Bissell 2075A Vs. Bissell 2181: Which Is Better For You?

When it comes to keeping your floors clean, two popular options from Bissell are the 2075A PowerFresh Steam Mop and the 2181 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Vacuum. Both are designed to thoroughly clean hard floors, but they use very different methods to achieve this.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare and contrast these two Bissell floor cleaners to help you decide which is better for your needs. We’ll cover the key features, pros and cons, performance, maintenance, and other important factors to consider.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureBissell PowerFresh Steam MopBissell Turboclean Pet Upright Vacuum
Cleaning TechnologySteam cleaningCyclonic suction + brushroll
Best forSealed hard floorsCarpets and rugs
Surface ScrubberYesNo
Pet Hair CleaningModerateExcellent
Tools Included1 microfiber mop padPet turbo tool, hard floor turbo tool
Cord Length23 feet15 feet
Weight12 lbs12 lbs
Water Tank Capacity15 ozN/A
RuntimeUp to 45 minsUnlimited
Noise LevelLowModerate
MaintenanceWash mop pads, descale systemEmpty dirt bin, clean filters
Warranty2 years5 years

Overview Of The Bissell 2075A Powerfresh Steam Mop

The Bissell 2075A PowerFresh Steam Mop is a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver steam mop perfect for sanitizing sealed hard floors like tile, granite, marble, and more. This steam mop comes ready to use with a quick-release mop pad and 23-foot power cord.

It has a flip-down easy scrubber that makes tackling sticky messes a breeze. The built-in water tank heats up in 30 seconds to provide natural steam cleaning, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. The washable microfiber mop pads are safe for all sealed hard floors.

Bissell 2075A
Bissell 2075A

Key Features:

  • Ready to use in 30 seconds with quick-heating system
  • Natural steam cleaning sanitizes floors without harsh chemicals
  • Flip-down easy scrubber perfect for stuck-on messes
  • Swivel steering and low profile design easily cleans under furniture
  • Washable microfiber mop pads included
  • 23-foot power cord for extended cleaning reach


  • Chemical-free steam cleaning is safe for sealed floors
  • Heats up quickly and is ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Maneuvers easily around and under furniture
  • Scrubber makes cleaning stuck-on messes simple
  • Washable mop pads are economical and reduce waste


  • Not designed for carpets or area rugs
  • Smaller water tank requires frequent refilling
  • May require multiple passes for dried-on messes
  • Can leave floors damp if not fully dried

Overview Of The Bissell 2181 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Vacuum

The Bissell 2181 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Upright Vacuum is perfect for homes with pets and carpeted floors. It has several specialized features tailored to help lift pet hair and ground-in debris from carpets and rugs.

This lightweight vacuum comes equipped with the powerful Bissell powerbrush and cyclonic cleaning system. The rotating brushroll is designed to lift stubborn pet hair while capturing dust and dirt.

It has specialized pet tools like the Pet TurboEraser tool and hard floor turbo brushroll for capturing fur and cleaning area rugs. The vacuum also includes a stretch hose, extension wand, crevice tool, and upholstery tool.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Bissell Powerbrush lifts pet hair from carpets
  • Cyclonic cleaning system keeps suction power strong
  • Pet TurboEraser tool removes pet hair and lint from furniture
  • Hard floor turbo tool cleans area rugs and hard surfaces
  • Lightweight design weighs 15 pounds for easy maneuvering
  • Specialized pet hair cleaning tools included
Bissell 2181
Bissell 2181


  • Powerbrush lifts stubborn pet hair from carpets
  • Great for homes with pets and carpeted floors
  • Tools specialized for pet hair cleaning
  • Cleans area rugs efficiently
  • Cyclonic cleaning keeps suction strong
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver


  • Short power cord limits cleaning reach
  • Not optimized for hard floor cleaning
  • Pet hair can get wrapped around brushroll
  • Lower suction compared to heavier upright vacuums
  • Bagless dirt bin requires frequent emptying

Now that we’ve covered the key features and pros and cons of each cleaner, let’s do a detailed comparison of how they perform head-to-head.

