Canvas Champ Vs. Easy Canvas Prints: Better Canvas Photo Print

If you’re looking to turn your photos into canvas prints, two big names you’ll likely come across are Canvas Champ and Easy Canvas Prints. Both companies provide a range of canvas sizes and finishing options to display your favorite snapshots, but which one offers the best value and quality prints?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare the key features, prices, quality, and customer service of Canvas Champ and Easy Canvas Prints to help you determine the best service for your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table Of Canvas Champ And Easy Canvas Prints:

FeatureCanvas ChampEasy Canvas Prints
PricingVery affordable, lowest pricing for smaller sizesMore expensive but frequent sales make larger sizes competitive
Print QualityGood but some issues with color reproductionExcellent color accuracy and vibrance
Canvas Thickness350 gsm cotton canvas400-550 gsm premium artist cotton canvas
Sizes Available8″x10″ to 60″x40″8″x10″ to 60″x40″
Wrap OptionsBlack sides or mirrored image for extra cost7 shading colors or mirrored image included
CustomizationBasic editing onlyRobust editing tools and filters
Order Timeframe7 business days10-14 business days
Delivery RegionAustraliaWorldwide
Image LibrarySmall basic collectionExtensive licensed image library
Customer ServiceEmail support, mixed reviewsPhone, chat, email, stores, better reviewed

Overview Of Canvas Champ

Founded in 2009, Canvas Champ is one of Australia’s leading canvas print companies. They offer a wide selection of canvas sizes, from 8″x10″ to massive 60″x40″ gallery wraps.

You can choose from five different frame depths and get gallery wraps on the sides or mirrored images printed on the sides for a contemporary look.

Canvas Champ lets you upload your own photos or choose from their image library. All prints are done with high-quality archival inks on thick, stretcher-bar cotton canvas. Their Australia-based printing facilities ensure quick turnaround and delivery.

Canvas Champ


  • Very affordable pricing, often cheaper than competitors
  • frequent sales and coupon codes available
  • wide range of canvas sizes from small to extra large
  • high-quality materials and trendy stretched canvas options
  • fast 7-day production and delivery in Australia


  • Color accuracy issues reported in some customer reviews
  • Limited image editing tools compared to some services
  • No physical stores for in-person print viewing

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Overview Of Easy Canvas Prints

Established in 2005, Easy Canvas Prints offers an extensive selection of canvas sizes from 8”x10” to 60”x40”. You can choose from three premium Belgian canvas types, with the thickest 1.5 inch profile wrap being their most popular.

Easy Canvas Prints has patented inkjet printing technology that infuses ink deeper into the canvas for enhanced vibrance. They offer image editing and filters to customize your shots.

For the sides, you can do a mirrored image wrap or choose from seven unique shading colors.


Easy Canvas Prints
  • Very large 60″x40″ size canvases available
  • Thick 1.5 inch gallery wraps with exclusive ink printing technology
  • More customizable services like photo effects, filters, and shading
  • Positive feedback on color accuracy and print vibrance
  • Physical stores available for seeing canvases firsthand


  • More expensive pricing, frequent sales required for best deals
  • Mixed reviews of quality for basic canvas range
  • Longer processing and delivery times

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Comparison Of Key Factors Of Canvas Champ And Easy Canvas Prints:

Print Quality Comparison

When it comes to print quality, Easy Canvas Prints tends to have an edge over Canvas Champ. Many customers praise the vibrant colors and dynamic range achieved with Easy Canvas Prints’ patented inkjet printing process. The thicker canvas options also allow deeper saturation and more accurate color tones.

Canvas Champ offers good print quality for the low prices, but there are more customer reviews reporting issues with colors looking washed out or inaccurate on the finished canvases.

This suggests Canvas Champ’s printing process may not be as refined for optimal color reproduction.

Both companies use archival pigment inks designed to last decades without fading. But Easy Canvas Prints’ signature printing technique seems to consistently yield better color accuracy and vibrance according to customer feedback.

Customization and Editing Tools

Easy Canvas Prints provides more options for customizing your canvas prints before ordering. You can edit photos right on their website, enhancing color, adjusting brightness/contrast, cropping, and applying filters.

This allows you to digitally correct images or get the look you want prior to printing.

Canvas Champ has only basic image editing functionality – just crop and rotate. So you need to edit your images beforehand if you want adjustments beyond the most basic options.

For canvas sides, Easy Canvas Prints has 7 canvas shade colors and a mirrors image wrap at no extra charge. Canvas Champ just offers black sides or a mirrored wrap for an added fee.

Easy Canvas Prints seems to come out ahead for those wanting more customization and photo enhancement abilities when creating their canvas artwork.

