Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Which Brand Is Best For Your Skin?

Clinique and Rodan + Fields are two skincare giants, but they take very different approaches.

Clinique is a dermatologist-developed, clinically-proven line sold through major retailers. Rodan + Fields uses multi-med regimens and direct sales.

If you’re trying to choose between these skincare heavyweights, keep reading to compare Clinique and Rodan + Fields head-to-head.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryCliniqueRodan + Fields
Year Founded19682002
FoundersCarol Phillips & DermatologistsDr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields
Products SoldDepartment stores, beauty retailersDirect sales consultants
Product FocusSafe for all skin typesAnti-aging results
Key IngredientsBotanicals, antioxidantsRetinol, peptides, acids
Packaging StyleClinical, hygienicLuxe, cosmetic
Pricing$20-$80 per product$50-$110 per product
Best ForSensitive skin, skin conditionsAnti-aging, transformative results
ProsAffordable, allergy-testedInnovative ingredients, dramatic results
ConsConservative approach, mild resultsExpensive, irritating formulas

Overview of Clinique

Clinique launched in 1968 with a focus on fragrance-free, allergy-tested formulas suitable for all skin types. Some background:

  • Founded by Vogue editor Carol Phillips with dermatologists
  • Sold through high-end department stores and specialty beauty stores
  • Ranges from dermatologist-developed to consumer-tested products
  • Known for signature green packaging and white lab coats
  • Product sets and combinations targeted to skin types

Clinique pioneered the concept of customized skincare regimens determined by skin type and concerns. Their straightforward products avoid fragrance and aim for skin-friendly formulations.

Overview of Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields was started in 2002 by Stanford-trained dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. Here’s some key info:

  • Created Proactiv acne system before launching Rodan + Fields
  • Focus on anti-aging skincare and specialty treatments
  • Use patented Multi-Med therapy with multiple ingredients
  • Sell via 300,000+ independent consultants
  • Offer targeted regimens for concerns like wrinkles, acne, and sensitive skin

Rodan + Fields combines dermatology expertise with innovative formulas powered by retinol, peptides, and other proven ingredients to treat skin.

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Key Differences Between Clinique And Rodan + Fields

Now that we’ve covered the basics on each brand, let’s compare them across some key factors:

1. Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Product Philosophy

Clinique and Rodan + Fields take different approaches when developing products:

  • Clinique emphasizes dermatologist-developed, allergy-tested formulas for all skin types but also does consumer testing.
  • Rodan + Fields creates physician-designed products powered by patented ingredients and adhering to medical standards.
  • Clinique avoids fragrance, dyes and ingredients that may irritate skin.
  • Rodan + Fields uses stronger ingredients like retinol and hydroquinone to target skin conditions.
  • Clinique offers skincare “prescriptions” with kits for your skin type.
  • Rodan + Fields features complete regimens targeting specific concerns like anti-aging or acne.

Clinique tends to be more conservative while Rodan + Fields takes a more clinical approach.

2. Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Product Lines

Here’s an overview of the major skincare lines from each brand:


  • 3-Step System – Customizable cleanser, toner, moisturizer kit for skin type
  • Smart Products – Serums and treatments powered by botanicals
  • Even Better – Line to improve tone, texture, and dark spots
  • Moisture Surge – Ultra-hydrating gel creams and serum

Rodan + Fields

  • Redefine – Anti-aging regimen to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reverse – Products to renew and brighten dull, aging skin
  • Unblemish – Acne and breakout treatment line
  • Soothe – Designed for sensitive skin and rosacea

Clinique offers skincare “wardrobes” you can mix and match. Rodan + Fields is focused on complete regimens to address major skin concerns.

3. Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Packaging

Rodan + Fields

The packaging and branding for these two brands couldn’t be more different:

  • Clinique uses clean, hygienic looking packaging in white and green. Products look clinical.
  • Rodan + Fields features more cosmetic-style blue and silver packaging. Products seem glamorous.
  • Clinique uses consistent, straightforward product naming and labeling.
  • Rodan + Fields uses catchy product names like Reverse Radiance Peel and Lash Boost.
  • Clinique packaging looks discreet on a vanity or medicine cabinet shelf.
  • Rodan + Fields packaging makes products stand out like cosmetics.

Clinique reflects its clinical personality through packaging while Rodan + Fields aims for a more luxe, indulgent vibe.

4. Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Product Texture/Scent

Since Clinique avoids fragrance and common irritants, their products have little to no scent and lighter textures. Rodan + Fields formulations often contain fragrance and rich textures.

  • Clinique moisturizers have lightweight gels and lotions that absorb quickly.
  • Rodan + Fields moisturizers feature thicker creams, butters, and souffle textures.
  • Clinique serums have minimal scent and gel-like feels.
  • Rodan + Fields serums have light floral/fruit scents and silky textures.
  • Clinique cleansers are gently foaming and unscented.
  • Rodan + Fields cleansers have added scent and creamier lathers.

