Quay Vs. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: How Do They Compare?

When it comes to stylish and quality sunglasses, two brands stand out – Quay Australia and Ray-Ban. But if you’re trying to decide between Quay and Ray-Ban sunglasses, how do you choose?

Here we’ll compare the pros, cons, prices, and key differences to help you pick which brand is better for you.

A Brief Comparison Table

Price Range$50 – $60$150 – $200+
Style VarietyHundreds of trendy, fashion stylesAround 30 classic iconic styles
Frame MaterialsThick plastic or metalPremium Italian acetate or titanium
Lens Technology100% UV protection, some polarized100% UV protection, some polarized
Brand ReputationTrendy, celeb-collaboratorOld Hollywood cool, timeless icon
Warranty1 year manufacturer warranty2 years comprehensive warranty

Overview Of Quay And Ray-Ban


Quay Australia and Ray-Ban are both well-known eyewear brands, but they have some distinct differences.

Quay was founded in Sydney in 2010 with a focus on fashion-forward, Instagram-worthy sunglass styles at affordable prices.

They create a wide range of men’s and women’s sunglasses including cat eye, round, aviator, and more. Popular models are the High Key, Blue Light, and My Girl.

Ray-Ban has been around since 1937 as an iconic luxury brand synonymous with classic sunglass silhouettes. They are best known for their Wayfarer and Aviator designs. Ray-Ban focuses on high quality craftsmanship and timeless styles.

So Quay is the trendy, social media-driven brand while Ray-Ban emphasizes heritage and enduring fashion. But both make stylish, functional shades.

Comparison Between Quay And Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Pricing Differences

The most noticeable difference between Quay and Ray-Ban is the pricing.

Quay sunglasses retail for $50-$60 generally. This makes them quite affordable compared to designer shades.

Ray-Ban sunglasses cost between $150-$200 for classic plastic styles and over $200 for some metal options. This puts them solidly in the luxury bracket.

However, it is possible to find sales on both brands. Quay often has deals like buy one, get one free or 30% off sitewide. Ray-Ban also runs occasional promos like 20% off or discounted bundles.

But all in all, Quay is the budget-friendly choice while Ray-Ban commands higher prices for the brand prestige.


Style Variety

In terms of style variety, Quay undeniably has a wider selection with new collections constantly being launched.

Quay offers nearly 400 sunglass styles encompassing almost any look you could want from oversized and geometric to round Lennon-esque and sleek cat eyes. They have a fun, experimental approach to their designs.

Ray-Ban sticks to a more curated collection of around 30 classic styles that hardly change from year to year. You won’t find any radically trendy designs, but the styles they do offer never go out of fashion.

So Quay has endless options for on-trend shades while Ray-Ban focuses on perfecting iconic best-sellers.

Lens Technology

Both Quay and Ray-Ban use quality lenses that protect your eyes while looking good.

Quay lenses provide 100% UV protection and include technology to filter blue light from screens. Many styles are polarized to reduce glare. The lenses are scratch and impact resistant.

Ray-Ban also has 100% UV blocking lenses. They use crystal clear glass lenses on higher end metal frames or impact-resistant polycarbonate plastic on plastic frames. Some are polarized and gradient tinted.

While Ray-Ban lenses may have a slight edge in clarity, both brands offer durable, protective lenses suited for sunny environments.

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Frame Quality

The frames are where you’ll notice a difference in material quality between the brands.

Quay frames are made from thick acetate or polycarbonate plastics that feel sturdy in your hands. The fit and finish is impressive given the affordable price point. However, the plastics used give the frames a lighter, almost hollow feel compared to luxury brands.

Ray-Ban uses premium-grade acetate for plastic frames and titanium for metal frames. The plastics have gorgeous transparent shine and saturated colors. Ray-Ban frames have substantial heft and tight hinges for flawless function. These small details reflect the bespoke craftsmanship.

While Quay makes frames that look great and work well, Ray-Ban edges them out in objective frame quality. But Quay frames are still durable for regular use.

Brand Reputation

In terms of brand reputation, both Quay and Ray-Ban are leaders but in different spaces.

Quay exploded onto the scene and became the #1 fastest growing sunglass brand thanks to celebrity and influencer collaborations. They’re massively popular on social media and loved for capturing current fashion trends. However, the brand still feels young compared to enduring name brands.

Ray-Ban is simply iconic with over 80 years of heritage behind their most famous styles. The brand is forever associated with old Hollywood cool thanks to celebrities sporting their shades through the decades. Ray-Ban defined what quality sunglasses should be.

While Quay may be hot right now, Ray-Ban retains the upper hand in sheer brand recognition and prestige. But Quay shouldn’t be underestimated for understanding the latest styles desired by younger generations.

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Celebrity Associations

Speaking of celebrities, both Quay and Ray-Ban have A-listers showing off their shades.

For Quay, their collaborations with celebrities and influencers like Chrissy Teigen, Saweetie, and Ashley Graham fueled the brand’s popularity. Stars like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, and Addison Rae have also created buzz by wearing Quays.

Ray-Ban has decades of celebrity ties since icons like Audrey Hepburn and James Dean popularized their most famous silhouettes. Today, Gigi Hadid, Timothée Chalamet, Brad Pitt and other stars keep the Ray-Ban image current.

While Quay intentionally leverages celebrity associations, Ray-Ban benefits from accumulated decades of organic star power around their brand.

