Every Man Jack Vs. Harry’s: Comparing Men’s Grooming Brands

When it comes to men’s grooming and personal care products, two brands that often come up are Every Man Jack and Harry’s. Both brands offer a range of products like shampoo, body wash, deodorant, shaving supplies, and more.

But what are the key differences between Every Man Jack and Harry’s when it comes to ingredients, price, availability, and overall quality? This detailed comparison looks at the pros and cons of both brands.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryEvery Man JackHarry’s
Best Known ForNatural grooming productsPremium razors and shave supplies
IngredientsPlant-based, natural focusMix of natural, synthetic, mainstream
Product RangeBroad, including hair, body, shaveMore limited, focused on shave and some hair
Prices$5-$10 per product, budget friendly$10-$20 per product, premium pricing
AvailabilityDrugstores, big box retailersOnline direct, plus Target and Walmart
Brand ImageCasual, upbeat, naturalSophisticated, refined, modern
SustainabilityRecyclable packaging, ethical factoriesWorking towards recyclable packaging, donate to charities

Overview Of Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack is a men’s grooming brand that emphasizes using natural ingredients in their products. The brand name is meant to signify the idea that their products are made for the everyday man. Some key things to know about Every Man Jack:

  • Founded in 2006 in California. Their products are made in the USA.
  • Manufactured by The Caldor Corporation, a company focused on natural personal care products.
  • Products are free of parabens, aluminum, dyes, phthalates, and propylene glycol. They use plant-based and natural ingredients.
  • Line includes hair, body, shave, face, and lip care products. One of their popular items is the cedarwood deodorant.
  • Products packaged in recyclable plastic containers and tubes. Brand has a focus on sustainability.
  • Sold at major retailers like Target, Walmart, CVS., Walgreens, and Amazon. Typically priced between $5-$10 per product.

Pros of Every Man Jack: natural ingredients, affordable prices, wide availability, recyclable packaging, variety of products.

Cons of Every Man Jack: limited scent options compared to mainstream brands, some products get mixed reviews.

Overview Of Harry’s


Harry’s is a men’s shaving and grooming brand that was founded in 2013. They emphasize high-quality razors and shave products. Some background on Harry’s:

  • Launched in 2013 by Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield. Headquarters in New York.
  • Primarily known for their razors, shave gels, and accessories like blades and handles. Recently expanded into hair care.
  • Razors feature German engineered blades, weighted handles, lubricating strips. Designed for a close, comfortable shave.
  • Blades, shave gels, and creams contain ingredients like aloe, grapeseed oil, cucumber, green tea extract. Aim for moisturizing formulas.
  • Sold direct-to-consumer via subscription plans and at major retailers like Target and Walmart. Razor sets $10-15, shave gel $2-7.

Pros of Harry’s: high-quality razors, nicely designed products, variety of shave formulations, affordable pricing

Cons of Harry’s: limited product selection beyond shaving, lacks natural ingredient focus of some brands

Detail Comparison Of Every Man Jack And Harry’s

Comparing Shaving Supplies

One of the core areas where Every Man Jack and Harry’s overlap is in shaving products. Here’s how their offerings compare:

  • Razors: Harry’s is primarily known for razors whereas Every Man Jack has a smaller shave line. Harry’s razors feature ergonomic handles and precision blades. Every Man Jack offers budget plastic razors.
  • Shaving cream: Both offer shaving creams but Harry’s has premium formulations with ingredients like aloe and glycerin. Every Man Jack focuses on natural oils.
  • Post-shave: Harry’s has after shave lotion and balm. Every Man Jack lacks their own post-shave but has natural deodorant.
  • Additional supplies: Harry’s sells accessories like blade refills, handles, and kits. Every Man Jack just has budget disposable razors.

For a high-quality shave, Harry’s offers a more premium line of razors and creams compared to Every Man Jack’s more basic disposable razors. But Every Man Jack’s creams use natural oils.

Deodorant Comparison

Deodorant is another shared category between the brands. Here’s an overview:

  • Selection: Every Man Jack offers around 5 deodorant scents, including cedarwood and cypress. Most use natural ingredients. Harry’s has just one deodorant scent option.
  • Formulas: Every Man Jack uses essential oils and plant starches. Harry’s uses more mainstream ingredients like aluminum salts.
  • Packaging: Harry’s deodorant is plastic, Every Man Jack uses recyclable cardboard.
  • Price: Every Man Jack deodorant costs around $6, Harry’s is around $10.

For a wider range of natural deodorants, Every Man Jack has better selection and formulas. But Harry’s offers a competitively priced, nicely packaged option.

Additional Product Lines

Every Man Jack And Harry's
Every Man Jack And Harry’s

Beyond shave and deodorant, here are some other product differences:

  • Hair care: Every Man Jack has a full hair line with shampoo, conditioner, pomade, and styling products. Harry’s recently launched a minimal hair collection.
  • Body wash: Both carry bar and liquid body soaps, with Every Man Jack focusing on natural plant ingredients. Harry’s body washes emphasize premium scents.
  • Lip care: Every Man Jack offers budget lip balms. Harry’s lacks their own lip products.
  • Cologne: Harry’s has a selection of modern, sophisticated colognes. Every Man Jack doesn’t make their own fragrances.

