Beoplay H95 Vs. Airpods Max: Choosing High-End Headphones

When it comes to premium noise-cancelling headphones, two models stand out from the crowd – the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H95 and the Apple AirPods Max. Both command eye-watering price tags over $500, but deliver superb audio quality, luxury designs, and top-notch active noise cancellation.

But which pair of high-end cans should you choose? This comprehensive head-to-head guide compares the Beoplay H95 and AirPods Max across all the key categories, from sound quality and features to design and price. Read on to find out which headphones will be the best fit for your needs and budget.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureBeoplay H95AirPods Max
Sound QualityNatural, expansive soundstage. Clear and balanced across all frequencies.Bright, lively sound with tight bass and crisp highs. Spatial audio support.
Noise CancellationExcellent active noise cancellation with adjustable modes.Adaptive ANC automatically adjusts to environment. Extremely effective.
DesignLuxurious materials like leather and aluminum. Handsome and minimalist aesthetic.Unique mesh canopy headband. Industrial styling with fun color options.
Battery LifeClass-leading 38 hours per charge. Charging case provides extra 23 hours.Decent 20 hours of battery life. No backup charging case.
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.1, AAC and aptX Adaptive codec support.Apple H1 chip for easy pairing. Bluetooth 5.0.
Price$799 retail price. Good value for premium materials and sound.$549 retail price. Justifies cost for Apple integration and features.

Sound Quality

Arguably the most important factor when choosing a premium pair of headphones is how good they sound. Both the H95 and AirPods Max deliver excellent audio reproduction that will satisfy even demanding audiophiles.

Beoplay H95
Beoplay H95

The Beoplay H95 produce a clear, natural and well-balanced sound signature. The 40mm beryllium drivers have an expansive soundstage and precise stereo imaging that makes music feel spacious and immersive. The bass response has plenty of depth and impact without sounding boomy or bloated. Mids and highs are crisp and detailed.

Whether you’re listening to lush classical compositions or heavily produced hip hop, the H95 handle any genre with aplomb.

The AirPods Max use Apple’s proprietary 40mm dynamic drivers and the H1 chip to power spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. This gives music a surround sound effect with added precision and width. The sound leans towards a brighter tuning with punchy, tight bass and sparkling highs. Mids are forward and unmuddled.

Like the H95, the AirPods Max sound fantastic whether rocking out to metal or jamming to jazz.

Both headphones support high-resolution audio codecs like AAC and SBC. While the H95 edges out the AirPods Max in terms of naturalism and soundstage depth, for most listeners the audio quality will be superb on either model. You’d be hard pressed to declare one a clear winner over the other here.

Noise Cancellation

The effectiveness of active noise cancellation technology is another key consideration, especially for travelers and commuters. Both models provide excellent noise blocking to hush ambient sound, but they achieve it in different ways.

The Beoplay H95 use a sophisticated hybrid ANC system with feedforward and feedback microphones to filter out noise across the entire frequency spectrum. You can choose between two modes: ANC fully enabled, or Transparency mode to let in some environmental sound.

The noise cancellation is very impressive at muting consistent rumbles like engines or AC units. Higher pitched sounds occasionally slip through though.

AirPods Max
AirPods Max

In comparison, the AirPods Max employ Apple’s incredible computational audio processing to provide real-time adaptive ANC. Multiple mics listen to ambient noise and generate inverse sound waves to cancel it out. The algorithm automatically tweaks the ANC effect depending on your environment.

This makes the noise blocking extremely versatile for handling both steady noise like airplane cabins and inconsistent chatter or street sounds.

For most people, the AirPods Max have a slight edge here thanks to their adaptive ANC. But both pairs reduce distractions extremely well while commuting or in the office.

Design And Comfort

When paying top dollar for headphones, you expect a premium design and luxurious materials. Both these models deliver in spades.

The Beoplay H95 are crafted from high-quality materials like aluminum, lambskin leather and memory foam. The construction feels solid and durable while remaining lightweight at 322g. The earcups and padded headband are generously cushioned for comfort. Touches like the knurled aluminum controls, leather case and woven USB-C cable scream luxury.

