Fabletics Vs. Zyia: Which Activewear Brand Is Better?

Activewear has become a wardrobe staple for many, with brands like Fabletics and Zyia gaining popularity for their stylish and functional workout clothes. But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to choose the right brand for your needs and budget.

This comprehensive guide compares Fabletics and Zyia across key factors like price, quality, style, and more to help you decide which is better for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

PricingLeggings $24.95-$69.95Leggings $84+
Sizing OptionsXXS-4XXXS-XL
Fabric TechnologyProprietary PowerHold, SculpTKnit fabricsProprietary Nuvia fabric
StyleBold prints, trendy styles, new monthly collectionsMore muted colors and prints, sleek minimalist aesthetic
Shopping ExperienceMonthly membership program with discountsSimple retail shopping, no membership program
Quality and DurabilityDecent but some complaints of pillingExcellent quality with minimal pilling/fading
Returns/ExchangesFree and easy returns, $5.95 exchange feeOnly unused items within 30 days, 10% restocking fee
VersatilityWorkout-focused performance fabricsMultipurpose activewear suitable for daily wear

Overview Of Fabletics

Founded in 2013 by Kate Hudson and JustFab Inc., Fabletics has grown rapidly into one of the most recognizable activewear brands. Fabletics uses a flexible membership model where members get discounts and personalized style recommendations.


Here are some key things to know about Fabletics:

  • Affordable prices, with leggings starting at $24.95
  • Massive selection of tops, bottoms, sports bras, accessories
  • New collections launched monthly
  • Made from compression fabrics with sweat-wicking technology
  • Size inclusive – XXS to 4X
  • 50% of materials certified sustainable
  • Partnerships with celebrities like Demi Lovato

Overall, Fabletics aims to provide functional and fashionable workout wear at accessible price points to women of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. The focus is bold colors, fun prints, and statement details inspired by trends.

Overview Of Zyia

Founded in 2013 by Jamie Hanna and Melanie House, Zyia sells “athleisure” activewear made from proprietary Nuvia fabric.

Some key Zyia facts:

  • Boutique brand, smaller collection than Fabletics
  • Leggings $84+, bras $42+
  • New prints/products added weekly
  • Nuvia fabric resists fading and pilling
  • Claims cellulite reduction properties
  • XXS to XL sizing
  • Multipurpose clothes for working out and everyday wear
  • Strong social media presence with brand ambassadors

Zyia is positioned as a premium athleisure brand combining high-performance with soft, comfortable fabrics. The Nuvia fabric is their unique selling proposition, said to be ultra-flattering. The style is modern and chic.

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Detail Comparison Of Fabletics and Zyia

Comparing Quality And Materials

When it comes to workout wear, quality materials that can withstand sweat and movement are key. Here’s how Fabletics and Zyia stack up:

Fabletics uses a blend of polyester and spandex in proprietary fabrics like PowerHold and SculpTKnit. Their fabrics offer compression, shape retention, and sweat-wicking. The leggings are opaque and hold up well to exercise.

Some users complain of pilling.


Zyia leggings feature an 83% nylon/17% spandex fabric called Nuvia. It offers moisture-wicking, four-way stretch, shape retention and fast drying. The Nuvia fabric resists fading and pilling through multiple washes.

Most customers praise the quality and durability.

For sports bras, Fabletics uses molded, compression fabrics while Zyia has lightly padded, soft bras. Overall, Zyia’s Nuvia fabric seems to have an edge in quality over the Fabletics fabrics. But both are decent quality for the respective price points.

Fit and Sizing Options

Finding the right fit is crucial for both comfort and style. Here’s how the brand’s fit and sizing compare:

Fabletics offers sizes from XXS to 4X, providing one of the widest size ranges among activewear brands. The leggings come in standard, mid-rise and high-waisted versions to suit different body types.

The fabrics have comfortable stretch and retention. Reviews generally praise the fit and squat-proof opacity.

Zyia offers a narrower size range, from XXS to XL. The Nuvia fabric has four-way stretch for flexibility during workouts. The fabrics are lightweight with a compressive fit. Some with curvier figures find the fit too restrictive.

Sizes run slightly small according to many.

In sizing diversity, Fabletics clearly has an advantage over Zyia’s smaller size range. Fabletics also seems more consistently squat-proof based on reviews. Those with slimmer figures may appreciate Zyia’s compressive fit.

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Style and Prints Offered

When it comes to workout wear, style and unique prints add fun flair. So how do the brands compare aesthetically?

Fabletics has an expansive selection of stylish pieces in vibrant colors and prints. New collections and styles are launched monthly. The look aligns with current trends – high-waisted leggings, cut-outs, strappy bras, mesh paneling. The prints range from camo to tie-dye to abstract. Mixing and matching solids and prints is encouraged.

