Peacock Vs. Discovery Plus: Which Streaming Service Is To Pick?

Streaming services are all the rage these days, with new options popping up constantly. Two popular services vying for your subscription are Peacock and Discovery Plus. Both offer unique content libraries and benefits, so which one is better for you?

Let’s dive in and compare Peacock and Discovery Plus across several factors to see which streaming service comes out on top.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeaturePeacockDiscovery Plus
Content FocusTV shows and movies, especially NBCUniversal programmingReality TV, home, food, true crime
Original ShowsComedies, dramas, documentariesMostly unscripted reality and documentary content
Video QualityUp to 4K on Premium Plus, HD on PremiumHD, some titles in 4K
Ad SupportLimited on Free, Light on Premium, None on Premium PlusNo ads on standard plan
PriceFree, $4.99/month for Premium, $9.99/month for Premium Plus$4.99/month, $6.99/month for ad-free version
Offline ViewingOnly on Premium PlusOnly on ad-free plan
Live SportsYes – Premier League, WWE, NFL, OlympicsNo
Kids ContentModerate lineup of shows and family moviesVery limited
User InterfaceSleek, highly polishedSimple, easy to browse

Key Differences Between Peacock And Discovery Plus

  • Content Libraries

A streaming service lives and dies by its content library.

What shows and movies can you watch, and are they shows you actually want to see?

Peacock offers popular NBCUniversal programming like The Office, Saturday Night Live, the Real Housewives franchise, and more.

Peacock Originals include shows like Girls5eva, The Lost Symbol, and Dr. Death.

Peacock also streams Universal movies like the Jurassic Park films, Despicable Me, and more. One unique aspect of Peacock is next-day streaming of current NBC shows. So if you’re a fan of network sitcoms and dramas, Peacock lets you stream episodes the day after they air.

Discovery Plus focuses on reality TV and non-fiction shows from Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, and more. Popular shows include 90 Day Fiance, Property Brothers, Chopped, Fixer Upper, and Naked and Afraid.

Fans of true crime can feast on Discovery Plus’ huge library of crime documentaries and docuseries. Discovery Plus also offers non-fiction shows about nature, science, travel, cars, and home improvement.

So in terms of content, Peacock caters more to scripted TV and movie fans, while Discovery Plus is a reality TV and documentary lover’s dream. Choose whichever genres appeal to you more.

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  • Original Content

In addition to existing shows and movies, streaming services are investing heavily in developing original content. How do Peacock and Discovery Plus compare when it comes to fresh, exclusive shows and films you can only watch on their platforms?

Peacock Originals tend to be dramas and comedies in keeping with NBC’s programming. Standouts include Dr. Death starring Alec Baldwin, the Saved By the Bell reboot, true crime documentary John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise, and more. While quality varies, Peacock is actively building an interesting lineup of exclusive shows.

Discovery Plus Originals stick to Discovery’s wheelhouse of reality TV and documentaries. Some popular exclusives include 90 Day Diaries, Married at First Sight Australia, Bobby and Giada in Italy, and Book of John Gray. There’s less scripted programming, but lots of new reality and documentary content being pumped out.

For new shows, Peacock likely appeals more to scripted series fans, while Discovery Plus offers tons of fresh unscripted shows in familiar Discovery genres. Both are investing heavily in exclusives.

  • Device Support

Before subscribing to a streaming service, you’ll want to make sure it’s supported on your devices. Nothing’s more frustrating than being unable to watch shows because the app isn’t available.

Peacock is supported on iOS and Android devices, Roku players and Roku TVs, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Microsoft Xbox consoles, PlayStation consoles, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, LG Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, and most major web browsers. One current exception is Amazon Fire tablets.

Discovery Plus is available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku players and Roku TVs, Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, Samsung smart TVs, web browsers, and more. Support is broad across platforms.

Both Peacock and Discovery Plus boast excellent device support across phones, streaming devices, game consoles, smart TVs, and desktop web browsers. You should be able to watch each service on all your screens with minimal fuss.

  • Streaming Quality

Today’s viewers expect HD and even 4K resolution when streaming shows. How do Peacock and Discovery Plus stack up in terms of video quality?