Bang & Olufsen’s distinctive Scandanavian styling gives the headphones a handsome, understated look.

Meanwhile the AirPods Max stand out for their unique design. The knit-mesh canopy headband eliminates pressure points for all-day comfort. The anodized aluminum and stainless steel build gives an industrial look, while the telescoping arms and Digital Crown dial provide precision fit and control. The breathable memory foam earcups come in fun colors like blue, pink and green.

While noticeably heavier than the H95 at 384g, the AirPods Max are still comfortable for long listening sessions.

With their premium materials and tailored fit, both pairs of headphones feel as good as they sound. The lightweight Beoplay H95 get a slight edge for portable use, while the AirPods Max win points for their novel headband. But in terms of aesthetics and luxury feel, it’s too close to call.

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Features And Controls

Headphones at this price point come stacked with features and smart controls. Here’s how the Beoplay H95 and AirPods Max compare:

  • Connectivity: The H95 use Bluetooth 5.1 with support for SBC, AAC and aptX Adaptive codecs. The AirPods Max have the Apple H1 chip for seamless pairing with Apple devices, plus Bluetooth 5.0. Both have excellent wireless range and connectivity.
  • Battery life: The H95 deliver an impressive 38 hours of playback per charge. The AirPods Max manage a decent 20 hours with ANC and spatial audio enabled.
  • Charging: H95 charge via USB-C. AirPods Max charge via Lightning cable. The H95 case provides backup charging for an extra 23 hours.
  • Controls: The H95 have physical buttons to control music, calls, ANC modes and voice assistants. The AirPods Max rely on the Digital Crown dial and capacitive controls on the earcups.
  • Other features: Both models support virtual assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. The AirPods Max add unique features like spatial audio with head tracking and Apple’s Find My network. The H95 fold flat for easier portability.

The Beoplay H95 nudge ahead here with their superior battery life, backup charging case and physical button controls. But both deliver extensive features for the premium price.


Let’s address the elephant in the room – both these headphone models come with eye-watering price tags. The Beoplay H95 retail starting at $799, while the AirPods Max cost $549. There’s no getting around the fact you’re paying for luxury materials, top-notch audio, and brand cachet with Bang & Olufsen and Apple.

That said, the H95 offer better value considering their lower cost, superior 38 hour battery life, and backup charging case. While not exactly budget-friendly, the Beoplay H95 give you more bang for your buck, especially if you don’t need Apple-specific features like spatial audio. But expect to pay a premium either way.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are the H95 worth it?

For audiophiles seeking superb sound, luxury design, and top-notch ANC, the H95 deliver enough quality to justify the steep price. The excellent battery life and charging case add more value too. But buyers on a tighter budget can get 80% of the performance for a lot less.

What are AirPods Max comparable to?

With their premium build and precise sound, the AirPods Max compete with the best over-ear headphones from Bose, Sony and Sennheiser. They make a compelling choice for Apple device users seeking convenience, sound quality and style.

Are AirPods Max audiophile grade?

While they don’t quite match the reference-level performance of high-end audiophile headphones, the AirPods Max sound fantastic with any music genre. Their spatial audio and dynamic head tracking bring an extra level of immersion. Any sound purist would be very satisfied.

Is the sound quality on AirPods Max better than AirPods Pro?

Definitely – the over-ear AirPods Max deliver much better audio reproduction than the in-ear AirPods Pro. With their larger drivers and surround sound support, the AirPods Max provide a more powerful, spacious listening experience.

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The Verdict

In the battle of luxury noise-cancelling headphones, both the Beoplay H95 and AirPods Max are winners. The H95 offer more natural sound and better battery life. But the AirPods Max provide unmatched Apple integration.

Ultimately, there is no universally “better” option. Choose the Beoplay H95 if you want pure audiophile performance with backup charging. Go for the AirPods Max if you need deep Apple device integration and smart features like spatial audio. Either way, your ears will be very happy.

At these premium prices, you can’t go wrong investing in the superb craftsmanship, audio finesse and noise cancellation offered by both models. Let your own needs and budget guide you to headphone nirvana.

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