Zyia has a smaller but chic collection with more subtle colors and prints. Looks focus on sleek, minimalist styles as opposed to trendy. Lots of solid colors with some ombre prints and colorblocking. Overall, the look is more polished versus playful. New pieces are added weekly but in limited quantities.

For on-trend style and abundant prints, Fabletics takes the lead. Zyia shines for sophisticated athleisure style in more muted tones. Those wanting lots of variety will be happier with Fabletics.

Shopping Experience

The shopping experience can greatly impact satisfaction with a brand. Here’s an overview:

Fabletics sells primarily through their monthly membership program. By paying $49.95 a month, members get discounts and credits towards purchases. You can skip months or cancel anytime. They also have a non-VIP site.

Standard shipping and returns are free. Exchanges are easy but have a $5.95 processing fee.

Zyia doesn’t have a membership model. You simply shop the website or catalog at retail pricing. Returns are only accepted on unused items with tags within 30 days. Exchanges are subject to a 10% restocking fee. Most items ship within 3-5 business days.

Fabletics offers a more flexible and budget-friendly shopping experience. Zyia’s poorer return and exchange policies can be limiting for shoppers. But you may prefer Zyia’s simpler retail model without a monthly membership.

Social Consciousness

Many consumers today factor ethics into their buying decisions. Here’s a quick look at where the brands stand:

  • Fabletics has worked towards improving supply chain transparency and partners with Fair Trade USA. Around half their fabrics are certified sustainable. But some criticize their parent company JustFab’s labor practices.
  • Zyia uses sustainable Tencel fabric in some products. As a smaller company, they’ve shared little about ethical sourcing or sustainable practices overall.

Both brands have room for improvement when it comes to social consciousness initiatives based on current information. This may or may not be a deciding factor depending on your priorities.

Price and Value Comparison

Price can be a major determiner when choosing activewear. How do Fabletics and Zyia compare cost-wise?

Fabletics: Leggings $24.95-$69.95, bras $29.95-$44.95

Zyia: Leggings $84+, bras $42+

For equivalent items, Zyia pieces cost significantly more than Fabletics. Based on the quality and features, Fabletics provides greater value for money overall. The budget-friendliness of Fabletics is a major plus.

However, Zyia devotees believe the fabric technology and fit justify the splurge.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is ZYIA as good as Lululemon?

Zyia and Lululemon both occupy the premium end of activewear, known for quality materials and performance technology. Lululemon is the much bigger brand and offers far more product variety. But Zyia’s proprietary Nuvia fabric is exceptionally smooth and opaque with advanced moisture wicking. For high intensity workouts, Zyia leggings match up well against Lululemon in terms of fabric technology and durability. However, Lululemon has the edge for everyday versatility and casual wear. Lululemon also has more size inclusivity and sustainability initiatives than the smaller Zyia brand.

Is Fabletics more expensive than Lululemon?

No, Fabletics is significantly more affordable than Lululemon across the board. Here’s a comparison of prices for basic leggings from each brand:
Fabletics leggings: $24.95-$69.95
Lululemon leggings: $98-$138
The average Fabletics leggings cost $30-$60 while Lululemon leggings start around $100 and go up over $130. While you pay for the brand name and premium quality with Lululemon, Fabletics offers substantial savings on stylish activewear. Fabletics positions itself as an affordable athleisure brand compared to pricier competitors like Lululemon.

Why is Lululemon better than Fabletics?

There are a few key areas where Lululemon outperforms Fabletics:
Premium materials and construction – Lululemon uses more high-tech, durable fabrics.
Better quality control and consistency – Lululemon has fewer complaints about defects or see-through leggings.
More versatile for exercise and everyday wear – Lululemon’s chic styles work great beyond the gym.
Lululemon is size inclusive up to 20, while Fabletics stops at 3X.
Greater commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing.
Retains resale value well if items are gently worn.
While you pay more upfront, Lululemon makes versatile activewear that outlasts the competition. However, Fabletics is far cheaper and offers plenty of cute styles. For budget-conscious shoppers, Fabletics remains a compelling alternative.

What makes ZYIA different?

Zyia stands apart from competitors for two major reasons:
Proprietary Nuvia fabric – This unique nylon/spandex fabric offers exceptional compression, moisture wicking, stretch and recovery. It feels ultra-smooth and resists fading and pilling even after many washes.
Multipurpose activewear – Zyia’s athleisure focus means their leggings and tops work just as well for the gym as coffee dates. The versatile styles transition seamlessly for on-the-go lifestyles.

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While pricier than mass market brands, Zyia fans feel the special fabric and flattering fits justify the investment for stylish, performance activewear. The direct sales model and brand ambassadors also foster a tight-knit community around the brand.

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