CyberPower Vs. Digital Storm: Which Gaming PC Is Right For You?

Gaming PCs have come a long way in recent years. With powerful components like RTX graphics cards and blazing fast processors now available, today’s gaming PCs offer incredible performance for playing the latest games with high frame rates and maxed out settings.

Two of the top names in pre-built gaming PCs are CyberPower and Digital Storm. Both companies offer a range of desktops and laptops designed specifically for gaming. But which one should you choose for your next gaming rig?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare CyberPower and Digital Storm gaming PCs to help you decide which is better for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureCyberPowerDigital Storm
PricingMore affordable, starting at $500More expensive, starting at $1,500
PerformanceStrong, but not maxed outExcellent, highly tuned
Build QualitySolid, but more DIY-focusedPremium craftsmanship
CPU OptionsMix of Intel & AMDMostly Intel
ConfigurabilityHighly customizableSet configurations
AestheticsStandard gaming PC styleSleek, unique design
Warranty1 year3 years
Customer SupportGoodExcellent

Overview Of Cyberpower Gaming Pcs


Founded in 1998, CyberPower is one of the oldest and most recognized brands in gaming PCs. Their systems are highly configurable, allowing you to customize the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and other components to get the perfect balance of performance and price.

Here are some of the key things to know about CyberPower gaming PCs:

  • Customizable configurations – CyberPower uses off-the-shelf components from major brands like Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, and more. You can configure a system with your ideal specs.
  • DIY-friendly – Many CyberPower cases make it easy to open up and tinker with your system. This DIY approach appeals to gaming enthusiasts.
  • Affordable pricing – Compared to competitors, CyberPower tends to offer more budget-friendly configurations good for new PC gamers.
  • Strong performance – Reviews consistently show CyberPower gaming rigs perform well thanks to quality components and good build quality.

Some of CyberPower’s most popular gaming PC series include the Gamer Supreme, Gamer Xtreme, and Gamer Master lines. They offer desktops and laptops optimal for gaming.

Overview Of Digital Storm Gaming PCs

Digital Storm
Digital Storm

Digital Storm is a US-based boutique builder that has been making high-end gaming PCs since 2002. Their systems focus on craftsmanship and performance.

Here are some key things to know about Digital Storm’s gaming PCs:

  • Premium craftsmanship – From expert cable routing to custom liquid cooling loops, Digital Storm focuses on artisan build quality with hand-assembled PCs.
  • High-end components – Systems are configured with top-tier parts from trusted brands like ASUS, EVGA, Corsair, and more. You can get the best of the best.
  • Performance-first approach – With a motto of “Gaming First,” Digital Storm specially designs systems for max FPS, cooling, and stability during long gaming sessions.
  • Unique aesthetic – With angular, tempered glass cases in multiple color options, Digital Storm gaming PCs have a very distinctive premium look.

Some of Digital Storm’s most popular gaming desktop lines include the Vanquish, Aventum, and Velox series. The Eclipse is their flagship laptop.

Key Differences Between Cyberpower And Digital Storm

Now that we’ve provided overviews of both brands, let’s directly compare some of the key differences between CyberPower and Digital Storm gaming PCs:

  • Pricing – Digital Storm systems are more expensive overall compared to CyberPower. You’re paying for premium parts and the craftsmanship. CyberPower wins on budget-friendliness.
  • Performance – With high-end parts and obsessive tuning, Digital Storm rigs outpace CyberPower in max gaming performance, but CyberPower is no slouch.
  • Build quality – Digital Storm pays more attention to custom cabling, advanced cooling, and overall construction quality. CyberPower has solid build quality but doesn’t focus as much on craftsmanship.
  • CPUs – CyberPower has a good mix of both Intel and AMD CPUs. Digital Storm currently favors Intel for their top-tier gaming rigs.
  • Configuration – CyberPower lets you fully configure and customize components. Digital Storm has set configurations with fewer customization options.
  • Looks – Digital Storm systems feature a sleek, angular aesthetic that really makes them stand out. CyberPower uses many standard gaming PC cases that blend in more.

As you can see, Digital Storm represents premium performance, craftsmanship, and looks. CyberPower wins on affordability, custom configurability, and DIY-friendly designs.