Cleaning Performance Comparison

When it comes to cleaning sealed hard floor surfaces like tile, wood, and linoleum, the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop outperforms the Bissell Turboclean vacuum.

Steam mops use the power of steam to sanitize floors and loosen dried-on spills and messes. The PowerFresh heats up quickly to emit steam across the mop pad, allowing you to scrub away messes easily. The flip-down scrubber lets you tackle sticky spots with extra power.

The Turboclean vacuum does come with a hard floor turbo tool, but it can’t match the cleaning and sanitizing power of steam. The brushes may also splash dirty water and debris around on hard floors.

For carpets and area rugs, the Turboclean is the clear winner. Its Powerbrush tool is specially designed to agitate carpet fibers and lift deep-down pet hair. The cyclonic system keeps air flowing to prevent suction loss as the bin fills up.

The PowerFresh Steam Mop cannot clean carpets and is only intended for sealed hard flooring. Using it on carpets would damage the mop pads and likely leave them damp.

Convenience And Ease Of Use

Both the PowerFresh Steam Mop and the Turboclean Pet Vacuum aim to make floor cleaning simpler. Here is how they compare when it comes to convenience and usability:

  • Heating time: The PowerFresh heats up in only 30 seconds and requires no prep. The Turboclean is always ready to use.
  • Cord length: The PowerFresh has a longer 23-foot cord Vs. the Turboclean’s 15-foot cord. The PowerFresh can cover more ground without unplugging.
  • Lightweight: They both weigh around 12 pounds and are equally easy to carry and maneuver.
  • Tools included: The Turboclean comes with more specialized pet hair tools while the PowerFresh includes washable mop pads.
  • Maintenance: The PowerFresh’s mop pads just need washing while the Turboclean requires emptying debris and cleaning filters.
  • Storage: The slim design and removable mop head of the PowerFresh make storage simpler. The Turboclean is slightly bulkier.

For quick, day-to-day cleaning, the PowerFresh Steam Mop provides a faster and more convenient cleaning experience for hard floors. The Turboclean involves slightly more involved maintenance but is ideal for deeper weekly carpet cleaning.

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Pet Hair Cleaning Comparison

Pet owners have special cleaning needs when it comes to tackling pet hair and dander. Pet hair can get ground deep into carpets and stick to area rugs and hard surfaces.

For pet hair that gets embedded in carpets, area rugs, and fabric surfaces like couches, the Bissell Turboclean Pet Vacuum is the obvious choice. The specially designed Powerbrush tool agitates the carpet to loosen and lift fur while suction whisks it away.

On hard floors, the steam from the PowerFresh does help loosen pet hair to be wiped away with the mop pad. However, the hard floor turbo brush attachment on the Turboclean works even better, especially for very fine pet hairs.

Both cleaners include specialized pet hair cleaning tools as well. The Turboclean comes with a Pet TurboEraser brush perfect for removing stubborn fur from furniture and stairs.

The PowerFresh does not come with any handheld pet hair cleaning tools. Overall, the Turboclean is the superior option when it comes to cleaning pet hair from all floor types and surfaces.

Maintenance And Care Comparison

To get the best performance and longevity from your Bissell floor cleaner, proper maintenance is essential. Here is how the PowerFresh Steam Mop and Turboclean Pet Vacuum compare when it comes to care and maintenance:

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

  • Mop pads: Machine-wash mop pads after each use. Air dry completely.
  • Water tank: Fill with distilled water only. Empty water after each use.
  • Swivel joint: Wipe and clean any hair or dirt buildup.
  • Steam vents: Use included brush tool to clear any blockages.
  • Cord: Wrap cord neatly and do not pull tightly when storing.

Bissell Turboclean Pet Vacuum

  • Dirt bin: Empty after each use to maintain suction. Tap out or brush dirt off filter screen.
  • Filters: Remove and wash foam and felt filters every month. Air dry completely before replacing.
  • Brushroll: Cut away any hair or strings wrapped around brushes.
  • Hoses: Check for clogs and clear away debris buildup as needed.
  • Cord: Untwist cord regularly to prevent damaging wires inside.

