Viator Vs. Klook: Which Is The Better Travel Booking Platform?

Travel enthusiasts around the world use online booking platforms like Viator and Klook to easily discover and book incredible tours, attractions and activities in destinations near and far. But with so many options out there, how do you know which site to use?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the key differences between Viator and Klook to help you decide which is better for your next adventure.

A Brief Comparison Table

HeadquartersUSAHong Kong
Inventory175,000+ activities worldwide100,000+ activities, focus on Asia Pacific
Languages20+12, focus on Asia
Mobile appIntuitive, top ratedStreamlined, visual
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPalCredit cards, PayPal, Asian e-wallets
PricingPrice match guarantee, occasional discountsCompetitive prices, good bundles
Cancellation policyMostly free cancellationVariable by activity
PartnershipsTripAdvisor, airlinesJetstar, Bangkok Airways, Hong Kong Disneyland
Customer service24/7 support worldwideExpanding support teams across Asia
Best forAmericas, Europe, Middle East, AfricaTravel within Asia Pacific

Key Differences Between  Viator And Klook

  • Overview of Viator and Klook
Viator Travel Booking Platform

Founded in 1995, Viator is one of the pioneering platforms for booking tours and activities online.

Acquired by TripAdvisor in 2014, Viator leverages the brand recognition and reach of its parent company to offer customers a huge selection of things to do around the world.

Klook emerged in 2014 as a fast-growing startup aiming to make travel activities easily bookable.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Klook serves customers across Asia Pacific and beyond.

The company has expanded quickly through strategic partnerships, acquisitions and by catering to the Asian outbound travel market.

Both platforms have strengths when it comes to their global coverage, number of bookable products, mobile apps, and ease of use. But there are also key differences in their business models, focus markets, and partnerships that sway the comparison one way or the other.

We’ll get into the details below.

  • Tour and Activity Selection

With over 175,000 activities around the world, Viator claims to have the largest selection of any booking platform. Their inventory spans tours and day trips, passes and tickets to attractions, transfers, local experiences and more. You’ll find everything from skip-the-line access at the Colosseum to small group food tours in Chicago.

Klook also offers an enormous catalogue of over 100,000 activities covering major tourist destinations. Their sweet spot is Asia Pacific where they excel at packaged attractions and transport passes. But their inventory also includes popular tours, workshops, shows and more across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

For common tourist activities at major destinations, you’re likely to find ample choice on both platforms. But Viator may have the edge for less mainstream experiences especially in North America and Europe where they are strongest.

  • Ease of Searching and Booking

Viator and Klook both allow you to search for activities by destination or keyword. Helpful filters and categories make it easy to refine your search on both sites.

Once you’ve found a tour or experience you like, the booking process is simple with both platforms. You can view dates and availability, select your options, enter traveller details, make payment, and receive a verified e-voucher on the spot.

Viator used to have an advantage in terms of having more booking moderators to handle custom inquiries. But Klook have expanded their support staff in recent years. For basic bookings, the process is now just as seamless on both platforms.

  • Mobile Apps
Klook Travel Booking Platform

Viator and Klook offer versatile mobile apps on iOS and Android for discovering, booking and managing your activities on-the-go.

Viator’s app earns slightly higher ratings for its user-friendly interface and functionality.

The home screen lets you easily browse destinations or view upcoming bookings.

You can also access tickets offline – handy when you have limited data abroad.

Meanwhile, Klook’s app makes it very simple to search, book, make payments by stored card or PayPal, and access e-vouchers. The UI is clean and visual making it great for impulse booking whenever you feel inspired.

For on-the-go convenience while traveling, both apps deliver. Viator just edges ahead when it comes to usability.

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  • Payment and Pricing

Viator and Klook both accept major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and offer payment in multiple currencies. Klook also accepts many Asian e-wallets like AliPay and GrabPay.

When it comes to pricing, both platforms promise “best price guarantee” compared to booking directly. Publicly displayed prices are generally very close for the same experiences. But Viator claims to occasionally offer exclusive discounted rates.

One advantage with Viator is they allow free cancellation on most bookings made more than 24 hours in advance. Klook has a more variable cancellation policy with some experiences having no refunds.

Overall, Viator delivers slightly more payment flexibility and potential for better deals. But both sites offer a very competitive booking experience.

