Olive & June Vs. Ella & Mila: Two Trendy Nail Salon Franchises

Mani-pedis are more popular than ever, with Instagram fueling the rise of photogenic nail art and designs. Two franchises aiming to bring the hip nail salon experience to neighborhoods across America are Olive & June and Ella & Mila.

Both offer chic, contemporary salon spaces with a focus on delivering consistent, high-quality manicures and pedicures. But with different origins and approaches, Olive & June and Ella & Mila have unique strengths and weaknesses.

This comparison breaks down the key factors for prospective franchisees or customers trying to choose between these two polished brands.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryOlive & JuneElla & Mila
# of Locations40+100+
Brand VibeChic, minimalistBold, trendy
ServicesMani/pedi, waxing, workshopsGel mani/pedi, nail art
Polish SelectionCurated collection, 7-freeHundreds of colors and art
MembershipYes, with perksNo membership program
Prices$35 – $85$25 – $45
ExperienceLuxury, relaxingHigh-energy, fun
LocationsMostly coastalExpanding nationwide
ConsistencyExceptional serviceVaries by location

Overview Of Olive & June

Founded in 2013 by Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Olive & June aims to “bring elevated nail care to the masses” with salons that feel clean, elegant and comfortable. The Los Angeles-based company has expanded to over 40 locations in California, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Florida and the DMV.

Olive & June salons feature a modern, minimalist aesthetic with pops of millennial pink. Manicurists wear chic black uniforms as they work at sleek white marble tables. The salons offer manicures, pedicures, waxing and occasional beauty workshops.

Customers can enjoy beverages and charging stations at each station. Popular services include The Mani (classic manicure), The Pedi (classic pedicure), dry pedicures and various nail art options.

Olive and June
Olive and June

Key features and services:

  • Trendy, Instagrammable salon decor and branding
  • Focus on cleanliness, comfort and customer experience
  • Classic and gel manicures/pedicures, nail art, waxing
  • Custom nail polish collection
  • Manicure subscriptions and membership perks
  • Expensive services ranging $35-$85

Olive & June promises an affordable luxury experience, though prices are on the higher end for manicures and pedicures. The brand also sells its own line of long-lasting, 7-free polish colors.

Overview Of Ella & Mila

Ella + Mila was founded in 2009 by Ellen Huan and Mila Ayele. It first opened as a single salon in Vancouver, BC, bringing quality gel manicures and pedicures with bold nail art to the area. Since franchising in 2017, Ella + Mila has expanded across North America with over 100 locations.

Ella + Mila aims to provide fashion-forward nail art and designs in a sleek, modern salon. Their tagline is “Where fashion meets your fingertips.” Manicurists are trained to create eye-catching nail art using gel polish.

The vibe is youthful and high-energy, often with dance pop playing. Ella + Mila focuses on helping each customer find a stylish look they love.

Key features and services:

Ella and Mila
Ella and Mila
  • Strong focus on nail art, trends and designs
  • Gel manicures and pedicures are specialty
  • Vibrant, fashionable branding and interiors
  • Lower prices than competitors like Olive & June
  • Range of services beyond nails like waxing, eyelash extensions

While prices are lower than Olive & June with manis starting at $25, service quality can be inconsistent at busier Ella + Mila locations. The emphasis is more on fun, expressive nails over a relaxing spa-like experience.

Comparing The Olive & June And Ella & Mila Experience

Choosing between Olive & June and Ella + Mila salons comes down to a few key factors:

Branding and Aesthetic

Olive & June channels chic minimalism with its soft pink and white decor, clean lines, marble accents and elegant uniforms. Ella + Mila is bright and bold, with loud music, colorful walls, and a high-energy ambiance. Olive & June aims to be a relaxing self-care sanctuary while Ella + Mila is a lively nail party.

Services and Quality

Both excel at delivering consistent, quality manicures and pedicures using standard nail lacquer. Olive & June offers a wider array of services beyond nails, like waxing workshops. Its 7-free nail polish line is longer-lasting and safer. Ella + Mila specializes in stylish gel polish and nail art designs but has fewer add-ons. Olive & June techs receive intensive training for a true luxury experience. Ella + Mila quality varies more between locations.