Clinique avoids anything too overpowering or rich. Rodan + Fields enhances the experience with fragrance and richer product forms.

5. Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Ingredients

Let’s compare some of the key ingredients in these brands:

  • Clinique features gentle ingredients like glycerin, mineral oil, antioxidants, and botanical extracts.
  • Rodan + Fields uses more clinical actives like retinol, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and salicylic acid.
  • Clinique relies more on natural, skin-soothing ingredients.
  • Rodan + Fields emphasizes patented synthetics and science-backed anti-aging ingredients.
  • Clinique formulations aim to be non-irritating and safe for all skin.
  • Rodan + Fields uses powerful ingredients at prescription-strength levels.

Clinique favors gentler formulas while Rodan + Fields loads products with proven anti-aging fighters.

6. Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Testing

With Clinique’s dermatologist heritage and Rodan + Fields’ physician-founded status, both brands tout rigorous testing:

  • Clinique does clinical testing on ingredients for allergy and safety.
  • Rodan + Fields adheres to medical standards for potency, efficacy, and tolerability.
  • Clinique consumer tests all products on over 100 people for feedback.
  • Rodan + Fields conducts trials with dermatologists and consumers.
  • Clinique focuses testing on skin tolerance and allergy avoidance.
  • Rodan + Fields verifies performance, anti-aging results, and treatment benefits.

Clinique ensures skin compatibility while Rodan + Fields proves transformational treatment.

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7. Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Cost

In terms of affordability, here is how Clinique and Rodan + Fields compare:

  • Clinique products range from $20 – $80 with cleansers and creams on lower end.
  • Rodan + Fields products cost $50 – $110+ per product. Regimens bundle products.
  • Clinique offers free gifts, bonuses, and loyalty perks to help offset cost.
  • Rodan + Fields consultants offer sales, specials, and incentives.
  • Clinique is sold at department stores and other retailers with regular sales.
  • Rodan + Fields is sold exclusively through consultants without retail sales.

Clinique provides more budget-friendly options and special offers compared to the premium prices of Rodan + Fields.

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Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Pros and Cons

Let’s summarize the main pros and cons of each brand:

Clinique Pros:

  • Dermatologist-developed and allergy tested
  • Safe for all skin types including sensitive
  • Affordable product range
  • Sold widely at department stores
  • Loyalty freebies and gifts with purchase

Clinique Cons:

  • Conservative approach lacks innovation
  • Fewer anti-aging actives thanRodan + Fields
  • Testing ensures safety over efficacy
  • Brand seen as boring by some

Rodan + Fields Pros:

  • Products powered by proven anti-aging ingredients
  • Transformative results for wrinkles, acne, etc.
  • Multi-Med formulas target concerns from all angles
  • Regimens simplify routines
  • Strong brand credibility with dermatologist founders

Rodan + Fields Cons:

  • Very expensive, products over $90 each
  • Harsh active ingredients may irritate
  • Pushy sales tactics from some consultants
  • Multi-step regimens feel overwhelming
  • Only available through direct sales

Clinique Vs. Rodan + Fields: Customer Reviews

Here’s an overview of customer impressions on these two brands:

  • Clinique – Many love the simple, fragrance-free formulas that don’t irritate their skin. Others find it boring or weak.
  • Rodan + Fields – Most rave about the dramatic anti-aging results. Some complain of redness, peeling and pushy consultant sales tactics.

Reviews indicate Clinique satisfies those seeking basic, non-irritating skincare that feels strictly dermatologist-approved. Rodan + Fields earns praise – and some criticism – for its medically powerful formulas that aggressively treat skin conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What works better than Rodan and Fields?

For anti-aging, some rivals offering similar results include SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, and tretinoin prescription creams. Medical microneedling and laser treatments can also outperform.

What is Rodan and Fields best product?

Rodan + Fields most popular product is their Anti-Age Regimen to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles. Their Reverse Regimen for skin radiance is another best-seller.

What are the different types of Clinique skin care?

Clinique skin care includes cleansers, toners, scrubs, serums, moisturizers, sun protection, masks, anti-aging treatments, acne solutions, lip care, and device tools for different skin types.

Is Clinique a good brand for aging skin?

Clinique is an excellent brand for aging skin because the formulas are gentle, non-irritating, and allergy tested. Their Repairwear line boosts collagen and plumps skin. But Rodan + Fields offers more dramatic anti-aging benefits.

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The Verdict

Clinique is the clear choice for those with sensitive skin looking for safe, dermatologist-formulated basics that get the job done. Rodan + Fields takes the prize for its innovative, medical-grade formulas that generate more intensive anti-aging results.

Ultimately, it depends on your skin needs and preferences. Clinique offers trusted skincare with a sensible dermatology approach. Rodan + Fields provides transformative anti-aging powered by cutting-edge ingredients. Whichever you choose, be sure to find products that make your skin look and feel its very best!

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