Floor & Decor Vs. Lumber Liquidators: Which Is The Better Flooring Retailer?

When it’s time to upgrade the floors in your home, Floor & Decor and Lumber Liquidators are two of the most popular national flooring chains. But which retailer truly provides the best value, selection, and shopping experience for flooring? This in-depth guide compares Floor & Decor and Lumber Liquidators across key factors to reveal their respective strengths and weaknesses.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryFloor & DecorLumber Liquidators
Product SelectionLargest selection with thousands of optionsLarge selection with hundreds of options
Product QualityVery good, focus on durabilityGood from reputable suppliers
PricingAbsolute lowest prices, 25-50% less than competitorsAffordable prices, competes with big box stores
In-Store ExperienceEnormous warehouses can be overwhelmingSmaller showrooms, guided browsing
Additional ServicesNo install, offers financingFull installation service available
SustainabilityGood eco-conscious practicesMeets CARB emissions standards

Key Differences Between Floor & Décor And Lumber Liquidators

In above we have see the basic of comparison between two from the table. Now, lets explore the key differences between two of them with brief explanations:

  • Product Selection

The right retailer should offer an extensive range of flooring to browse for your project.


Floor & Decor stocks one of the widest assortments of flooring in the industry. Browse thousands of in-stock affordable tile, wood, vinyl plank, laminate, and decorative flooring options across a range of styles. They also sell all the necessary accessories like underlayments and grout.

Lumber Liquidators also sells a solid variety of hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile flooring. Their collections may not be quite as vast as Floor & Decor’s, but cover all the essential flooring categories. You’ll find over 100 different solid and engineered wood options.

For the absolute largest selection of flooring under one roof, Floor & Decor comes out ahead. But Lumber Liquidators still offers ample choices for most homeowners’ needs.

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  • Product Quality

High or low quality flooring makes a big difference in how your floors hold up over time.

Lumber Liquidators faced controversy over a decade ago regarding excessive levels of formaldehyde in some imported laminate products. However, third party testing showed their U.S.-made flooring met safety standards. Today, Lumber Liquidators sources sustainable flooring from reputable manufacturers.

Floor & Decor sells flooring directly imported from manufacturing partners. They stand behind the quality and compliance of all their product lines. Their commemorative lifetime warranty covers defects for life.

Both retailers sell great quality flooring, though Floor & Decor has a better reputation for consistently rising above the lowest price points in prioritizing durability.

  • Pricing and Value

Affordability makes or breaks flooring purchases for many homeowners. Here’s how the prices stack up:

LL Floring
LL Floring

Floor & Decor offers unbeatable prices on quality flooring materials by buying direct from manufacturers. Their large-scale purchasing power allows low everyday pricing that undercuts competitors. Expect to pay 25-50% less than other big box stores for comparable flooring.

Lumber Liquidators also provides value pricing, though not quite as low as Floor & Decor on average. Their prices closely rival Home Depot and Lowe’s with frequent sales lowering costs even further. Overall extremely budget-friendly, though Floor & Decor still comes out cheaper in head-to-head comparisons.

If getting the absolute lowest price on quality flooring is your #1 priority, Floor & Decor is the clear winner for value. But Lumber Liquidators remains competitively affordable for bargain hunters as well.

  • In-Store Experience

Shopping for flooring in person allows you to see and feel products first-hand. Here’s how the in-store experiences compare:

Lumber Liquidators showrooms feature display flooring plus samples to view. Associates can answer questions about products and installation. Smaller store footprints make navigating easy.

Floor & Decor enormous warehouse stores showcase enormous product selections. The crowded, cluttered environment can feel overwhelming to shop. Employees usually know their stuff. Trying to find help on busy days poses a challenge.

Lumber Liquidators offers a more relaxed, guided in-store experience. Floor & Decor provides endless browsing but their massive warehouses can be tricky to shop alone.

  • Additional Services

Installation and financing services add convenience for major flooring projects.

Lumber Liquidators offers installation for all flooring types through their network of licensed flooring contractors. They also provide financing plans to pay for flooring over time.

Floor & Decor does not coordinate professional installation. They offer a Flooring Credit Card for financing purchases. Additional services like measuring and design layouts are not provided.

For turnkey installation bundled with your flooring purchase, Lumber Liquidators has the upper hand. Floor & Decor keeps it simple providing just the materials and financing themselves.

  • Sustainability

Eco-conscious shoppers should understand each retailer’s sustainability practices:

Lumber Liquidators abides by California CARB formaldehyde emissions standards for flooring. They avoid rainforest wood and partner with suppliers using sustainable forestry management practices.

Floor & Decor offers many eco-flooring options with recycled content and non-toxic adhesives. Their timber suppliers must adhere to regulations conserving natural forests.

Both retailers sell green products and aim to improve sustainability across their supply chains. Ultimately, Floor & Decor appears slightly more committed to environmental stewardship.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are lumber liquidator floors safe?

Yes, Lumber Liquidators floors are safe. All their products meet stringent California emissions standards. Independent testing verifies floors purchased from Lumber Liquidators in recent years contain legal, safe levels of formaldehyde. Their manufacturing partnerships ensure flooring quality and safety.

Is LL flooring made in China?

Lumber Liquidators sources flooring from over a dozen countries worldwide, including Asia, Europe, and North America. They do import some vinyl and laminate products from China. However, 100% of Lumber Liquidators’ solid hardwood flooring is made in the United States and Canada to control quality.

Why is floor and decor so cheap?

Floor & Decor offers incredibly cheap prices on quality flooring for a few key reasons: Massive purchasing volume directly from manufacturers, No-frills warehouses with minimal overhead vs fancy showrooms, Limited advertising instead of big marketing budgets, Efficient centralized distribution to stores, Focus on high-turnover flooring essentials rather than exotic specialty products, Their huge direct-buy bargains combined with low-cost warehouse model allow Floor & Decor to pass dramatic savings to customers.

Does floor and decor have a good reputation?

Yes, Floor & Decor enjoys a very positive reputation with customers. They earn high marks for affordable pricing, the enormous in-store selection, and quality products made by reputable brands. Many reviews appreciate that Floor & Decor avoids gimmicky sales pushes and focuses on providing low everyday prices instead.

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The Verdict

Floor & Decor is the winner for the best prices on huge flooring selection in their no-frills warehouse stores. Lumber Liquidators edge them out in buying convenience by providing installation services and a more guided shopping experience.

Deciding between Floor & Decor vs Lumber Liquidators depends largely on your priorities – either rock-bottom prices on tons of quality floors from Floor & Decor, or a smoother purchasing process with install included from Lumber Liquidators. Understanding their biggest advantages helps determine the better fit.

In contrast, Floor & Decor wins on price and selection while Lumber Liquidators offers a more convenient purchase experience. Pick Floor & Decor for big ticket savings or Lumber Liquidators for a smoother buying process.

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