Fossil Smartwatch Vs. Apple Watch: Making the Best Choice for You

Smartwatches have come a long way from being just a fancy accessory to full-fledged wrist computers. Two of the top players in the smartwatch game are Fossil and Apple. But when it comes to Fossil vs Apple, which smartwatch should you choose?

This comprehensive guide compares Fossil and Apple smartwatches across design, features, performance, and value. Let’s look at the pros and cons to help you decide if a stylish Fossil smartwatch or leading-edge Apple Watch best fits your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

SpecsFossil SmartwatchApple Watch
DesignClassic watch stylesIconic, minimalist look
DisplayVibrant AMOLED up to 1.8”Sharp edge-to-edge OLED up to 1.9”
FeaturesSmart notifications, NFC payments, music, appsSeamless integration with iPhone and deep health insights
CompatibilityWorks with both iPhone and AndroidOnly pairs with iPhone
Fitness TrackingSteps, distance, GPS, heart rateIndustry-leading with advanced sensors and metrics
Battery Life24-36 hours mixed use18-32 hours mixed use
Price$199-$295 retail ($149-$229 on sale)$199-$799+ based on model

Key Differences Between Fossil Smartwatch And Apple Watch

  • Design and Display

A watch’s design directly impacts how it looks and feels on your wrist, so it’s an important consideration. Here’s how Fossil and Apple smartwatches stack up in terms of style and display:

Fossil Smartwatch
Fossil Smartwatch

Fossil touts “tech accessories, reimagined” as beautiful objects you’ll want to wear. Their smartwatches mimic classic timepiece styling with slim steel cases in both sleek and sporty designs.

You can customize the look with interchangeable straps and watch faces. The displays are bright AMOLED or LCD touchscreens ranging from 1.19” to 1.8” in size.

Apple takes a high-tech minimalist approach to design with an iconic square shape. The Apple Watch consists of a machined and polished stainless steel or aluminum case paired with sporty fluoroelastomer or premium leather bands.

The edge-to-edge OLED Retina touchscreen spans up to 1.9” and blends seamlessly into the curved case.

When it comes to style, Fossil smartwatches provide more variety across dressy and casual designs. But the Apple Watch sets the standard for modern, minimalist appeal. Both offer quality displays, with Apple having the edge in screen technology.

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  • Smart Features

At their core, smartwatches are tiny computers for your wrist. Let’s compare the features that bring productivity and convenience to your day.

Fossil Smart Features

  1. App notifications from smartphone
  2. Contactless payments with NFC
  3. Music control
  4. Customizable watch faces
  5. Heart rate & activity tracking
  6. Built-in GPS and sensors
  7. Microphone for voice assistance
  8. Up to 24 hour battery life

Apple Watch Features

  1. notifications for texts, calls, apps
  2. Apple Pay and transit cards
  3. Listen to music and podcasts
  4. Thousands of watch face designs
  5. Industry-leading health & fitness tracking
  6. Emergency Fall Detection and ECG app
  7. Siri voice assistance
  8. Up to 18 hour battery life

Fossil smartwatches cover the core essentials, from notifications to mobile payments. But the deeper Apple Watch integration with iPhone and advanced health features like ECG give Apple the edge for iOS users.

  • Compatibility

An important factor is how well each smartwatch works with your existing devices.


Fossil smartwatches are compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. Just pair your Fossil watch with your device via Bluetooth.

Customize notifications and other functions through the Wear OS app. Fossil smartwatches work with iPhones but don’t support their full range of features.

The Apple Watch is specially designed to pair seamlessly with the iPhone. You can receive notifications, download apps, sync activity tracking, access on-device music storage, and more. The Apple Watch only works with iPhones, limiting its use for Android users.

The Fossil smartwatch’s cross-platform support gives it an advantage for Android users or those with mixed tech devices. The Apple Watch offers the best experience for those already embedded in the iOS and Mac ecosystem.

  • Health & Fitness Tracking

For many buyers, health and activity tracking are key smartwatch features. Here’s how Fossil and Apple compare on fitness:

Fossil smartwatches can monitor daily steps, distance, calories burned and heart rate. Built-in GPS lets you track pace and routes during outdoor workouts without bringing your phone.

With Google Fit integration, your data is captured across multiple devices. However, the Apple Watch surpasses Fossil for deep fitness insights.

The Apple Watch is the ultimate health and fitness smartwatch. It tracks all-day activity as well as workouts like running, swimming and yoga. Advanced sensors provide data like VO2 max, elevation gain and cardio fitness level.

