Flamingo vs Harry’s Razors: Which Shaving Subscription Is Better?

If you’re looking to switch to a convenient shaving subscription service, two big names likely on your radar are Flamingo and Harry’s. Both brands offer premium razors, blades, and shave products delivered to your door.

But should you go with the stylish shave of Flamingo or the classic comfort of Harry’s? This in-depth guide will compare the key features, offerings, and performance of Flamingo and Harry’s shave clubs to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

Razor StyleSleek, lightweight handles in pink, black, whiteStockier rubberized handles in orange, navy, green, grey
Blade Cartridges5 blades with aloe strip5 blades with lubricating strip
Pivot HeadFlexible pivotingRotating pivot
Built-in TrimmerYesNo
Subscription Frequency1, 2 or 3 months3, 6 or 12 months
Standard Bundle4 cartridges + shave gel/serum4 cartridges + shave gel
Additional ProductsGels, lotions, wax stripsGels, lotions, balms, mirror kits
PricesFrom $9/monthFrom $15 every 3 months
Customer Service30-day guarantee, quick response times30-day guarantee, quick response times

Overview of Flamingo and Harry’s

First, let’s look at the background behind each brand:


Flamingo Razor
Flamingo Razor
  • Launched in 2018 by women-led startups Billie and Glossier.
  • Designed specifically for women’s shaving needs with sleek, Instagrammable style.
  • Razors feature a 5 blade cartridge, aloe strip, and rubber grip.
  • Also offer shave gels, body lotion, and wax strips.


  • Founded in 2013 with a goal of straightforward, quality shaving for all.
  • Classic style razors with German engineering and bold color schemes.
  • Razors have 5 blades, lubricating strip, and rubberized handle.
  • Expanded to create Harry’s branded gels, lotions, soaps and more.

Now that you have the basics on the brands, let’s see how their razor designs, subscription plans, and shaving performance compare.

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Key Differences Between Flamingo And Harry’s Razors

  1. Razor Design and Engineering

A razor needs to have a thoughtful design to provide a comfortable, close shave. Here is how the Flamingo and Harry’s razor construction and features stack up:

Razor Handles

  • Flamingo: Sleek, lightweight handles in pink, black, or white.
  • Harry’s: Stockier rubberized handles in orange, navy, green, grey.

Handle Grip

  • Flamingo: Non-slip rubber grip for control.
  • Harry’s: Textured rubber grip also provides a secure hold.

Blade Cartridges

  • Flamingo: 5 high-quality blades with aloe strip.
  • Harry’s: 5 German-engineered blades with lubricating strip.

Pivot Head

  • Flamingo: Flexible pivoting head contours to body.
  • Harry’s: Rotating head closely follows facial contours.

Trimmer Blade

  • Flamingo: Built-in precision trimmer on the back.
  • Harry’s: No built-in trimmer blade.

Overall, both razors have similar 5 blade cartridges and pivoting heads for a close shave. The Flamingo stands out for its lightweight, Instagram-friendly handles and built-in trimmer.

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2. Subscription Options and Pricing

The subscription programs offered by Flamingo and Harry’s also help make shaving convenient and affordable. Here’s an overview of their membership options:

Delivery Frequency

  • Flamingo: Choose every 1, 2, or 3 months.
  • Harry’s: Choose every 3, 6, or 12 months.

Products Included

  • Flamingo: 4 razor cartridges + shave gel or serum.
  • Harry’s: 4 blade cartridges + foaming shave gel.

Subscription Flexibility

  • Flamingo: Skip or cancel deliveries anytime.
  • Harry’s: Pause or cancel membership anytime.

Cost Breakdown

  • Flamingo: From $9 every month.
  • Harry’s: From $15 every 3 months.
  • Flamingo and Harry’s both run special offers for subscription signup.

Flamingo ships more frequently and makes it easy to modify or cancel the subscription month-to-month. Harry’s requires a 3-month minimum but the cost per shipment tends to be lower.

3. Shaving Performance and Features

Harry’s Razor

When it comes down to actually shaving, you want a razor that glides smoothly and prevents nicks, bumps, and irritation. Here is how Flamingo and Harry’s perform in key areas:


  • Flamingo’s flexible 5 blades provide a very close, smooth shave.
  • Reviewers rave about the gentle glide of Harry’s 5 blade razors.

Irritation Reduction

  • Flamingo’s aloe strip and lubricating serum provide skin protection.
  • Harry’s lubricating strip before the blades prevents irritation.

Hard to Reach Areas

  • Flamingo’s pivoting head and built-in trimmer help tackle tricky areas.
  • Harry’s rotating head maneuvers well, but no special trimmer blade.