  • Localization and Languages

Given its long history and acquisition by TripAdvisor, Viator is the more globally recognized brand with sites and support available in over 20 languages. This gives them an edge for appealing to travelers worldwide.

However, Klook intentionally focuses on catering to Asian outbound travellers. Their site and apps support 12 languages especially across Asia. And their payment and customer service is optimized for this huge, fast-growing demographic of travellers.

So when it comes to localization, Viator is best for global travellers while Klook targets the Asian market.

  • Customer Service and Support

Strong customer service is crucial for an enjoyable booking experience and handling any issues that arise.

Viator generally receives stellar feedback for their responsive 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and messaging. As part of TripAdvisor, they also feature reviews to provide transparency around activities.

Klook’s support has traditionally lagged behind Viator’s according to reviews. But they have expanded support teams across Asia Pacific to improve response times. They also have a social media team offering handy travel tips.

For urgent inquiries, Viator probably still has a slight edge. But Klook’s customer service is rapidly improving.

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  • Strategic Partnerships

Both platforms have extensive partnerships that expand their reach and inventory.

Viator benefits hugely from being part of TripAdvisor. This gives them exposure to over 490 million monthly site visits as well as integration with TripAdvisor’s tours and restaurant bookings.

Strategic deals with major airlines help further boost their global customer base.

Meanwhile, Klook makes smart partnerships across Asia Pacific focused on packaged transport, attractions, and experiences. Examples include Jetstar, Bangkok Airways, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Asia’s largest theme park operator Artafact.

Their acquisition of activities provider TripVivo also expanded their inventory in Southeast Asia.

For Asian travellers, Klook’s regional partnerships give them an advantage. But Viator wins when it comes to global reach.

Pros and Cons of Viator


  • Huge global inventory with over 175,000 activities
  • Intuitive website and app with top ratings
  • Smooth booking and cancellation policies
  • Responsive 24/7 customer service worldwide
  • Competitive pricing with occasional discounts


  • Brand recognition lower outside TripAdvisor
  • Caters less to Asian travellers
  • Fewer local partnerships in Asia Pacific

Pros and Cons of Klook


  • 100,000+ activities with focus on Asia Pacific
  • Innovative app tailored for Asian travellers
  • Seamless payments with Asian e-wallets
  • Strategic partnerships boost regional inventory
  • Competitive pricing, especially on bundles


  • Cancellation policies less flexible
  • Customer service still catching up to Viator
  • Less inventory for tours in Europe, Americas

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Klook better than Viator?

For travelers focused on Asia Pacific, Klook has some advantages through partnerships, payment options, and inventory tailored to this region. But Viator is stronger when it comes to global reach and support. For North/South America and Europe, Viator has more advantages.

Is Viator a reputable tour company?

Yes, Viator is very reputable. Owned by TripAdvisor and established in 1995, they are a popular and trusted platform with a huge selection of tours worldwide. Their customer service and support are also highly regarded.

Can Klook be trusted?

Klook is a legitimate and trusted site, especially for travel across Asia Pacific. They are a popular platform that has expanded quickly with backing from major investors. Their customer service is also improving. While not as established as Viator, Klook can be trusted for worry-free booking.

Does Viator charge more?

Viator and Klook have very similar pricing for most activities. Viator claims to offer exclusive discounted rates occasionally. Their free cancellation policy provides more flexibility. So Viator either matches or undercuts Klook pricing in most cases.

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Final Thoughts

For travelers heading to Europe, North or South America, Viator is likely the better choice of platform thanks to their unrivaled inventory and support across these regions. You really benefit from their deep presence globally spanning over 20 languages.

But for travelers focused on destinations across Asia Pacific, Klook should meet your needs nicely. Their recent expansion efforts have helped them catch up with stellar support, payment options, and inventory tailored to Asian travelers.

Their strategic partnerships also give you access to great deals, particularly on bundled transport and attraction packages.

In summary:

  • Viator – Best for North/South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • Klook – Ideal for travel across Asia Pacific

So weigh up your destination and the style of activities you want to book. Both platforms make it super easy to discover and book amazing experiences around the world. The right choice comes down to your travel focus.

With this comprehensive guide, you can evaluate the pros and cons and confidently decide whether Viator or Klook is a better fit for your next adventure. Where will your travels take you?

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