Skillstorm Vs. Revature: A Detailed Comparison

The tech industry is booming, and there is huge demand for skilled software developers and engineers. Many aspiring tech professionals are looking to rapidly gain skills and experience to launch their careers.

Two well-known training and staffing companies, SkillStorm and Revature, offer accelerated training programs and job placements in tech. But what are the key differences, pros and cons of each? Let’s take an in-depth look.

A Brief Comparison Table

Training methodologyOnline instructor-led with labs and mentoringOnline and in-person classroom
Duration of training8-12 weeks10-14 weeks
Hiring processApplication, code challenge, technical & soft skills interviewsApplication, code challenge, technical & culture interviews
Job placement processTrainees get input into job search; interviews with multiple companiesPrimarily staffing manager driven; sent on interviews arranged by Revature
Career supportRobust mentorship, coaches, resourcesLimited online resources and community access
Company cultureCollaborative, supportiveHigh pressure, stressful
ReputationGreat reviews, A+ BBB ratingMixed reviews, B+ BBB
Compensation modelMarket salary with portion to SkillStorm for 2 years$40K to employee, remainder to Revature regardless of actual salary
Commitment required24 months24 months
Buyout termsReasonable, negotiableRigid, $50K fee

Overview Of Skillstorm And Revature


SkillStorm and Revature both hire candidates without prior professional experience, provide intensive training in fields like software development, data science, cybersecurity etc, and then place them with partner companies. The training is free upfront, but trainees agree to work with partner companies for an agreed duration after placement.


Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Reston, Virginia, SkillStorm is focused on software engineering and data analytics. They hire raw talent without specific technical experience, put them through 8-12 weeks of rigorous immersive training, and place them with tech firms. The placement is for 24 months.


Revature was founded in 2008, and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia as well. They offer training programs in software engineering, data analytics, Salesforce etc. Their training period can range from 8-14 weeks, and placements are for 24 months.

Skillstorm And Revature: In-Depth Comparison Of Key Features

  • Training Methodology and Structure

Both SkillStorm and Revature rely on an immersive training model – teaching both hard and soft skills needed on the job. But there are some differences in actual training structure.


SkillStorm provides instructor-led online training, including live interactive classes, hands-on lab work, and 1:1 mentoring. The curriculum focuses on in-demand skills like Java, C#, Salesforce, AWS, Python etc. Soft skills like communication, leadership, interview prep are also covered.

The training duration ranges from 8-12 weeks depending on the program. Trainees get access to an online learning portal for self-paced study, and instructor support even after program completion.



Revature provides both online and in-person classroom training. For some programs, trainees have to relocate for 10-12 weeks of in-person instruction at a Revature delivery location. The curriculum covers Java, JavaScript, C#, DevOps, Salesforce and more.

Soft skills development and career coaching are also included. The standard training is 10 weeks, with an additional 2-4 weeks for more advanced trainees. Like SkillStorm, Revature provides mentors for continued support.

  • Hiring and Screening Process

SkillStorm and Revature both have a selective screening process to identify high potential candidates without formal experience. Here is an overview:


The hiring process has 4 steps – application, code challenge, technical interview, and soft skills interview. The code challenge tests problem solving abilities, while interviews evaluate communication skills, mindset, and cultural fit. Top performers get selected.


Revature’s hiring process also includes – application, code challenge, technical interview panel, and culture interview. The code challenge involves both multiple choice questions and writing code. Interview panels assess coding capabilities, communication, and eagerness to learn.

  • Job Placement Process

Both companies place trainees with partner enterprises after training. But the placement process differs slightly.


SkillStorm assigns each trainee a dedicated staffing manager who matches them with openings suited to their skills, interests and location preferences. They get input into the job search process. Multiple interviews are arranged with prospective employers.


For Revature, job placements are primarily driven by staffing managers. Trainees provide their location and tech stack preferences. They are matched to openings and sent on interviews arranged by Revature. But trainees cannot interview with multiple companies at once.

  • Career Support and Post-Placement Guidance

Ongoing career support is provided by both SkillStorm and Revature for their trainees. But SkillStorm seems to offer more personalized guidance.


Even after job placement, SkillStorm trainees get continued access to mentors, networking groups, career coaches, and technical resources. Guidance is provided on excelling on the job, professional development, salary negotiations etc.