The ECG app monitors heart rhythm for signs of Afib. Fall detection, menstrual cycle tracking and sleep tracking provide a comprehensive health picture.

For basic activity tracking, Fossil smartwatches deliver the essentials. But the Apple Watch is miles ahead with advanced health insights, safety features and in-depth metrics.

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  • Battery Life

No one wants a dead smartwatch by the end of the day. Here’s how battery performance shakes out:

Fossil smartwatches typically offer 24 to 36 hours of battery life. Features like always-on displays and GPS usage drain more power. Extended modes provide some extra hours by limiting features. Fast charging gives you 80% power in under an hour.

Apple Watch battery spans 18 to 32 hours depending on use. Talking to Siri, notifications and working out reduce battery faster. Apple promises 18 hours of mixed use. Newer Apple Watch models charge from 0 to 80% in about 45 minutes.

Both Fossil and Apple Watches offer about a day to a day and a half of battery life. For multi-day use, a Garmin or Fitbit fitness tracker may be a better choice. But smartwatch batteries are adequate for daily needs as long as you charge at night.

  • Price Comparison

With advanced mini-computers on your wrist, smartwatches don’t come cheap. Here’s how pricing shakes out:

Fossil smartwatches range from $199 to $295 at full retail pricing. Sales can bring certain styles down to the $149 to $229 range. The high-end Fossil Gen 6 Wellness Edition tops out at $295 with the most features. Even budget models like the $199 Gen 5E offer solid performance.

Apple Watch pricing starts at $199 for the SE baseline model and goes up to $799 for the Series 8 Ultra. The Series 8, the latest regular model, costs between $399 and $499. Additional AppleCare+ coverage starts at $49 for two years.

Fossil watch prices start lower and top out around $300 for most models, while Apple Watches can exceed $700 for high-end versions. But Fossil frequently discounts their smartwatches, helping close the gap.

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Key Takeaways: Fossil vs Apple Watch

To recap the main differences:

  • Design: Fossil offers more style options while Apple Watch has a minimalist high-tech aesthetic
  • Features: Fossil provides core essentials but Apple dominates advanced health tracking
  • Compatibility: Fossil works with both iPhone and Android while Apple only pairs with iPhone
  • Price: Fossil watches start under $200 and max out around $300, while Apple Watch exceeds $700+ for premium models

For iPhone users who want a seamless smartwatch, the richer experience and health insights of the Apple Watch make it hard to beat. But Fossil makes attractive and capable smartwatches for both iPhone and Android device owners on a budget.

Ultimately, identify the features most important to you and choose the smartwatch that best fits into your lifestyle and tech ecosystem. Both Fossil and Apple make compelling choices with different strengths at different price points.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Fossil Watch or Apple Watch better?

For iPhone users who want the deepest integration, Apple Watch is better with its ability to seamlessly pair with iPhone. But for cross-platform flexibility, more styles, and lower prices, Fossil smartwatches are appealing options that provide great value.

Which smartwatch is better than Apple Watch?

No current model surpasses Apple Watch overall, especially if you have an iPhone. The Apple Watch offers the most seamlessly connected experience with robust health tracking. Top alternatives like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series or Fitbit Sense come closest to matching Apple’s capabilities. But the Apple Watch’s tight integration with iPhone gives it an edge.

Is Fossil smartwatch good for iPhone?

Fossil smartwatches will work well for iPhone users on a budget who don’t require intricate integration. You can get notifications, track activity, and use core features. But you won’t get the full Apple Watch experience like on-device music or ECG. Fossil watches provide attractive, affordable options for iPhone owners looking for basic smartwatch functions.

Are Fossil smartwatches compatible with Apple?

Fossil smartwatches are compatible with iPhone models going back to the iPhone 5/5C/5S via Bluetooth. You can get call, text, calendar and app notifications. Customize your watch face and which alerts you receive through the Wear OS app. Core features like activity tracking, music control and NFC payments will work. But advanced health insights and deeper integration only work with Apple Watch. Overall, Fossil smartwatches work well paired with iPhones but have limited capabilities compared to the native Apple Watch.

Final Thought

Both Fossil and Apple make excellent smartwatches – it just depends on your budget, style and smartphone ecosystem. For those embedded in Apple’s world, the Apple Watch is hard to beat.

But Fossil’s cross-platform flexibility, customizable designs, and affordable pricing give it an edge for iOS and Android users who want basic smartwatch functions in an attractive timepiece.

Whichever direction you go, enjoy the convenience and motivation your new smartwatch brings to your life!

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