Where They Are Sold

Quay and Ray-Ban have some differences when it comes to where their sunglasses are available:

  • Quay is primarily sold through their own ecommerce site and app plus some retail partners like Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. They don’t have many standalone stores.
  • Ray-Ban is carried more widely at higher-end department stores like Saks and Nordstrom and eyewear chains like Sunglass Hut. They also have Ray-Ban retail stores around the world.

This distribution reflects Quay’s online DTC business model versus Ray-Ban’s broader luxury retail presence. But both brands ultimately make it easy to purchase their styles.


The included warranties provide insight into how much the companies stand behind their products.

Quay offers a 1 year warranty covering manufacturer defects. If any issues arise within a year, they will repair or replace the frames and lenses. Decent protection given the affordable pricing.

Ray-Ban provides a 2 year warranty completely covering repairs of frames and lenses. For added piece of mind buying more expensive eyewear, Ray-Ban offers that extended coverage.

Pros And Cons Of Quay and Ray-Ban

Here is a high-level overview of the main pros and cons of each brand:

Quay Pros

  • Very affordable pricing from $50-$60
  • Constant new styles on-trend for young shoppers
  • Trendy celebrity and influencer collaborations
  • Easy purchasing through website and app

Quay Cons

  • Styles come and go quickly
  • Lacks the prestige and recognition of an iconic brand

Ray-Ban Pros

  • Timeless, classic styles that retain value
  • Made with premium materials for unrivaled quality
  • Instantly recognizable fashion icon history
  • 2 year comprehensive warranty

Ray-Ban Cons

  • Much more expensive pricing over $150
  • Limited style selection sticks to classics

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s special about Quay sunglasses?

There are a few key things that make Quay sunglasses special compared to other affordable sunglass brands:
Huge variety of current, on-trend styles – Quay releases tons of new collections so you can always find cutting-edge designs.
Flattering and fashionable frames – Many Quay styles use curved lines and chic shapes that look good on.
Sturdy construction – The frames feel substantial and high-quality for the low price point.
Celebrity collaborations – Quay partners with influencers like Chrissy Teigen and Addison Rae to create buzzy limited editions.
Extensive social media marketing – Quay builds hype and draws younger shoppers through Instagram and TikTok ads.
Polarized and blue light lenses – The lenses have legit performance and protection, not just stylish tints.
So you get both style and substance that feels higher end than the affordable pricing suggests.

Is Ray-Ban a high end brand?

Yes, Ray-Ban is considered a high-end sunglass brand based on their premium quality, materials, reputation, and pricing. Reasons why Ray-Ban qualifies as high end include:
Many styles cost over $200 – Significantly pricier than drugstore brands.
Investment worthy designs – Their Wayfarers and Aviators retain value and last for years.
Top-grade materials – Real glass lenses and crystalline acetate plastic frames.
Handmade in Italy – Crafted with care and precision at their Italian factories.
Celebrity cachet – Iconic shades beloved by old Hollywood stars and modern celebrities.
Legacy brand history – 80+ years perfecting their classics speaks to luxury heritage.
So with bespoke craftsmanship and enduring fashion, Ray-Ban easily meets the criteria for a high-end eyewear brand.

Is Quay worth it?

For the vast majority of shoppers, Quay sunglasses are absolutely worth it. Reasons why Quay is worth the price include:
Very affordable – Most pairs $50-$60 so easy on your wallet.
On-trend styles – Quay makes shades that align with current fashion each season.
Flattering, well-made frames – The acetate and metal frames have smooth finishes and sturdy feel.
100% UV protection – The lenses properly shield your eyes from harmful rays.
Durable construction – The hinges, arms, and lenses stand up well to regular use.
Easy returns – Quay accepts returns of unworn glasses within 14 days if you don’t like them.
Given the combination of cute on-trend styles, quality construction, and low pricing, most shoppers will find Quay to be a fantastic value and absolutely worth the money.

Are Ray-Ban glasses the best?

While personal taste will vary, Ray-Ban glasses have a strong case for being the best quality and most iconic. Reasons why Ray-Bans can be considered the best include:
Timeless silhouettes – Their Wayfarers, Aviators and other classics never go out of style.
Premium craftsmanship – Made in Italy with meticulous attention to detail.
Top-grade materials – Real glass lenses and acetate frames. The gold standard for durability.
Polarized options – Ray-Ban polarized lenses eliminate glare better than most brands.
Celebrity cachet – Worn by cultural icons throughout the decades. The definition of cool.
Brand legacy – Eight decades perfecting their craft solidifies them as an eyewear pioneer.
No other brand quite matches Ray-Ban’s reputation for delivering the highest quality shades with effortless style year after year. For many, Ray-Ban glasses are simply the best.

Watch the video to know more about Ray-Ban!


Deciding between Quay and Ray-Ban comes down to your priorities in buying sunglasses.

For shoppers who care most about getting on-trend looks for cheap, Quay is the best choice. The variety of styles gives you countless options to find your perfect pair.

If you want iconic fashion and the highest quality to buy shades that’ll last for years, then Ray-Ban is worth the investment. You pay more but get timeless looks backed by the best materials.

Both Quay and Ray-Ban make awesome sunglasses – you just need to decide which aspects matter most for you. And it’s possible to even mix and match them in your collection. Quay for more bold experiments in style, Ray-Ban when you want effortless cool. With sun protection from harmful rays as the priority, you can’t go wrong with either of these quality brands.

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