Tires Plus Vs. Discount Tire: Pros, Cons, And Key Differences

When it’s time to buy new tires, two major national tire chains likely come to mind – Tires Plus and Discount Tire. As two of the largest tire retailers in the country, Tires Plus and Discount Tire have each established expansive footprint coast-to-coast.

With so many similarities between the two, it can be tough deciding where to go for your next set of tires. Keep reading as we break down the key differences, pros and cons of Tires Plus and Discount Tire.

A Brief Comparison Table:

FeatureTires PlusDiscount Tire
# of Locations300+1,100+
Geographic Footprint21 states36 states
OwnershipBridgestone AmericasPrivate company
Primary FocusTires, alignment, oil changes, brakes, batteriesTires, wheels
Tire Brands CarriedBridgestone, Firestone, most major brandsMost major brands
Tire InventoryLargeMassive
Everyday PricingCompetitiveLow price leader
Online OrderingLimitedDiscount Tire Direct e-commerce site
WarrantyStrong coverage through any Tires PlusPro-rated coverage through any Discount Tire
Wait TimesCan be long during peakGenerally high volume
Customer Service StyleEducational, consultativeQuick, high volume

Overview Of Tires Plus

Tires Plus

Founded in 1976 and headquartered in Florissant, Missouri, Tires Plus is a national tire retailer owned by Bridgestone Americas. With over 300 locations across 21 states, Tires Plus provides installation and maintenance services for all major tire brands.

Tires Plus focuses on being a one-stop shop for complete auto care. Along with tires, they offer services like brake repair, wheel alignment, battery replacement, oil changes, and more. Their expertise spans all vehicle types – passenger cars, trucks, SUVs., and commercial fleets.

Overview Of Discount Tire

First opened in 1960 with a single store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Discount Tire has ballooned to over 1,100 locations in 36 states. With headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, it is the largest independent tire retailer in North America.

Unlike franchised stores, each Discount Tire is company owned and operated. Their primary focus is tires, installing over 20 million annually. However, they do provide some additional services like wheel balancing, tire rotations, and flat repairs.

Discount Tire is also the parent company of Discount Tire Direct, their online tire sales operation. This allows customers to shop their inventory and have tires shipped to their door or a local Discount Tire store for installation.

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Key Pros Of Tires Plus

Wider range of services: With oil changes, alignments, battery replacement, and more, Tires Plus serves as a full auto service shop beyond just tires. This convenience allows you to address multiple needs in one stop.

Reputation for expert service: Technicians at Tires Plus are very knowledgeable and take time to explain recommendations. Many customers appreciate their patience and educational approach.

Competitive pricing: Regular promotions and discounts make Tires Plus price-competitive with other major tire retailers. Their pricing model focuses more on total value versus rock-bottom prices.

Higher inventory of major brands: As both a retailer and distributor, Tires Plus carries abundant inventory of Bridgestone, Firestone, and other leading tire brands. Higher availability makes it easier to find what you need.

Strong tire replacement network: All Tires Plus stores honor each other’s installation pricing and warranties. If you’re traveling and have an issue, you can visit any location for quick assistance.

Key Pros Of Discount Tire

Discount Tire

Massive tire selection: With access to thousands of models from every major brand, Discount Tire has an unmatched inventory. This makes it easy to find specialized tires for unique vehicles and purposes.

Low price leader: Discount Tire leverages their huge size and direct relationships with manufacturers to offer the lowest prices. Sales and discounts make them hard to beat on price.

Excellent warranty: All tires come with a pro-rated warranty against defects valid at any Discount Tire location. Certified pre-owned tires also come with a warranty.

Convenient online sales: Through Discount Tire Direct, you can easily search inventory and purchase tires online to be shipped or picked up locally. This adds flexibility beyond in-store only purchases.

Strong wheel services: Discount Tire has invested heavily in advanced wheel balancers, alignment systems, tire changers, and other tools. This allows them to expertly service wheels and tires together.

Key Cons Of Tires Plus

Limited geographic footprint: With stores in just 21 states, Tires Plus has far less nationwide coverage than other major chains. This makes travel support and warranty redemption less consistent.

Not a low-price leader: While competitive, Tires Plus does not prioritize being the absolute lowest cost provider. Budget-focused shoppers may find better regular prices elsewhere.

Lengthy wait times possible: More complex services like alignments and oil changes may require appointments. Combined with high customer volume, this can sometimes lead to long waits for walk-in service.

Less robust online experience: The Tires Plus website provides basic information but lacks advanced e-commerce capabilities for convenient online ordering and delivery.

Less specialty tire availability: With a focus on major brands, specialty tire selection for things like commercial trucks, RVs., and high-performance vehicles may be limited.

Key Cons Of Discount Tire

No automotive repair services: Beyond tires and wheels, Discount Tire does not offer oil changes, brake repair, alignments, and other maintenance needs. This requires an extra stop elsewhere.

Higher pricing on some brands: Discount Tire may not have the absolute lowest prices on popular brands like Michelin and BFGoodrich that competitors heavily feature.

Very high sales volume: As the largest tire retailer, their stores stay busy. Crowds and potential long waits are more likely, especially for basic services like tire installation.

Less individualized guidance: The focus is on high volume and low costs rather than consultative sales. Employees have less time to explain options in detail.

Regional inventory challenges: Not every store carries the full product inventory. Rare specialty tires may require shipping between stores or direct ordering.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does Discount Tire have two names?

Discount Tire operates their retail stores under the Discount Tire name. Discount Tire Direct is their online e-commerce operation shipping tires directly to customers. It allows increased online sales while leveraging the brand power of their retail stores.

Are Discount Tire and Discount Tire Direct the same company?

Yes, Discount Tire Direct is owned and operated by Discount Tire. It serves as the online order fulfillment arm for the retail chain. Tires can be shipped to your home or a local Discount Tire location for installation.

Who is discount tires competition?

The biggest competitors to Discount Tire are other large national tire and automotive service chains. Key competitors include Tires Plus, Big O Tires, NTB, Firestone, Goodyear, Midas, and Pep Boys among others. Regional tire shops also compete for local business.

Are Tires Plus and Firestone the same company?

No, Tires Plus and Firestone are affiliated but separate companies. Firestone is a major brand owned by Bridgestone Americas. Tires Plus is also owned by Bridgestone and serves as a major retailer of Firestone tires. However, they operate as distinct store chains.

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There is no definitive winner between Tires Plus and Discount Tire. Which retailer is best comes down to your specific needs and priorities.

Drivers who want the lowest tire prices and access to massive inventory are better served by Discount Tire. Their focus is providing a full range of affordably priced tire brands to meet any need.

For customers who value expanded services like alignments and oil changes, Tires Plus is a better option. Their auto service shop model creates a convenient one-stop solution.

Regional availability is also a consideration. Tires Plus has a much smaller geographic footprint, so Discount Tire will be more accessible for many drivers.

Whichever you choose, inspect prices carefully and ask about any available promos and rebates to maximize savings. Both retailers offer solid warranties to protect your purchase. Taking the time to shop and compare pays dividends.

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