Peacock offers three streaming tiers:

  • Free: Maxes out at 480p resolution
  • Premium: Up to 1080p HD
  • Premium Plus: 4K and HDR in supported titles

So for the best quality on Peacock, you’ll need a Premium Plus plan. Even then, only some titles are available in 4K.

Discovery Plus streams most content in crisp HD quality with select titles in 4K. So video quality is solid across the board and comparable to Peacock’s 1080p streaming on Premium. For the sharpest picture quality, Peacock Premium Plus edges out Discovery Plus currently.

  • Ad Support

Another factor that impacts the viewing experience – how many ads do you have to sit through?

Discovery Plus

Peacock’s free tier includes ads that run around 5 minutes per hour.

Peacock Premium reduces this to 2-3 minutes of ads per hour.

To go completely ad-free, you need to upgrade to Premium Plus.

Discovery Plus is an ad-free experience regardless of which plan you choose.

You never have to watch commercials. Discovery does offer a lower-priced ad-supported plan in some markets, but the standard Discovery Plus in the U.S. does not show ads.

So Discovery Plus takes the crown when it comes to minimal ad interruptions during programming. You’ll see far fewer ads than even the Premium plan on Peacock.

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  • Available Plans and Pricing

Let’s break down the subscription options and pricing for Peacock versus Discovery Plus to see which offers a better value.

Peacock has three main tiers in the U.S.:

  • Free: Limited library of TV shows, movies, and Peacock originals. 5 minutes of ads per hour. Max 480p resolution.
  • Premium: Full library access including all Peacock Originals and live sports. 2-3 minutes of ads per hour. Max 1080p HD resolution. $4.99/month.
  • Premium Plus: Full library and Originals, ad-free, some titles in 4K. $9.99/month.

Discovery Plus has two primary plans in the U.S.:

  • Discovery Plus: Full library access ad-free in up to HD quality. $4.99/month.
  • Discovery Plus Ad-Free: Identical to standard Discovery Plus but with offline download capabilities. $6.99/month.

For the lowest investment, Peacock and Discovery Plus are neck-and-neck at $4.99 per month. Peacock offers a free tier but you miss out on much of the library and stream at SD quality.

To remove ads, you must pay $9.99/month on Peacock versus $4.99 on Discovery Plus. So Discovery Plus is clearly cheaper for an ad-free HD streaming experience.

But Peacock offers additional perks like Premier League soccer matches, WWE wrestling events, and some titles in 4K with Premium Plus. Evaluate which features matter most to you.

  • Offline Viewing

Modern streaming services allow you to download select titles for offline viewing when you don’t have an internet connection. How do Peacock and Discovery Plus compare for downloading shows to watch on the go?

On Peacock, offline downloads are only available on the Premium Plus plan. You can download TV shows and movies to your mobile device for offline playback when streaming isn’t possible.

With Discovery Plus, offline viewing is included only on the pricier Discovery Plus Ad-Free plan. Download shows to mobile devices for offline watching.

So both services offer offline downloads, but require you to pay for the top subscription tier. If you need offline viewing, Discovery Plus is a bit cheaper at $6.99/month versus $9.99 for Peacock Premium Plus.

But Peacock may still be the better value if you want access to live sports and other premium content.

  • Sports

Live sports are a huge draw for many streaming subscribers. Does Peacock or Discovery Plus offer better sports coverage?

Sports programming is one area where Peacock dominates. Peacock is the exclusive streaming home of Premier League soccer including all matches, highlight shows, and more. Peacock also streams Sunday Night Football, WWE pay-per-view events, Olympics coverage, golf tournaments, horse racing, and much more. Sports fans will appreciate Peacock’s robust lineup.

Discovery Plus does not focus on live sports. There are some sports documentaries and shows like PGA Tour Golf, but no live events or matches. So if you want streaming sports, Peacock is the obvious winner here.

  • User Interface

You’ll be interacting with your streaming service constantly to browse and watch content. How intuitive and user-friendly are the Peacock and Discovery Plus interfaces?

Peacock sports a highly polished interface reminiscent of Netflix. Sections like “Trending Now” and “New This Month” make discovery easy. User profiles allow personalization and catered recommendations.

And important sections like “Continue Watching” are front and center so you can resume shows with one click. The interface feels modern and streamlined.

