ASRV Vs. Ten Thousand: Best High-Performance Athletic Brand

When seeking out athletic apparel that combines style and function, two brands often top the list – ASRV and Ten Thousand. Both focus on creating technical, comfortable workout clothes perfect for the gym or streets.

This in-depth brand comparison covers everything you need to know to decide between ASRV and Ten Thousand for your activewear needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryASRVTen Thousand
Founding2014, Los Angeles CA2018, Seattle WA
Price range$$$$$-$$$
VarietyMinimal (shorts, shirts)Expanding (shorts, shirts, hoodies, accessories)
StrengthsFashion focus, luxurious fabricsTechnical features and functional design
FitAthletic, long and short inseamsDialed-in, flattering fit
StyleUnderstated, refinedSporty, subtle
Signature ProductEvolution ShortsSession Shorts

Overview Of ASRV

Founded in 2014 by designer Jonny Alexander Cummings, ASRV is based in Los Angeles and aims to bridge the gap between fitness and fashion.


ASRV clothes feature proprietary fabrics blended from natural and technical yarns to provide comfort stretch and performance. Known for tops and bottoms like their Evolution Shorts, they also make accessories like hats and socks.

Their color palette and designs are more subdued compared to other athletic brands.

Pros of ASRV

  • Blend natural fibers and technical fabrics
  • Understated, fashionable style
  • Flattering fits designed for movement
  • Includes unofficial with past season items
  • 7” and 9” inseams on shorts

Cons of ASRV

  • Very limited product selection
  • Expensive regular prices, especially for shirts
  • Low stock can cause items to sell out quickly

ASRV perfectly fits those seeking luxurious yet functional workout clothes that seamlessly transition from gym to streetwear. Just be prepared for the premium price point.

Overview Of Ten Thousand

Founded in 2018 by Keith Nowak, Seattle-based Ten Thousand began with a mission to create the perfect pair of workout shorts.

Ten Thousand
Ten Thousand

Ten Thousand apparel is loaded with smart technical features like zippered pockets, hidden waistbands, and antimicrobial silver embedded in the fabric.

The minimalist designs come in basic colors suited for mixing and matching.

Pros of Ten Thousand

  • Clever functional design touches
  • Antimicrobial silver woven into fabric
  • Flattering fit tailored for men and women
  • 7” inseam shorts and 5” interval shorts
  • Shade fabric provides UPF 50 protection

Cons of Ten Thousand

  • Premium pricing like ASRV
  • Currently just shorts, shirts, and accessories
  • Limited color/pattern options

Ten Thousand delivers versatile activewear dripping in thoughtful design features ready to power you through any workout in total comfort.

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Comparison Between ASRV And Ten Thousand

Now that we’ve provided an overview of ASRV and Ten Thousand individually, let’s directly compare some of the key factors in choosing one brand over the other:

Price – Both ASRV and Ten Thousand sit at a premium price point, usually $75-$100+ per piece. Ten Thousand shorts are generally a bit less expensive than ASRV. Expect to pay up for the performance and quality.

Variety – ASRV has a very limited selection focused on shorts, pants and shirts. Ten Thousand started with shorts but now offers shirts, hoodies and accessories so they edge out ASRV in variety.

Fabrics – Both brands use technical fabrics with moisture wicking and stretch. ASRV incorporates more natural fibers for a luxe feel while Ten Thousand utilizes more synthetic performance fabrics.

Fit – Ten Thousand may have a slight lead in dialing in the fit and flattering the physique, but both offer an athletic cut. ASRV has more options with longer and shorter inseams.

Style – ASRV goes for a fashionable, muted look compared to Ten Thousand’s subtle yet sporty style. For versatility, Ten Thousand excels while ASRV has more refined aesthetics.

Features – Ten Thousand packs their shorts and shirts with clever features you won’t find elsewhere. ASRV keeps things simpler and more streamlined.

Quality – Expect stellar quality and construction from both of these premium brands built to last and perform through workouts.

Sizing – The size range is limited for both brands. Ten Thousand may cater better to petite women sizing currently.

Performance – When it comes to workouts and training, both brands deliver stellar performance and total comfort.

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Comparing Signature Shorts and Shirts

Two key items to compare are the flagship shorts and shirts from ASRV and Ten Thousand:

Shorts – ASRV’s Evolution Short has a streamlined look with zippered back pocket and 7” or 9” inseam. Ten Thousand’s Session Short features lots of clever details like zippered pockets, reflective trim, and 7” inseam.

Ten Thousand has more features but ASRV offers a refined look.

Shirts – The ASRV Pima Tee focuses simply on premium comfort in basic colors. Ten Thousand’s Lightweight Short Sleeve Tee incorporates mesh panels and antimicrobial silver for technical performance.

Ten Thousand excels at performance features while ASRV delivers luxe comfort and style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Ten Thousand as good as Lululemon?

Ten Thousand gear is on par with Lululemon quality and performance-wise. However, Lululemon offers far more variety. For versatile, well-designed workout shorts and tops, Ten Thousand competes with and often surpasses Lululemon.

Why is Ten Thousand so expensive?

The premium price tag from Ten Thousand comes from the unique technical features packed into their clothes, their focus on perfecting fit and performance, and using high quality materials. You’re paying for the functional design innovations you can’t find elsewhere.

Is Ten Thousand an American company?

Yes, Ten Thousand was founded in Seattle, Washington and their apparel is designed, manufactured, and distributed all within the United States.

Where is the brand Ten Thousand from?

Ten Thousand was founded and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. All of their apparel development and manufacturing occurs domestically within the US.

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The Bottom Line

ASRV and Ten Thousand both make exceptional activewear, but Ten Thousand pulls ahead for versatility with more variety and technical innovations that aid performance.

ASRV shines for fusing fitness and fashion with their blend of natural fibers and performance fabrics resulting in a sublime feel and refined aesthetics.

Ten Thousand dominates at packing useful features and considered design into everyday essentials like shorts and shirts.

For beautifully crafted, fashion-forward activewear, go with ASRV. When you want purposeful design and details to power through any workout, choose Ten Thousand.

Both brands deliver outstanding comfort, quality, and style worthy of the premium price tag.

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