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Price and Value

Olive & June is more expensive, with mani-pedis starting at $35-$60. But customers feel they get an elevated experience worth the price tag. Ella + Mila provides greater value with most services in the $25-$45 range. However, some customers complain of rushed, lower quality work at busier stores.

Membership Perks

Olive & June has a monthly nail membership that includes perks like free products, early booking, free add-ons and discounted services. Ella + Mila does not offer a membership program.


Both brands are mostly concentrated on the coasts but growing nationwide every year. Ella + Mila has more locations currently at over 100 stores. Olive & June is newer but expanding quickly with over 40 stores.

Fun Factor

Ella + Mila is ideal for someone who sees nails as a fun fashion statement and enjoys experimenting with daring designs. Olive & June caters to those looking for reliable self-care and pampering. But both allow customization to match any personal style.

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Pros and Cons of Olive & June


  • Chic, elegant interiors and branding
  • Luxurious mani-pedi experience with exceptional service
  • Safer nail polish free of 7 harsh chemicals
  • Trendy but timeless color palette and nail art
  • Member rewards program provides discounts and perks
  • Salons feel clean, soothing and professional


  • Significantly more expensive than competitors
  • Limited to mostly coastal states currently
  • Less daring and expressive than somewhere like Ella + Mila
  • Gel manicures lack same longevity as competitors

Pros and Cons of Ella + Mila


  • Trendy, fashion-forward nail art in any style
  • Lower prices than most high-end nail salons
  • Gel manicures often last 3+ weeks
  • Hundreds of fun colors and designs to choose from
  • Energetic, exciting environment for mani parties
  • Membership perks included without a fee


  • Quality and customer service varies greatly by location
  • Technicians seem hurried and rushed during busy times
  • Less focus on sanitation compared to Olive & June
  • Limited locations compared to mass-market chains
  • Manicures less long-lasting with regular polish

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Olive & June Worth the Hype?

Olive & June has generated buzz for reimagining the mani/pedi experience as an appealing self-care ritual rather than just a beauty service. Its inviting salons and meticulous attention to detail help justify the relatively high prices. Customers overwhelmingly praise Olive & June techs for taking the time to do beautiful work. While the cost is a splurge, the pampering experience makes it worth it for many.

Does Olive & June Make Nails Stronger?

Olive & June doesn’t necessarily strengthen nails more than a standard manicure. However, its nail polishes are long-lasting and less damaging than many competitors. They are 7-free, formulated without harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene and camphor that can weaken nails over time. Olive & June’s emphasis on being gentle and not over-filing also helps maintain nail health.

Why Is Olive & June So Popular?

Olive & June has managed to elevate the simple manicure into a relaxing, luxurious experience worth looking forward to. From the soothing salon ambiance to attentive technicians to quality products, they provide affordable luxury. Olive & June also benefits from strong brand image connecting nails to self-care and confidence. Smart use of Instagram and influencer marketing attracts new customers.

What Is the Least Harmful Manicure?

The healthiest manicure avoids damage from harsh products or tools. Using gloves during washing and moisturizing hands regularly promotes strong nails. Skip harmful ingredients by choosing 7-free and 10-free polish lines like Olive & June. Have techs use less abrasive filing and cuticle cleaning. Gel manicures or acrylics should be removed properly to avoid excessive filing. Pay attention to nail bed health over length. And give nails a break to recover between manicures when possible.

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The Bottom Line

For trendsetters who see manicures as a chance to express themselves with daring art, Ella + Mila is a top choice. Customers love having unlimited options for experimenting with unique nail styles.

Olive & June nails the experience for those seeking reliable indulgence and self-care. Their clean, calming salons and top-notch manicurists make every visit relaxing and special.

Both Ella + Mila and Olive & June fill a void for upscale mani-pedis with strong brand identities. The right option comes down to priorities and personal style.

Olive & June brings elevated basics done exceptionally well, while Ella + Mila offers fearless fashion for your fingertips. Either way, say goodbye to the stereotypical nail salon experience.

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