ClearChoice Vs. Affordable Dentures: Right Choice For Your Smile

Getting dentures is a big decision that requires careful consideration of the costs and benefits of different options. Two major players in the denture industry are ClearChoice and Affordable Dentures.

Understanding the key differences between these two providers can help you make the right choice for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsClearChoiceAffordable Dentures
Cost$3,000 – $30,000$660 – $1,500
Services OfferedDental implants, custom fit dentures, in-house labConventional dentures, no implants
Locations500+ nationwide1,000+ nationwide
Technology Used3D printing, CT imagingTraditional impression materials
Warranty5-year to lifetime1-5 years
Turnaround TimeWeeks to monthsAs little as 1 day
Realism & QualityExcellent – premium materialsGood – basic acrylics
CustomizationHighly customizedBasic standardization
Aftercare & AdjustmentsLifetime adjustments includedAdditional fees may apply

ClearChoice Dentures

ClearChoice markets themselves as a premium denture provider that offers high-quality, natural-looking dentures.

Some of their key features include:

  • Dental implants for securing dentures. ClearChoice offers full arch dental implants to provide a strong foundation for implant-supported dentures. This can provide a more natural fit and eating experience.
  • Advanced dental materials. They use high-grade acrylics and porcelains to create natural aesthetics.
  • 3D CT imaging for accurate fits. They use advanced technology to scan your mouth. This allows them to create precisely fitted dentures.
  • In-house dental labs. ClearChoice has their own dental lab technicians who customize your dentures on-site. This allows for greater quality control.
  • Warranty on dentures. They provide a 5-year warranty on complete dentures and a lifetime warranty on implant-supported dentures.

Of course, these premium features come at a cost. ClearChoice dentures typically cost between $3,000-$30,000 depending on your needs. They are on the higher end for dentures.

Affordable Dentures

As the name implies, Affordable Dentures focuses on providing dentures at a lower cost.

Affordable Dentures

Some details about their services include:

  • Lower pricing. They offer full dentures starting at around $660 per arch. This can provide huge savings.
  • Multiple location options. With 300+ locations across the U.S., they aim to provide convenient access.
  • Quick turnaround. They can provide dentures in as little as 1 day. This speeds up the process.
  • Limited services. Affordable Dentures does not provide dental implants. Their dentures are conventional and created off-site.
  • Shorter warranties. They offer a 1 year warranty on complete dentures and a 5 year warranty on partials.

Affordable Dentures sacrifice some of the premium services and customization in order to offer dentures at a budget-friendly price point. This makes them ideal for patients who want a quick and affordable option.

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Key Differences

When choosing between ClearChoice and Affordable Dentures, there are a few major differences to consider:

  • Cost. This is the most obvious difference. ClearChoice is on the expensive end while Affordable Dentures minimizes costs. This often drives the decision making process.
  • Convenience. Affordable Dentures offers more location options nationwide. ClearChoice clinics are more limited.
  • Customization. ClearChoice offers digitally created, custom-crafted dentures at their own dental labs. Affordable Dentures uses off-site dental labs with less customization.
  • Implant options. ClearChoice provides full arch dental implants for denture security and stability. Affordable Dentures does not offer implants.
  • Warranty. ClearChoice offers 5-year to lifetime warranties compared to 1-5 years from Affordable Dentures.

For patients that want a premium, customized experience and have the budget, ClearChoice is likely the better option. Those focused strictly on affordability will benefit most from Affordable Dentures.

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Which Option Is Best For You?

Choosing between premium dentures or budget dentures depends entirely on your individual needs and finances. Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Budget – What can you reasonably afford to spend on dentures? The price difference is significant. Make sure to understand all the costs.
  • Lifestyle – Do you have an active lifestyle? Implant supported dentures from ClearChoice may provide needed stability.
  • Emergency Situation – If you need dentures quickly after an extraction, Affordable Dentures may be better equipped for fast service.
  • Appearance – Is a natural, flawless appearance critical? ClearChoice offers the highest quality materials and realism.
  • Location – Look at the office locations in your area. Convenience may dictate one option over the other.
  • Oral Health – Consider your oral condition. Those with serious health issues may benefit from premium materials and implant options with ClearChoice.

Speak with your dentist about the pros and cons of each option for your situation. They can help advise the best path forward. Never be afraid to ask questions – this is a big decision.

Denture Options: Innovation Continues

The denture industry continues to innovate with new technologies and services. Here are some of the latest advancements in the denture space:

  • 3D printing – Modern 3D printing allows for more precision and customization than ever before. Printed dentures can be carefully crafted to match your natural teeth.
  • Implant overdentures – Where implants meet the benefits of removable dentures. A few strategically placed implants provide stability while still allowing removal for cleaning.
  • Flexible partials – Made from hi-tech thermoplastic materials, these removable partial dentures are durable yet flexible for comfort.
  • Same day dentures – Some providers now offer same day dentures in as little as 9 hours by utilizing advanced tech and on-site labs.
  • Dental tourism – Traveling abroad for dentures can provide huge cost savings. Countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand attract dental tourists.

While ClearChoice and Affordable Dentures are two of the largest national denture providers, don’t forget to also look into local denturists and dental schools. The options for quality dentures at different price points continues to grow.

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Making Your Decision

As you weigh ClearChoice Vs. Affordable Dentures for your needs, keep the following guidance in mind:

  • Outline your budget upfront so you know what is realistic
  • Make sure to factor in all costs – dental extractions, impressions, fittings
  • Understand what is covered by your dental insurance, if you have any
  • Ask your dentist for advise based on your dental health and lifestyle
  • For affordable dentures, confirm turnaround time if needed quickly
  • If choosing premium dentures, know they require more visits and time
  • Look at testimonials and reviews for both companies online
  • Schedule consultations to view offices first-hand and get quotes

Making thoughtful comparisons will help you feel confident in choosing between the two. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The “best” option comes down to aligning your needs, finances, and goals with the right provider.

Watch this video about Affordable Dentures!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best most realistic dentures?

For the absolute most natural looking and functional dentures, dental implants are key. ClearChoice’s implant supported dentures allow for optimal realism in fit, comfort and appearance. The high grade materials also contribute to lifelike aesthetics.

What are the newest type of dentures?

Some of the latest advancements are printed 3D dentures, flexible partials made from thermoplastics, and implant overdentures with a few strategic implants for stability. ClearChoice offers cutting edge 3D printed options.

Which dentures are most affordable?

Affordable Dentures lives up to their name by offering basic conventional dentures at low costs starting around $660 per arch. They keep costs down by using offsite dental labs and limiting customization.

Is there a difference in quality of dentures?

Absolutely. The materials, dental lab, customization, and fitting process all contribute to the quality and how natural dentures look and feel. In general, more affordable dentures sacrifice some quality and customization compared to premium providers.

The Final Decision

Choosing between ClearChoice and Affordable Dentures ultimately comes down to your budget, needs, and how much you are willing to spend for quality of life. For wearers who want the best possible fit, function, and aesthetics, ClearChoice is likely worth the higher costs.

If strict budget limitations are the priority, then Affordable Dentures offers a cheaper fix.

Whichever route you take, remember that getting dentures is an important health decision. Do your research to pick the provider that aligns with your dental needs and financial reality. Finding the right balance will leave you smiling with confidence.

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