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Comparison Between Cyberpower And Digital Storm

Gaming Performance Comparison

Let’s look specifically at how gaming performance compares between CyberPower and Digital Storm PCs when equipped with similar specs.

For example, the Digital Storm Vanquish 7 configured with an Intel Core i7-11700K, RTX 3080, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and 1TB SSD can achieve over 100 FPS on AAA titles at max settings at 1440p.

A comparably configured CyberPower Gamer Supreme gaming desktop with the same Core i7, RTX 3080, RAM, and storage can achieve FPS in the 90s on average for those same games at the same resolution and settings.

So in terms of sheer gaming performance, the Digital Storm system is able to get about a 10% FPS advantage on average. This shows their expertise in fine-tuning systems for maximum game performance.

But for many gamers, those extra 10 FPS won’t make a huge real-world difference, and the CyberPower config costs hundreds less while still providing a smooth gaming experience.

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Customer Support Comparison

What happens if something goes wrong with your gaming PC? The quality of customer support can make a big difference in that case.

Digital Storm edges out CyberPower when it comes to support and service for the following reasons:

  • Warranty – Digital Storm provides a 3-year warranty compared to CyberPower’s 1-year warranty (some pre-built components have separate warranties).
  • Support channels – Digital Storm offers phone, email, live chat, and remote desktop support. CyberPower is mostly limited to email and phone.
  • Response time – Digital Storm aims for same business day response time. CyberPower’s responses are slower on average.
  • DIY-friendliness – Digital Storm provides full system documentation and allows CPU/GPU overclocking without voiding warranty. CyberPower is less DIY-friendly.

While both companies offer lifetime tech support, Digital Storm goes above and beyond for customer service with comprehensive warranty coverage, faster response times, and friendlier DIY policies.

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Cost Comparison

One of the biggest differences between the two brands is cost and pricing structure.

Digital Storm gaming PCs start at around $1,500 and can go over $4,000. Because each system is hand built, there are no highly budget-friendly options. You pay for premium performance and craftsmanship.

CyberPower desktops have a much wider pricing range starting at around $500 to $2,000+, so there are many more budget-friendly configurations. Performance scales based on components selected during custom configuration.

For laptops, Digital Storm’s Eclipse starts at around $2,000 while CyberPower’s Tracer V Edge starts under $1,000.

If your budget is under $1,500, CyberPower likely offers better value. But for a highest quality ultra high-end rig, Digital Storm wins.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are digital storm parts good?

Yes, Digital Storm only uses high-quality components in their gaming PCs from reputable brands like ASUS, Intel, NVIDIA, Corsair, and more. Their rigs are carefully crafted with some of the best parts available for maximum gaming performance and stability.

Who are competitors of digital storm?

Some of Digital Storm’s biggest competitors in high-end boutique gaming PCs include Origin PC, Maingear, Falcon Northwest, and Puget Systems. Like Digital Storm, these companies focus on premium craftsmanship and performance.

Is CyberPower brand good?

Yes, CyberPower is one of the most recognized and trusted gaming PC brands. Their systems offer great performance for the money thanks to quality components and good build quality. While not as premium as boutique brands, CyberPower excels at custom configurability and budget-friendly pricing.

Who are CyberPower competitors?

Some of CyberPower’s biggest competitors in affordable pre-built gaming PCs are iBUYPOWER, SkyTech, NZXT, ABS, and CLX. Brands like Alienware also occupy the same space. These brands all compete mainly on providing performance, flexibility, and value.

Final Thought

So which gaming PC brand is better for you? Consider these key factors:

Digital Storm if:

  • You want the highest quality craftsmanship and max performance
  • Premium aesthetics and design matter to you
  • Your budget is over $2,000
  • You value best-in-class support and long warranties

CyberPower if:

  • You want lots of customization options and DIY upgradability
  • Your budget is under $2,000
  • You care more about value/performance than craftsmanship
  • You don’t need max frame rates for competitive gaming

For most gamers, CyberPower offers the best mix of customization, upgradability, and value. But If you want an incredibly powerful showpiece rig with impeccable design, Digital Storm is a great choice albeit at a premium.

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