2UNDR Vs. SAXX: Battle Of The Underwear Brands

When it comes to men’s underwear, both 2UNDR and SAXX have made names for themselves with their modern designs and innovative features. But with different fabrics, pricing and more, which brand truly comes out on top?

This comprehensive overview compares all the key factors between 2UNDR and SAXX underwear to help guys find their perfect pair.

A Brief Comparison Table

FabricsModal, MicroModal, nylon/spandexMicrofiber, mesh, microdenier
Pouch DesignContoured pouchPatented BallPark PouchTM
FitSeamless, body-conformingErgonomic, athletic
StyleBold prints and colorsClassic solids and neutrals
SustainabilityNo specific initiativesB-Corp certified
Pricing$20-$30 per pair$28-$42 per pair
Best ForSoft, seamless fabric feelInnovative support and performance

Introducing 2UNDR and SAXX



Founded in 2012, 2UNDR is a relative newcomer focusing on seamless, no ride-up men’s underwear in bold prints and colors. Based in Canada, 2UNDR combines style and functionality for the modern man’s underwear drawers.


Launched in 2007, SAXX pioneered the “ballpark pouch” design to reduce chafing and support the male anatomy. They make premium underwear from technical fabrics with moisture management. SAXX is Canadian-based as well.

Key Differences Between 2UNDR And SAXX

Underwear has become more than just a functional garment; it’s a statement about comfort, style, and values. Two leading brands, 2UNDR and SAXX, offer unique features and benefits that cater to various needs. Here’s a detailed comparison between the two.

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1. Fabrics and Materials

When choosing underwear, the fabric plays a vital role in determining comfort and functionality. While both brands use quality materials, their focuses differ.

2UNDR utilizes a seamless construction, which is ideal for preventing chafing, especially during extended wear. The primary fabric, Modal, originates from beechwood, offering a silky soft touch.

This luxurious feeling is further enhanced with the use of ultra-soft MicroModal, which is not only lightweight but also promotes breathability.

For those seeking flexibility, their nylon/spandex blend ensures a comfortable stretch while maintaining the garment’s structure.

On the other hand, SAXX leans more towards technical performance. They use microfiber blends, which are excellent for moisture-wicking, ensuring the wearer remains dry.

Mesh panels are strategically placed to provide ventilation, promoting airflow and reducing overheating. Their use of microdenier materials ensures durability, resisting the usual wear and tear that comes with regular use.

A standout feature is their BallPark PouchTM liner, designed to prevent the uncomfortable sticking of the skin.

In essence, if you’re looking for underwear that feels like a second skin, 2UNDR is your go-to, but for those seeking technical performance, SAXX has got you covered.

2. Pouch and Fit Comparison

The design of the pouch and the overall fit of underwear can greatly affect comfort and satisfaction.

2UNDR offers a contoured pouch design, aimed at providing necessary support without adding unnecessary bulk.

Their seamless construction is a boon for those who dislike the feeling of their underwear riding up, and the stretch waistbands ensure a snug fit without feeling too tight. The overall design conforms to the body, offering a sensation akin to a second skin.

SAXX, in contrast, has invested in creating a patented BallPark PouchTM which excels in keeping the skin dry and free from discomfort. They’ve also incorporated an ergonomic 3D pouch structure for enhanced support.

The waistbands are designed wider, ensuring they remain in place during various activities. The fit is more athletic and provides a relaxed feel around the thighs.

For those who value ergonomic support in their daily activities, SAXX stands out. But if you’re after the sensation of wearing nothing at all, 2UNDR would be the choice.

3. Style and Design Options

SAXX Underware

Style is personal, and both brands cater to a range of aesthetic preferences.

2UNDR is for the adventurous at heart. They offer bold and vibrant colors, with patterns ranging from the audacious camo to playful flamingos.

The seamless construction is not only functional but also ideal for wearing under slim-fit pants. They frequently release new collections, ensuring fresh choices for the fashion-conscious.

SAXX, meanwhile, offers more classic tones, such as black, gray, and navy. Their mesh panels not only provide functionality but also add a visual texture to their design.

For those who prefer variety in a single purchase, SAXX offers iconic multi-packs in assorted colors. Their collections are updated 2-3 times a year, ensuring a mix of timeless and contemporary designs.

While 2UNDR thrives on playful designs, SAXX offers a blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

4. Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainability and ethical production are crucial for many modern consumers.

Unfortunately, 2UNDR doesn’t specify any sustainable materials or practices in their manufacturing.

SAXX, on the other hand, has taken strides in this area. Since 2022, they’ve achieved B-Corp certification, indicating their commitment to balancing profit and purpose.

They partner with factories that adhere to established labor standards. Though they’re aiming for sustainability, they’ve yet to outline specific initiatives.

Of the two, SAXX appears more progressive when it comes to social ethics and sustainability.

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5. Pricing and Value Comparison

Price often reflects quality, and both brands cater to the premium underwear market.

2UNDR offers individual pairs ranging from $20-$30. Their multi-packs are priced between $60-$100. One advantage for bargain hunters is their frequent sales, which can offer around 30% off.

SAXX is slightly on the higher end, with individual pairs priced between $28-$42 and multi-packs ranging from $90-$130. They hold sales and promotions, but these are less frequent compared to 2UNDR.

While SAXX commands a higher price point, 2UNDR provides more opportunities for discounts.

The choice between 2UNDR and SAXX boils down to personal preferences in comfort, style, values, and budget. Both brands have carved their niche in the market, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

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Pros and Cons Overview

Pros:- Seamless construction- Ultra-soft fabrics like Modal- Fun prints and colors – Affordable prices with sales- Contoured pouchesPros: – Technical moisture-wicking performance – Patented BallPark PouchTM support – Classic and versatile style options – Ethical manufacturing standards
Cons: – Limited structure and support – Unknown sustainability practices – Prone to some wear after washing- Limited pouch innovationsCons: – On the pricier side – Few strongly eco-friendly materials yet – Mesh liner can be irritating for some – Less frequent sales

Best For…


  • Guys who prioritize soft, lightweight fabrics
  • Seeking seamless construction and anti-ride up
  • Fans of bold prints and colors
  • Value deals on quality underwear


  • Maximizing support and breathability
  • Innovative pouches to prevent chafing
  • Classic and versatile style options
  • Paying for high-performance features

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the founder of 2UNDR?

2UNDR was founded by Jose Zuniga and Marcus Kan in 2012. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Zuniga serves as the CEO while Kan is the Chief Brand Officer.

Does SAXX have free returns?

SAXX does accept free returns within 60 days of purchase on most new, unworn merchandise. You can initiate a return request on their website or email them.

How do I track my SAXX order?

Once your SAXX order ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number you can use to follow your package’s status through the shipping courier’s website.

Do SAXX fit true to size?

Yes, SAXX underwear is designed to fit true to size based on your usual waist size and fit preference. Size charts on their site can help identify your ideal SAXX size if you are between sizes.

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The Takeaway

When comparing 2UNDR and SAXX men’s underwear, it comes down to priorities – seamless softness from 2UNDR or high-tech performance from SAXX. With some key differences in pouch support, fabrics, styles and pricing, guys can evaluate their needs and budgets to choose the best underwear brand.

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