Priv Vs. Glamsquad: Battle Of The On-Demand Beauty Services

In today’s on-demand world, getting your hair, makeup, and nails done has never been easier thanks to companies like Priv and GlamSquad. These apps allow you to book stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, and more to come to your home or event whenever you need to look your best.

But how do Priv and GlamSquad stack up when you compare the services, prices, and overall experience offered by the two brands? Let’s take an in-depth look at what each provides to help you choose your beauty provider.

A Brief Comparison Table

ServicesHair, makeup, nails, massage, facials, training, moreHair, makeup, nails
PricingLower everyday prices, starting at $50Premium pricing, starting at $85
MembershipNo membership programDiscontinued membership in 2019
BookingAdvance booking typically neededExcellent for last-minute bookings
Professionals200,000+ reviews, multi-step vettingHandpicked, audition-based screening
Locations25+ metro areas nationwideNYC, LA, Miami, SF, DC
Cancellation Policy24-48 hrs notice to avoid fees24-48 hrs notice to avoid fees

Overview of Priv

Founded in 2014, Priv provides on-demand beauty services in major cities across the US. The app offers beauty, wellness, and personal care pros that will come to your home for everything from blowouts to massage to teeth whitening.


Some perks of using Priv include:

  • Thousands of screened and reviewed stylists, estheticians, hair stylists, makeup artists and more
  • Book anything from everyday beauty needs to full-scale weddings and events
  • Professionals bring all their own equipment and tools
  • Pay seamlessly through the app
  • Services available 7 days a week

With Priv, all professionals are background checked and their work reviewed to ensure quality. The app allows you to view profiles, reviews, pricing, and availabilities and book in 60 seconds. Privacy is also assured – no need to give your address until the appointment is booked.

Overview of GlamSquad

Founded in 2012, New York-based GlamSquad brings hair, makeup, and nail services to you, 365 days a year. The brand focused solely on NYC initially but has expanded to select other US cities.

With their app, you can:

  • Book hair styling, blowouts, updos, coloring, braids, and extensions
  • Get professional makeup applications for any occasion
  • Manicures, pedicures, waxing, and other beauty services
  • Schedule services for events like weddings, proms, parties
  • Enjoy same-day bookings within a couple hours’ notice
  • Pay easily ahead of time through the app

GlamSquad vets all beauty pros carefully through an intense audition process. You can read stylist profiles and reviews before you book.

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Key Differences Between Priv And Glamsquad

1. Comparing Services Offered

When it comes to beauty services, Priv offers a much more extensive menu. Professionals on the platform encompass:

  • Makeup artists
  • Hair stylists
  • Nail technicians
  • Estheticians
  • Skin/brow specialists
  • Massage therapists
  • Personal trainers
  • Tattoo artists
  • Teeth whiteners
  • More

So whether you need a massage, lash extensions, or in-home training session, Priv has you covered. They also serve a broader range of markets.

GlamSquad focuses specifically on hair, makeup, and nail services. The types of bookings include:

  • Blowouts
  • Styling
  • updos
  • Braids
  • Hair coloring
  • Makeup applications
  • Manicures/pedicures

GlamSquad offers high-quality service but a narrower range of offerings compared to Priv. They cater primarily to hair and makeup needs.

2. Pricing and Memberships

Pricing for on-demand beauty services varies by city and stylist level. But Priv generally offers more affordable everyday options, while GlamSquad is priced at more of a premium.

Some sample Priv prices:

  • Basic blowout: $50
  • Makeup application: $95
  • Manicure: $80
  • Massage (60 min): $110

GlamSquad pricing:

  • Blowout: $85+
  • Bridal makeup: $250+
  • Haircut: $120+
  • Mani/pedi: $150

Both apps allow you to set pricing filters to see different price point options in your area.

GlamSquad used to offer a membership model for discounted services, but that program was discontinued in 2019. Priv does not currently offer memberships either. So discounts are limited to introductory deals and occasional promotions.

3. Booking Convenience

Both Priv and GlamSquad aim to make booking beauty services as seamless as possible. You simply open up the app, browse stylists in your area, select a service, choose a date/time, and pay.