Dry or Wet Shaving

  • Both Flamingo and Harry’s razors work well for wet shaving with gel or dry shaving.

Sensitive Skin

  • Flamingo customers report minimal razor burn with sensitive skin.
  • Many Harry’s users say it causes less irritation than leading brands.

Thick Hair

  • Flamingo and Harry’s 5 blade cartridges work efficiently on coarse or thick hair.

When it comes to the actual shaving results, both razors perform excellently for smoothness, irritation prevention, and use on thick hair types. Flamingo has some advantages for hard to reach spots.

Watch This Review Video:

4. Additional Shave Products

Flamingo and Harry’s both offer shaving gels, creams, lotions, and accessories for a complete shave routine. Here are some of their top products:

Shave Gels & Creams

  • Flamingo: Gels infused with shea butter, aloe, and oils. Light serum also available.
  • Harry’s: Foaming gel and shave cream options with lubricating agents.

Skin Care

  • Flamingo: Lightweight body lotion and cooling gel.
  • Harry’s: Face lotion, post-shave face balm and body lotion.

Wax Strips

  • Flamingo: Eye and face wax strips for hair removal.
  • Harry’s: No wax strips offered.


  • Flamingo & Harry’s: Both provide travel covers and handle stands.
  • Harry’s also offers shower holders and mirror kits.

Harry’s has a larger assortment of men’s-focused face and body products. But Flamingo offers key items for women like lotion, wax strips for hair removal, and cute travel cases.

5. Customer Service and Satisfaction

Good customer service helps make the subscription shaving experience smooth and enjoyable. Here is how Flamingo and Harry’s compare:

Product Guarantee

  • Flamingo happily provides refunds within 30 days if not completely satisfied.
  • Harry’s also guarantees a full refund within 30 days if you’re unsatisfied.

Subscription Flexibility

  • Flamingo and Harry’s both allow you to skip, delay, or cancel monthly shipments anytime.

Support Channels

  • Flamingo: Email, phone, chat, social media. Responds within 1 business day.
  • Harry’s: Email, phone, chat, social media. Very responsive.

User Reviews

  • Flamingo earns rave reviews for exceptional customer service.
  • Harry’s is also highly rated for knowledgeable and friendly support.

Both companies have outstanding customer service reputations, flexible subscription policies, and responsive support teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Harry’s razors the same as flamingo?

No, Harry’s and Flamingo razors are not the same. They are made by different brands. Harry’s razors have rubberized handles in colorful designs. Flamingo offers lightweight, pastel-colored handles. Both provide 5 blade cartridges but Flamingo adds a built-in trimmer blade. The shave performance is similar but branding, styles, and additional products differ.

Is Flamingo Razor made by Harry’s?

No, Flamingo razors are not made by Harry’s. Flamingo was created by Billie and Glossier while Harry’s was founded independently. The two brands offer similar shaving subscription services with some unique differences in their razor designs and product lines. But they do not share manufacturing or ownership.

Are flamingo razors actually good?

Yes, reviews indicate that Flamingo razors provide an excellent, comfortable shave. Flamingo uses high quality 5 blade cartridges with aloe strips that glide smoothly and reduce irritation. The flexible pivoting heads contour to the body for closeness. Flamingo also offers trendy, lightweight handles in fun colors. Customers consistently rate Flamingo as comparable or better for shaving than leading brands.

Does Harry’s make good razors?

Yes, Harry’s razors are known for giving a close, comfortable shave. Their 5 blade cartridges with lubricating strips help prevent razor burn and irritation. Harry’s rotary blade heads pivot nicely to maintain close contact on the skin. Users praise the textured handles that provide a secure grip. Harry’s often rates higher than drugstore razors for quality and value. Their subscription plans make shaving supplies convenient and affordable.

The Verdict

In the battle between Flamingo and Harry’s shaving subscriptions, both brands come out looking excellent. They offer convenient deliveries of high quality razors and shave products tailored to their target audiences.

Flamingo stands out if you want pretty, lightweight razors in fun colors plus specialty items like wax strips for women. Their flexible subscription and trimmer blade are bonuses.

Harry’s is ideal for classic razors with rubberized handles and masculine branding. Their wide array of men’s grooming products and occasional discount promotions are advantages.

Ultimately it comes down to personal preference on styling, customization options, and product lineup. Both Flamingo and Harry’s make shaving easy with exceptional customer service backing their offerings. Switching to either brand over your typical drugstore razors will mean a big upgrade.

Whichever you choose, you can have affordable razor blades automatically delivered to your door. Skip the drugstore aisles and enjoy an elevated shaving experience with Flamingo or Harry’s. Your skin will thank you!

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