When it comes to hair and body washes, Every Man Jack offers more variety centered on natural ingredients. But Harry’s makes inroads with luxury hair care, body washes, and colognes.

Ingredients Comparison

One of the big differences between these brands is their approach to ingredients:

  • Every Man Jack: Emphasizes natural, plant-based ingredients like essential oils, starches, butters, and extracts. Products are paraben, phthalate, dye, and aluminum free.
  • Harry’s: Uses more mainstream personal care ingredients like glycerin, aluminum salts, synthetic fragrances. Doesn’t avoid certain chemicals like Every Man Jack.
  • Sourcing: Every Man Jack highlights suppliers like farmers and essential oil providers. Harry’s sources globally.
  • Formulas: Every Man Jack focuses on simple, natural ingredient lists. Harry’s uses sophisticated blends of botanicals, synthetics, and science-based ingredients.

If you want personal care from mostly natural ingredients, Every Man Jack is a better choice. But Harry’s leverages quality ingredients without the natural focus.

Pricing And Availability Comparison

Pricing and where you can buy the brands is another consideration:

  • Pricing: Every Man Jack products are priced affordably, normally between $5-$10 per item. Harry’s costs a bit more, around $10-$20 per product.
  • Discount options: Every Man Jack regularly goes on sale at drugstores. Harry’s offers discounted subscription plans.
  • Retail availability: You can find Every Man Jack at Walmart, Target, CVS., Walgreens, grocery stores. Harry’s is sold at Target and Walmart, plus online.
  • Online presence: Both have their own e-commerce sites. But Harry’s also offers direct razor subscriptions.

For budget-friendly prices, Every Man Jack wins out. But Harry’s offers convenience with subscriptions and competitive pricing.

Brand Design Comparison

The branding and design differ between Every Man Jack and Harry’s:

  • Brand personality: Every Man Jack has a laidback, approachable vibe. Harry’s aims for modern sophistication and a hint of luxury.
  • Packaging: Every Man Jack uses colorful, busy designs showing ingredients. Harry’s opts for minimal black and white with occasional pop colors.
  • Logos: Every Man Jack features their name in a casual font. Harry’s uses a straightforward, elegant font and icon logo.
  • Website: Every Man Jack’s site focuses on natural ingredients and has an earthy look. Harry’s website highlights sleek product photos and their new hair line.

Overall, Every Man Jack has more of a casual, upbeat brand image highlighting natural ingredients. Harry’s goes for a refined, upscale personality.

Social Responsibility Comparison

Here’s an overview of some sustainability and social initiatives that both brands have:

  • Every Man Jack: Supports environmental causes like clean oceans, forests, and beaches. Partners with organizations like Trees for the Future.
  • Harry’s: Donated 1% of sales in 2020 to organizations fighting for justice and equality. Have donated over 10 million blades to charity.
  • Materials: Every Man Jack products use 100% recyclable packaging. Harry’s aims to have 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.
  • Factories: Both brands manufacture products in the United States at ethical factories.

Every Man Jack arguably has a stronger environmental focus, while Harry’s emphasizes equality and justice causes. But both behave responsibly overall.

Watch this review video of Every Man Jack!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Every Man Jack a clean brand?

Yes, Every Man Jack can be considered a clean men’s grooming brand. Their products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, aluminum, dyes, silicone, and other ingredients that some consumers try to avoid. They use plant-based and natural ingredients in their products.

Is Every Man Jack safe?

Every Man Jack products are considered safe and non-toxic. They avoid harsh chemicals in favor of natural oils, butters, starches and extracts. Their products are third-party tested and responsibly made in the United States following regulations.

Who owns Every Man Jack brand?

Every Man Jack is owned by The Caldor Corporation, which manufactures natural personal care products. Caldor is based in California where Every Man Jack products are also made.

Is Every Man Jack natural?

Every Man Jack emphasizes using natural and plant-based ingredients in their products. Their ingredient lists are formulated with oils, extracts, butters and other ingredients derived from plants. They do still use some minimal processing and synthetic preservatives but focus on natural formulas.

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For consumers focused on natural ingredients, Every Man Jack offers a wide selection of affordable grooming basics for hair, body, shaving, and more. The brand skips harsh chemicals in favor of plant-based formulas.

Meanwhile, those looking for thoughtfully designed and sophisticated grooming products may prefer Harry’s razors, washes, hair care, and colognes. While not as natural-focused as Every Man Jack, Harry’s still uses many quality ingredients.

Ultimately Every Man Jack wins out for natural and affordable products, while Harry’s takes the lead for premium quality and razor subscriptions. Both brands make great options for the everyday modern man.

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