The PowerFresh Steam Mop requires less maintenance overall. Washing the reusable mop pads takes more effort than just emptying the dirt bin on the Turboclean. But the Turboclean has more parts to periodically clean and replace.

Cost Comparison

When comparing the long-term costs of the Bissell PowerFresh Vs. Turboclean Pet Vacuum, here are some key points:

  • Initial price: The PowerFresh costs around $100 while the Turboclean costs around $150.
  • Consumables: The PowerFresh’s washable pads can be reused for years, saving money. The Turboclean requires replacement filters every few months.
  • Energy costs: The steam mop uses less electricity overall compared to the motorized vacuum.
  • Maintenance costs: Fewer parts to maintain on the PowerFresh make upkeep cheaper long-term. Replacing vacuum parts like belts and brushes adds expenses.

While the initial price of the Turboclean is higher, its operating costs are higher in the long run when factoring in filter replacements and maintenance. The reusable mop pads help keep the PowerFresh’s costs down compared to disposable vacuum bags/filters.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you use a Bissell steam mop 3 in 1?

Fill water tank with distilled water to fill line.
Secure microfiber mop pad on bottom using Velcro strips.
Plug in steam mop and allow to heat up for 30 seconds.
When ready light blinks, squeeze trigger to emit steam and mop floors.
Scrub sticky messes with flip-down scrubber as needed.
When finished, unplug and empty water tank.
Remove and machine wash mop pads after each use.

Why is my Bissell steam mop not steaming?

If your Bissell steam mop is not steaming, here are some possible causes and solutions:
Water tank is empty – Fill tank with distilled water.
Unit is not heated up – Allow 30 seconds for it to heat and light to blink.
Clogged steam vents – Use included tool to clear vents.
Mineral buildup in vents – Soak vents in equal vinegar and water solution.
Damaged o-ring or water tank – Check o-ring seal and tank for cracks.
Loose mop pad – Make sure pad is attached firmly to Velcro strips.

How does the Bissell PowerFresh steam mop work?

The Bissell PowerFresh steam mop has a reservoir tank that you fill with water. When plugged in, it uses an internal heater to boil the water into natural steam.
This steam is emitted down through the microfiber mop pad, which helps sanitize, loosen, and lift away grime and messes from hard floors. The steam helps kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria without harsh chemicals.
As you scrub floors, the mop pad absorbs dirt. You can also use the attached scrubber to scour sticky spots. Once finished mopping, turn off the steam mop and detach the pad to throw in the washing machine.

How do I clean my Bissell PowerFresh steam mop?

Here are tips for cleaning your Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop:
Remove and machine wash mop pads after each use. Let air dry completely.
Empty any remaining water from the tank.
Wipe down the exterior of the mop, cord, and steam vents with a soft cloth.
Use the included unclogging tool to clear any debris from steam vents.
Soak steam vents in equal parts vinegar + water to descale monthly.
Check swivel joint area for hair tangles and wipe clean.
Wrap cord neatly around mop for storage.
Only use distilled water to prevent mineral buildup inside heater.
Replace mop pads every 3-6 months for best cleaning performance.

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Conclusion and Recommendation

To conclude, here is a quick summary of which cleaner performs best in key categories:

  • Sealed hard floor cleaning: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
  • Carpets and rugs: Bissell Turboclean Pet Vacuum
  • Pet hair removal: Bissell Turboclean Pet Vacuum
  • Convenience and ease of use: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
  • Maintenance and care: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop
  • Cost over time: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

For pet owners with carpeted homes looking for deeper cleaning power, the Bissell Turboclean Pet Vacuum is highly recommended. Its specialty tools and Powerbrush excel at lifting away pet hair. Hard floors can also be cleaned with the bare floor attachment.

If you have mainly sealed hard flooring like tile, wood, or linoleum, the Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop is our top pick. The convenience and simplicity of steam cleaning floors makes mopping faster and easier. It sanitizes floors without chemicals.

Ultimately, it depends on your flooring type, whether you have pets, and your cleaning needs. Both Bissell cleaners offer excellent floor cleaning performance and value for your money.

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