Revature also provides some post-placement support like online resources, community access. However, mentoring and coaching is not as extensive as SkillStorm’s offerings. Revature is more focused on job placement than long-term career advancement.

  • Work Environment and Company Culture

SkillStorm and Revature aim to provide a supportive environment for driven professionals to gain employable skills. But company culture plays out differently.


SkillStorm emphasizes collaborative learning and a positive work culture. The environment is described as welcoming, entrepreneurial, and results-oriented. There is a focus on diversity and inclusion.


Reviews indicate Revature’s culture is high-pressure and stressful, aimed at weeding out weaker performers. While fostering individual determination, the approach comes across as rigid and even cutthroat. Support systems are lacking compared to SkillStorm.

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  • Reputation and Credibility

Both companies have established themselves as providers of accelerated tech training and placements. But SkillStorm edges out Revature when it comes to reputation.


SkillStorm has stellar online reviews highlighting its professionalism and quality training. It is endorsed by credible partners like AWS, IBM, and MicroFocus. SkillStorm has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


While Revature has many good reviews, it has its share of negative feedback from former trainees regarding strict culture, inflexible management, and poor accommodation during training. Their BBB rating is just B+. Reviews praise the learning experience but critique the intense post-training expectations.

  • Compensation Model

The pay structure is an important point of differentiation between the two companies.


SkillStorm trainees get hired directly by partner companies who pay them regular salaries aligned to market rates. For the first 24 months, SkillStorm gets a portion of the salary as service fee. Apart from this, employees keep 100% of compensation.


For Revature placements, trainees are paid $40,000 annual salary irrespective of role or location for the 2 year commitment. Revature pockets the rest of actual compensation paid by employers. So employees may be underpaid relative to market value.

  • Duration of Commitment

Both companies require an extended commitment from placed trainees to work with partner enterprises.


SkillStorm requires a 24 months commitment. If an employee leaves before that, they pay a prorated fee for training and placement services rendered. The buyout terms are negotiable.


Revature also requires a 24 month commitment. If trainees exit early, they pay a $50,000 termination fee. The buyout terms are rigid and non-negotiable.

Pros And Cons Of Skillstorm And Revature

Based on the analysis, here are the key pros and cons of each provider:



  • High quality training incorporating hard and soft skills
  • Good reputation, credibility, and reviews
  • Input into job search process
  • Ongoing career support and guidance
  • Market-aligned salaries
  • Reasonable buyout terms


  • Commitment duration is still 2 years
  • Online-only delivery of training

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  • Established name in tech training
  • In-person and online training options
  • Produces job-ready graduates


  • Intense, high pressure culture
  • Lacks career development support
  • Below market salaries
  • Expensive rigid buyout terms
  • Mixed reviews online

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is SkillStorm a legit company?

Yes, SkillStorm is a legitimate and reputable company. They have been around since 2014 and partner with leading tech firms to place trainees. SkillStorm has great reviews for their high quality training programs.

What is it like to work at Revature?

Working at Revature can be an intense experience. The culture is demanding with a bootcamp style environment aimed at getting trainees job-ready. While you gain valuable skills, the program is grueling with relentless pressure and competition. The post-training job placement also severely underpays.

What kind of company is SkillStorm?

SkillStorm specializes in accelerated tech training and staffing. Their programs enable career changers to gain skills like software development and data analytics through intensive bootcamps. SkillStorm has a positive, collaborative culture focused on mentorship and real-world skills.

Who are SkillStorm’s major competitors?

Some of SkillStorm’s major competitors in the tech training and staffing space are Revature, Tech Elevator, Tech Talent South, Hack Reactor, General Assembly etc. However, SkillStorm is differentiated by its focus on both hard and soft skills, reputation, career support, and reasonable post-placement terms.

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While both SkillStorm and Revature provide avenues for launching tech careers, SkillStorm offers a better overall program and experience. With SkillStorm, you get high quality training, input into job placements, unmatched career support, and salaries matching market rates.

This gives new graduates the foundation, earnings potential and flexibility to grow their careers, unlike Revature’s rigid and underpaying model. For those looking to get into tech, SkillStorm provides the skills, network and career lift to excel.

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