

Winner: Genie 7155

Built-in WiFi with Aladdin Connect gives the 7155 remote access, voice control, alerts and usage notifications. For the 7055, you’d need to purchase the hub separately for these features.


  • Genie 7055: Limited lifetime motor, 5 years parts, 1 year accessories
  • Genie 7155: Limited lifetime motor, 5 years parts, 1 year accessories

Winner: Tie

The warranty coverage is identical for both garage door opener models. All key components are protected long-term.


  • Genie 7055: $169
  • Genie 7155: $297

Winner: Genie 7055

With the 7055 coming in at almost half the cost, it easily wins in terms of affordability. The 7155 does carry a more premium price tag given its upgrades.

Genie 7055 And 7155: Pros And Cons

Now let’s summarize the main advantages and disadvantages of the Genie 7055 and 7155 models:

Genie 7055 Pros:

  • Lower cost
  • Sufficient lifting power for residential use
  • Reliable chain drive operation
  • Includes lighting and accessories
  • Good warranty coverage

Genie 7055 Cons:

  • Louder than belt drives
  • Less power than 3/4 HPc motors
  • No built-in smart features

Genie 7155 Pros:

  • Strong 3/4 HPc lifting capacity
  • Ultra-quiet belt drive operation
  • Built-in Aladdin Connect for WiFi control
  • Higher quality accessories included
  • Excellent for larger and heavier doors

Genie 7155 Cons:

  • More expensive price tag
  • Overkill for smaller, lighter doors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between 7055 TKV and 7155l TKV?

TKV stands for thrust kilovolts and refers to the amount of power the motor provides. The 7055 has a rating of 140 TKV while the more powerful 7155 is rated at 150 TKV.

What series is Genie Model 7055?

The 7055 is part of Genie’s Value series of garage door openers. This series is designed to provide reliable performance at an affordable price point.

Does the Genie model 7155 have WiFi?

Yes, the 7155 opener comes with Genie’s Aladdin Connect built-in. This WiFi hub allows you to control, monitor and customize the opener from your smartphone.

Does Genie model 7055 have WiFi?

The 7055 does not have built-in WiFi, but is compatible with Genie’s Aladdin Connect hub. You would need to purchase the Connect hub separately to enable WiFi control for the 7055.

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Final Recommendation

So which Genie garage door opener reigns supreme – the 7055 or 7155?

For those on a tighter budget or looking for a basic but reliable opener, the Genie 7055 is the best bet. With adequate lifting power and inclusion of needed accessories, it gets the job done for a reasonable price.

For larger garage doors and those wanting ultra-smooth, quiet performance plus smart features, the Genie 7155 is easily worth the extra investment. With its robust 3/4 HPc motor, quiet belt drive and built-in WiFi, the 7155 is the top-of-the-line choice.

Ultimately, choosing between Genie 7055 Vs. 7155 comes down to your specific needs and budget. If you prioritize value, the 7055 fits the bill. And if you want the latest bells and whistles, go for the upgraded 7155. Either way, you can be confident your Genie opener will provide years of trouble-free access to your garage.

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