Discovery Plus features a straightforward design optimized for browsing categories like Home, Food, Science, and more. Recommendations serve up shows similar to ones you’ve enjoyed. Profiles are available to customize your homepage. While not as slick as Peacock, Discovery Plus also provides a clean streaming experience.

For the most contemporary and user-friendly interface, Peacock comes out ahead. But both services make navigating and finding content you love pretty seamless.

  • Bundling With Other Services

Can you bundle Peacock or Discovery Plus as an add-on to save money on your streaming bill?

Peacock can be bundled in a few ways:

  • Add Peacock Premium to a Cox cable subscription for $4.99
  • Get ad-supported Peacock Premium free with Comcast Xfinity packages
  • Add ad-supported Peacock to Google Fi cell plans

Discovery Plus currently does not offer any discounted TV provider bundles.

So bundling gives Peacock a money-saving advantage. Xfinity and Cox customers especially benefit from adding discounted Peacock.

  • Kids Content

Which service is better for family viewing and entertaining young ones? Let’s explore the kids options on both platforms.

Peacock offers a solid children’s library with shows like Curious George, Where’s Waldo, Care Bears, and Top Chef Jr. There are also family films like Shrek, Boss Baby, and Trolls World Tour. However, kids content is limited compared to dedicated services like Disney+ and Netflix.

Discovery Plus focuses heavily on adult reality shows. But there is a kids section with animal shows like Babies Behaving Badly and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Educational shows about science and nature can engage young minds too.

Yet kids pickings are slim compared to other streamers.

For families with children, neither Peacock nor Discovery Plus is an ideal choice. Peacock offers a slightly better lineup for kids alongside family movies. But you’re better off complementing either service with a dedicated children’s streamer.

Which One To Pick?

So which streaming service reigns supreme: Peacock or Discovery Plus?

  1. For scripted shows and movies, advantage Peacock with its catalog of NBCU series and Universal films. Peacock Originals are improving too.
  2. For reality TV and documentaries, Discovery Plus easily wins with its enormous library of unscripted shows spanning cooking, home, relationships, true crime, and more.
  3. For sports, Peacock takes the trophy with Premier League, WWE, Sunday Night Football, and much more.
  4. For kids content, both are fairly weak contenders next to Disney+ or Netflix. Peacock narrowly wins based on its family films.
  5. For pricing and value, Discovery Plus takes the title with ad-free HD streaming starting at just $4.99 monthly.
  6. For user experience, Peacock offers the more refined, user-friendly interface. But Discovery Plus holds its own.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still trying to choose? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to further compare Peacock versus Discovery Plus.

Is Peacock better than other streaming services?

Peacock holds its own against competitors. Its premium content like The Office and Sunday Night Football combined with robust originals and live sports make it a contender. But services like Netflix and Hulu offer deeper content libraries at competitive prices. Evaluate Peacock’s catalog against your personal tastes.

Is it worth it to get Peacock Premium Plus?

Peacock Premium Plus is worth it mainly for sports fans who want Premier League matches, WWE PPV events, and Olympics coverage. The ad-free experience and 4K streaming are nice perks too. But at nearly double the cost of regular Premium, Peacock’s top tier only makes sense for hardcore sports streaming.

What is better than Peacock?

Services with more robust libraries like Netflix or Hulu are “better” in terms of volume of quality movies and TV shows. Disney+ and HBO Max boast enviable back catalogs of hits and originals. And sports-centric streamers like ESPN+ best Peacock for live events. But Peacock holds its own with unique NBCU content and live sports.

What is the cheapest way to get Discovery Plus?

The standard Discovery Plus plan for $4.99 per month is the cheapest way to get full access to the service and its deep reality library ad-free. Outside of free trials, promotional offers, or discounted annual plans, $4.99 per month is Discovery Plus’s most affordable rate.

The Verdict

In the end, choose based on your programming preferences. Scripted shows and sports fans find more to love on Peacock. Reality devotees get an all-you-can-eat buffet on Discovery Plus. You really can’t go wrong either way – both services make fine complements to a smart cord-cutter’s streaming lineup.

Hopefully this detailed comparison gives you the information needed to decide if Peacock or Discovery Plus (or even both) belong in your streaming toolkit.

Happy streaming!

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