GlamSquad offers more real-time same-day availability in most markets. Priv generally requires a little more advance notice to secure bookings.

The Priv app allows you to see more date/time options and full weekly availability calendars for each pro before booking. With GlamSquad, time slots are shown in real-time based on current demand.

Overall, the two apps have very similar, user-friendly booking experiences. GlamSquad excels for more last-minute bookings, while Priv offers a wider window for scheduling.

4. Quality of Professionals

When hiring someone to come into your home for beauty services, you want experts you can trust. Both Priv and GlamSquad thoroughly vet the professionals on their platforms.

Key differences:

  • Priv – Each pro must submit 5 referrals, pass background checks, and go through training before being approved. The app provides license info for every pro.
  • GlamSquad – Artists must audition and pass skill exams evaluated by company beauty experts. Only ~5% of applicants are accepted.
  • Reviews – Priv and GlamSquad encourage reviews, so you can see feedback on every pro before booking. Priv offers more data points with over 200,000+ reviews.

Based on user feedback, professionals on both platforms consistently deliver high-quality services. GlamSquad may be slightly more selective in who they allow on the platform, while Priv offers more data through expansive reviews.

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5. Service Areas

When it comes to locations served, Priv offers on-demand beauty services in around 25 major metro areas across the US. Regions covered include:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • San Francisco Bay Area
  • Dallas
  • Washington DC
  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • Phoenix
  • Minneapolis
  • Las Vegas
  • And more

So Priv delivers services in all the major coastal cities along with hubs like Las Vegas, Dallas, and some key Midwest markets.

GlamSquad currently operates in only a handful of cities:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • San Francisco
  • Washington DC

The company plans to expand to other regions soon. But as of now, its service area is much more limited compared to Priv’s nationwide reach.

6. Cancellation Policies

With personal care services, unexpected schedule changes sometimes come up. Priv and GlamSquad have similar cancellation policies to provide flexibility.

Both companies require 24-48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment to avoid any cancellation fees. Last-minute cancellations may be charged 50-100% of the service cost.

The apps allow you to easily cancel, tip, and rate your service all in one place. As long as you provide advance notice, canceling or rescheduling is painless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Priv a real company?

Yes, Priv is a very real company that has been operating since 2014. They are backed by prominent investors like First Round Capital and New Enterprise Associates and have raised over $27 million in funding. Priv employs hundreds of people and serves customers in over 25 metropolitan markets across the US.

Can you cancel GlamSquad?

Yes, you can cancel GlamSquad appointments as long as you provide 24-48 hours advance notice. This can be easily done through the GlamSquad app or website. If you cancel with less notice, a cancellation fee may apply.

What does a glam squad consist of?

A glam squad is a team of beauty professionals that come to your home or event location to provide hair, makeup, and sometimes nail services. A full glam squad may include: Hairstylist, Makeup artist, Nail technician, Brow stylist, Eyelash technician, More, They bring all equipment, tools, and products with them to create a fully glamorous look for an occasion like a wedding, red carpet, photoshoot, and more.

Who founded GlamSquad?

GlamSquad was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Victoria Eisner. As a former Goldman Sachs executive, Eisner left finance to pursue the idea of providing convenient, on-demand beauty services. She worked with celebrity makeup artists to develop the concept and launch the company.

Final Verdict

When comparing the two brands overall, Priv comes out ahead due to:

  • Broader range of beauty and wellness services
  • More affordable everyday pricing
  • Wider service area across the US
  • Larger pool of thoroughly vetted professionals
  • More expansive customer reviews

However, GlamSquad shines for:

  • Seamless same-day bookings in some markets
  • Specialization in hair, makeup, and nails specifically
  • Brand recognition in NY, LA, and major coastal cities

So for on-demand beauty needs across the country, Priv provides maximum convenience and options. But GlamSquad remains a leader for specialized hair and makeup services in top metro areas.

The choice often depends which services you need and what’s available in your location. But with either platform, you can quickly book beauty pros at the click of a button.

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