Perfume.Com Vs. Fragrancenet: Top Online Perfume Retailer

When it comes to buying perfume and cologne online, two of the biggest names are and Fragrancenet. Both offer a wide selection of designer and niche fragrances at discounted prices.

But which one is better for your fragrance needs? Here’s an in-depth comparison of and Fragrancenet in terms of pricing, selection, shipping, authenticity and overall customer experience to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

PricingHigher prices, fewer discountsLower prices, more frequent promo codes
Selection15,000+ fragrances, more women’s15,000+ fragrances, more men’s and niche
ShippingFree on $59+, $9.95 flat fee underFree on $49+, $9.95 flat fee under
Delivery SpeedSlower standard shippingFaster standard and express shipping
AuthenticitySells real, non-expired perfumesSells real, non-expired perfumes
Customer ServiceEmail support only24/7 phone, email, and chat support
WebsiteSleek, modern designDated design but easy ordering
Loyalty ProgramsNoneRewards points and VIP membership

Pricing And Discounts

Both and Fragrancenet are known for having lower prices on fragrances compared to department stores and other retailers. However, when directly comparing prices between the two, Fragrancenet tends to be cheaper overall.

Fragrancenet regularly offers additional discounts and coupons beyond the already reduced prices. For example, you can often get an extra 15-20% off or free shipping on orders over a certain amount. doesn’t seem to offer as many site-wide promotions.

That being said, does occasionally have better prices on some individual fragrances, especially newer releases. It’s worth checking prices for any specific perfume you’re looking for on both sites. But in general, Fragrancenet has lower everyday prices and more frequent discounts.

Fragrance Selection

Both sites have an extensive perfume catalog, with over 15,000 options each from popular designer brands like Chanel, Dior and Gucci. Fragrancenet has a slight edge when it comes to niche and hard-to-find fragrances. They stock more brands and regularly get new or limited edition perfumes faster than

In terms of men’s versus women’s offerings, has a more robust women’s section while Fragrancenet is stronger on the men’s side. So women may prefer browsing while men may have better luck on Fragrancenet.

Overall, Fragrancenet is better for those looking for a vast selection including niche/indie perfumes and new releases. still has plenty of options but fewer rare finds.

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Shipping And Delivery

Both sites offer free standard shipping on all U.S. orders above a minimum purchase amount, which is about $59 for and $49 for Fragrancenet. Orders under that come with a flat $9.95 shipping fee.


For faster delivery options, Fragrancenet has more choices. They offer next-day and 2-day air shipping, while only has 2-day. Fragrancenet’s express shipping fees are also a bit lower than’s rates.

In terms of delivery speed for standard shipping, customers seem to report faster turnaround times with Fragrancenet. But gets good reviews too for timely order fulfillment and shipping. Overall, Fragrancenet wins when it comes to better express shipping options and speedier standard delivery.

Authenticity And Customer Service

The authenticity of discounted designer perfumes online always raises some questions. Both and Fragrancenet get high marks from customers when it comes to selling genuine, non-expired perfumes. They source products directly from authorized distributors so the fragrances are just as authentic as those from department stores, but at lower prices.

For customer service, Fragrancenet edges out a bit. They have more robust customer service options including 24/7 phone and live chat support.’s customer service is limited to email and online contact forms.

Additionally, Fragrancenet tend to be quicker and more responsive handling any customer issues or inquiries. They have a solid return policy as well. So for authentic products and customer experience, Fragrancenet is slightly ahead.

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Website Interface And Ordering Process

In terms of website design and usability, has the cleaner, more modern looking interface. Navigation and filtering options are streamlined so browsing for products is really easy. Fragrancenet’s website feels a bit more dated in comparison.

However, Fragrancenet makes up for it with a super smooth checkout and ordering process. Their site accepts PayPal in addition to credit cards, plus offers shoppers rewards programs.’s checkout is fine but not quite as seamless and speedy as Fragrancenet’s.

For website experience, excels on visual presentation while Fragrancenet does better on user-friendly order processing. It’s a toss up between the two.

Loyalty Programs

A key difference is Fragrancenet has loyalty programs that reward you for shopping, while currently does not.

Fragrancenet offers:

  • Rewards points on every purchase you can redeem for discounts
  • A VIP membership with extra perks like free expedited shipping
  • Regular coupon codes and promotions sent to email subscribers

These types of loyalty programs encourage customers to shop repeatedly at Fragrancenet. doesn’t provide much incentive to shop long-term beyond competitive pricing.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are perfumes from FragranceNet legit?

Yes, fragrances purchased from FragranceNet are 100% authentic. The company sources directly from brand authorized distributors so all perfumes come directly from the manufacturers. They also have a robust return policy and responsive customer service. Thousands of satisfied customers over 20+ years further confirm FragranceNet sells genuine perfumes and colognes.

Is perfume com a legitimate company? is a reputable company that sells authentic brand name fragrances. They are an authorized retailer that works directly with perfume suppliers. Their products are guaranteed to be genuine just like those from department stores. Many customers over their 15+ years in business have confirmed receiving real perfumes in new, sealed packaging. However, their customer service is not as robust as some competitors.

What’s the difference between FragranceX and FragranceNet?

FragranceX and FragranceNet are two competing discount perfume e-commerce sites. The main differences:
FragranceNet tends to have lower prices and more coupon codes
FragranceX has a larger selection of fragrances – over 18,000 Vs. 15,000 on FragranceNet
FragranceNet has faster shipping times and better loyalty programs
FragranceX has higher minimums for free shipping
Both sell genuine perfumes and are authorized retailers. Overall FragranceNet rates slightly higher for the better prices, selection and shipping though.

Does FragranceNet sell expired perfume?

No, FragranceNet does not sell expired or old perfumes. As an authorized discount retailer, they only sell brand new, authentic fragrances that they source directly from suppliers. Their products come with manufacturer seals intact and expiration dates years in the future, the same as buying from department stores.
Some confusion arises since they sell tester fragrances without retail packaging, but those testers are never expired or used. Customers consistently report FragranceNet perfumes smell and perform like new.

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The Verdict

When comparing the major factors – pricing, selection, shipping, authenticity, website experience and loyalty programs – Fragrancenet comes out slightly ahead as the best option for buying discounted designer perfumes online.

Fragrancenet wins on price thanks to lower everyday pricing and more frequent coupon codes. They also edge out in terms of broader niche fragrance selection, faster shipping choices, responsive customer service and loyalty programs. still holds its own as a solid perfume e-tailer option though. It has competitive pricing, a robust perfume catalog, and sleek website design in its favor. But Fragrancenet ultimately gives shoppers the best overall value and customer experience.

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