Cost and Pricing

Canvas Champ’s biggest advantage is lower pricing, especially for smaller canvas sizes under 16″x20″. For example, an entry-level 8”x10” canvas starts at $29.95 with Canvas Champ but $44.99 with Easy Canvas Prints – a 33% price difference.

Canvas Champ also routinely offers sitewide sales, discounts, and coupon codes that allow you to stack savings on already low prices. For budget-minded shoppers, the very affordable pricing is Canvas Champ’s biggest selling point.

However, Easy Canvas Prints becomes more competitively priced for larger canvas sizes and has frequent sales as well. Their 40% off sales can make the pricing very comparable to Canvas Champ.

You get thicker gallery wraps and higher print quality from Easy Canvas Prints, making it potentially worth the higher cost.

Ordering and Delivery Timelines

One of Canvas Champ’s advantages is faster order production and delivery times for customers located in Australia. They quote 7 business days from order to doorstep for most standard deliveries in Australia.

Meanwhile, Easy Canvas Prints cites 10-14 business days for processing and delivery from their US facilities to Australia. So expect your prints at least 3-4 days sooner with Canvas Champ.

That said, Easy Canvas Prints does provide rush production for an added fee. This gets your order out in 2 business days. So the delivery time advantage becomes negligible if you pay extra for rush service.

Both companies deliver via major couriers like DHL, FedEx or TNT. Express delivery upgrades are available if you need prints even quicker.

Image Selection and Library

You can upload your own photos or browse library images with either service. Easy Canvas Prints has a larger collection of licensed images and photos to pick from compared to Canvas Champ. So you may have an easier time finding a suitable image if relying on the libraries versus providing your own photo.

Canvas Champ’s library felt more limited with mostly generic nature scenes and landscapes. Easy Canvas Prints had a huge database of categories from animals to travel, music, sports, etc. This makes Easy Canvas Prints preferable if you want more interesting pre-shot images to use.

Uploading your own photos is easy with both companies – just drag and drop files. Easy Canvas Prints accepts PNG, TIFF, JPG, while Canvas Champ also takes BMP, GIF and PDF formats.

Watch the video to learn more!

Customer Service

The customer service experience tends to be better with Easy Canvas Prints compared to Canvas Champ based on reviews. Easy Canvas Prints has more ways to get support (phone, email, chat, stores) while Canvas Champ mainly relies on email tickets.

There are more reviews mentioning unsatisfactory resolution of issues with Canvas Champ, like color or quality problems. Easy Canvas Prints seems to have better issue resolution, remaking canvases if customers are unhappy with quality.

Since Easy Canvas Prints is a bigger company with more stores and support staff, it’s not surprising they offer a smoother customer experience. But Canvas Champ’s customer service gets mostly positive feedback as well, just with some more mixed reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Canvas Champ so cheap?

Canvas Champ keeps costs low by having production facilities in China and Australia to minimize manufacturing and shipping expenses. Their minimalist website and smaller support team also helps reduce overhead. Focusing on value-based pricing ensures Canvas Champ offers the most competitive prices in the industry.

Is Canvas Champ authentic?

Yes, Canvas Champ is an authentic and legitimate company making and selling real canvas prints. They’ve been in business since 2009 and deliver tens of thousands of canvases prints annually worldwide. Negative reviews are typically around print quality, not fraud.

What type of canvas is best for prints?

Thicker cotton duck canvas between 400-550 gsm tends to yield the best print quality and durability for canvas prints. Easy Canvas Prints’ 1.5 inch thickness gallery wraps on premium 440 gsm artist canvas are ideal. Canvas Champ uses 350 gsm cotton but some users report it’s on the thinner side.

What is similar to CanvasChamp?

Top alternatives to CanvasChamp include Easy Canvas Prints, CanvasDiscount, CanvasPeople, and ArtsyCouture. These all provide canvas photo prints with various size and finishing options. Easy Canvas Prints is most similar to CanvasChamp in terms of products and services offered.

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The Verdict: Easy Canvas Prints Wins For Quality And Service

For shoppers wanting a great balance of value, quality, and service, Easy Canvas Prints emerges as the better choice over Canvas Champ.

The exceptional print vibrance, customizable options, robust support services, and competitive pricing when factoring in promotions make Easy Canvas Prints a worthwhile investment for displaying your photos in an artful way.

Canvas Champ does win on affordability for smaller canvas sizes. But once above 16”x20”, Easy Canvas Prints matches or beats Canvas Champ’s prices during sales.

Given the stiffer competition on larger sizes, Easy Canvas Prints pulls ahead as the superior service overall based on quality, customization, and better customer support.

Whichever service you choose, transforming your favorite snapshots or images into beautiful canvas artwork can make a wonderful addition to your home, office, or a memorable gift for loved ones.

Consider your specific needs around pricing, size, quality, and service to decide which company fits best. And with proper care, you’ll be able to enjoy your custom canvas creation for many years to come.

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