Brother INKvestment Vs. Epson EcoTank: Battle Of The Inkjet Printers

Looking for an affordable home printer that won’t drain your wallet on ink refills? Brother INKvestment and Epson EcoTank printers offer innovative ink systems to reduce replacement costs. But which one delivers the best value and performance?

This in-depth guide examines how Brother INKvestment and Epson EcoTank printers compare on print quality, ink efficiency, features, and overall usability. Read on to see which money-saving inkjet comes out on top.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturesBrother INKvestmentEpson EcoTank
Ink SystemReservoir tanksRefillable tanks
Page YieldUp to 6,000 pages black, 5,000 colorUp to 6,000 pages black, 5,000 color
Print SpeedUp to 33ppm black, 15ppm colorUp to 15ppm black, 8ppm color
Paper Capacity150 sheets100 sheets

Overview of Brother INKvestment Printers

Brother’s INKvestment line consists of affordable inkjet printers like the MFC-J995DW and MFC-J805DW. Key features include:

Brother INKvestment Printers
Brother INKvestment Printers
  • Reservoir tanks hold entire ink supply for each color
  • High page yield up to 6,000 pages black, 5,000 color
  • Fast print speeds up to 33ppm black, 15ppm color
  • 150 sheet paper capacity plus 20 sheet photo tray
  • Automatic 2-sided printing capability

Brother’s INKvestment system eliminates cartridges. Instead, the tanks store all the ink internally and automatically feed the print head as needed. This closed system prevents the ink from drying out.

For home and small office users wanting an economical inkjet with low running costs, INKvestment printers deliver.

Overview of Epson EcoTank Printers

Epson’s EcoTank line comprises printesr like the ET-2850 and ET-3830. Highlights include:

  • Refillable ink tanks provide thousands of pages worth of ink
  • Also yields up to 6,000 pages black and 5,000 color
  • Slower speeds with up to 15ppm black, 8ppm color
  • 100 sheet main paper capacity
  • Print, scan, copy, fax capability in one machine

Unlike Brother’s enclosed tanks, EcoTank uses refillable transparent ink reservoirs. You manually fill them with bottled ink as needed. A single bottle equals thousands of pages.

This innovative EcoTank design allows you to see ink levels at a glance and refill yourself, drastically reducing ink costs. Perfect for high volume printing.

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Key Differences Between Brother INKvestment and Epson EcoTank

  • Print Quality Comparison

One of the most vital aspects of any printer is crisp, detailed print quality. Here’s how the output from the Brother INKvestment and Epson EcoTank models compare:

Black Text

Both printers deliver excellent black text quality for documents and reports. The pages print with sharp letter formation and high readability even at small font sizes.

EcoTank offers marginally better text definition, especially noticeable on fine text. But for most purposes, text output is very comparable.

Color Graphics

When printing color images or graphics, the Brother INKvestment printers produce slightly more vibrant, accurate colors and smoother color gradations.

EcoTank output appears a bit more subdued on color graphics, with some mild banding in fills and gradients. For photorealistic prints, INKvestment provides an edge.


The maximum print resolution is up to 4800×1200 DPI on INKvestment versus 5760×1440 DPI on EcoTank. Both produce excellent sharpness and detail.

However, the EcoTank’s higher maximum resolution allows it to eke out more precision for photographic images when print quality is set to the highest setting.

  • Ink Efficiency Comparison

Obviously ink costs are one of the primary considerations when choosing between these printers. How do their unique ink delivery systems compare?

Epson EcoTank Printers

Page Yield

Both offer extremely high black and color page yields – up to 6,000 pages for black and 5,000 pages for color. This allows you to print thousands of documents or photos before needing replacements.

The page yield is essentially identical between comparable models in each line. You’ll save big over standard cartridges either way.

Black Vs. Color Costs

With INKvestment, there is no price difference between black and color ink – the tanks are uniformly priced at around $40-$50 each.

EcoTank black ink bottles run around $20, while color bottles cost $13. So black costs slightly more per page than color with EcoTank.

Ongoing Savings

Given the equivalent page yields, your ongoing costs depend mainly on the hardware purchase price and replacement ink MSRPs.

INKvestment printers and replacement tanks tend to cost less upfront. But EcoTank ink bottles are cheaper than Brother tanks.

Over the life of the printer, EcoTank models may save more after 1-2 tank refills due to lower ink prices.

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  • Printer Features and Performance

Aside from ink efficiency, there are some other notable feature differences between these two affordable printer lines:

Print Speed

The Brother INKvestment machines are significantly faster at printing thanks to max speeds up to 33ppm black and 15ppm color. Perfect for higher volume home offices.

EcoTank models top out around 15ppm black and 8ppm color – much slower but can still handle basic document needs.


Both offer standard WiFi, Ethernet, USB, and mobile device connectivity for flexible setup.

However, only some EcoTank models include fax capability while all INKvestment machines have onboard faxing features.

Scanner and Copier Functions

The EcoTank line comprises 3-in-1 printers with scanning and copying alongside printing. This adds versatility for an all-in-one office machine.

INKvestment focuses solely on printing. You’ll have to look at more expensive Brother models if you also need scanning and copying.

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  • Cost Comparison

There is a major price difference when choosing between the Brother INKvestment and Epson EcoTank options:

  1. INKvestment printers: Range from $100-$200
  2. EcoTank printers: Range from $300-$500

The higher hardware cost for EcoTank models takes longer to recoup from ink savings. But the lower ink refill costs balance better long term value.

INKvestment gives you the most affordable upfront price for an efficient inkjet. But EcoTank allows greater savings after the first year or two.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Brother INKvestment tanks dry out?

No, Brother INKvestment ink tanks should not dry out when used normally thanks to the closed reservoir system that prevents air exposure. The tanks feed directly to the print head as needed. As long as you follow printer care and maintenance guidelines, the ink remains usable for the full tank lifetime.

What is the difference between Brother INKvestment and regular ink?

Brother INKvestment printers use ink tanks that hold the entire ink supply rather than disposable cartridges that must be frequently replaced. This allows much higher page yields of up to 6,000 pages black and 5,000 color. You save considerably over standard cartridge printing.

Are INKvestment printers worth it?

Yes, INKvestment printers provide excellent value for home users wanting quality printing at affordable ongoing costs. You pay a bit more upfront for the hardware than basic inkjets but then save long-term by replacing tanks far less frequently than cartridges. If you print a lot, INKvestment models can pay for themselves within the first year or two of use through ink savings.

How long does INKvestment ink last?

Brother INKvestment ink lasts for up to 6,000 pages for black ink and 5,000 pages for color. For comparison, standard cartridges last around 500 pages for black and 350 pages for color. So INKvestment ink can easily last over 10 times longer than cartridges without running dry. You get thousands of pages from each affordable tank.

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Conclusion and Recommendation

INKvestment wins for print quality and speed while EcoTank takes ink economy crown. Here is my recommended pick:

For most home users wanting quality prints at low cost, a Brother INKvestment printer gives you fantastic value without breaking the bank upfront. lightning fast speeds and vivid graphics make it perfect for everyday printing needs.

However, high volume families or small offices should invest in an Epson EcoTank for the lowest ink costs over the long run. Despite higher initial hardware pricing, you’ll maximize savings on fast-draining ink.

Either model range delivers thousands of affordable pages thanks to inventive ink systems. Pick the option best aligned with your budget and anticipated print volumes.

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