Mosquito Shield Vs. Mosquito Squad: Which Mosquito Control Franchise Is Best?

If you’re considering a mosquito control franchise this year, Mosquito Shield and Mosquito Squad are likely on your radar. As two of the top companies in the industry, they offer profitable opportunities in this growing market.

But if you had to choose one, which mosquito franchising giant would be the better investment?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Mosquito Shield and Mosquito Squad’s services, startup costs, training, support, and more. Read on for an in-depth analysis of each franchise opportunity.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsMosquito ShieldMosquito Squad
Year Founded19642004
# of Franchises100+200+
Initial Investment$117,100 – $201,500$108,127 – $161,329
Royalty Fee7%10%
Training Length8 days5 days + hands-on field training
Territory Size40,000 households30,000 – 50,000 households
Average Gross Revenue$250,000 – $450,000$150,000 first year average
Brand PowerStrong regional presenceNational leader

Mosquito Control Industry Overview

Before diving into the specific companies, let’s briefly overview the mosquito control business:

  • Industry generates over $2 billion in annual revenue in the U.S.
  • As mosquito-borne diseases like Zika spread, demand for services rises.
  • Commercial clients include homeowners’ associations, parks, municipalities, event venues.
  • Most companies offer outdoor spraying, misting systems, yard inspections, and specialty solutions.
  • Recurring spray contracts for residential customers provide steady revenue stream.
  • Peak season is warmer months, but revenue can be earned year-round.
  • Low overhead besides labor, equipment, pesticides makes for strong profit margins.

The growing mosquito control industry presents a profitable franchise opportunity, especially with branded leaders like Mosquito Shield and Mosquito Squad. Let’s see how the franchises compare.

Overview of Mosquito Shield

Mosquito Shield is a pioneer in the U.S. mosquito control industry. Their services help homeowners and businesses reduce mosquito and tick populations.

Mosquito Shield

Here are the key facts about Mosquito Shield franchises:

  • Founded in 1964, acquired by Outdoor Living Brands in 2005.
  • Around 100 territories available across 36 states.
  • Provide barrier sprays, automatic misting systems, flea & tick control, specialty solutions.
  • Offer mosquito control for residential homes as well as commercial clients.
  • Known for their “Four Step Total Protection Program” using EPA-approved control products.
  • Recurring service plans form ongoing client relationships.
  • Franchisees get protected territories after meeting sale requirements.
  • 8 days of initial training plus ongoing support.

Overview of Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad is the largest mosquito control franchise with over 200 locations in the U.S. They bring residential and commercial customers “VIP pest control.”

Here are the basics on Mosquito Squad franchises:

  • Founded in 2004, began franchising in 2005. Acquired by Outdoor Living Brands in 2015.
  • 200+ territories operating across 38 states so far.
  • Offer barrier sprays, misting systems, tick control, flea & mosquito treatments, custom solutions.
  • Provide mosquito relief for homeowner backyards as well as businesses.
  • Utilize an integrated pest management approach for elimination.
  • Recurring service agreements form client retention.
  • Franchisees get protected territories meeting requirements.
  • 5 days of onboarding + hands-on training at existing franchise.

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Key Differences Between Mosquito Shield And Mosquito Squad

As you can see, Mosquito Shield and Mosquito Squad take very similar approaches to mosquito franchise services. Now let’s dive deeper into how they compare across key franchise factors:

1. Initial Franchise Investment Cost

The initial investment includes the franchise fee, training expenses, equipment, inventory, etc. needed to open.

For Mosquito Shield, the total initial investment ranges from $117,100 to $201,500. This includes:

  • Franchise fee of $39,500
  • Equipment like sprayers and computers
  • Inventory of pesticides, supplies, uniforms, etc.
  • Working capital for things like payroll, insurance, etc.
  • Additional funds for operating expenses as needed

Mosquito Squad’s initial investment range is $108,127 to $161,329. This encompasses:

  • Franchise fee of $39,500
  • Equipment costs including sprayers, laptop, software
  • 14-day supply of pesticides and materials
  • Working capital for payroll, insurance, etc.
  • Additional funds for things like office setup, deposits, etc.

The startup costs are nearly identical. Both require roughly $100K – $200K to launch. Mosquito Shield has a slightly higher maximum investment. But overall, the initial investment is very similar between these franchises.

2. Ongoing Fees

Monthly recurring royalties help fund the franchisor’s ongoing support and training to franchisees. These include:

Mosquito Shield charges:

Mosquito Squad
Mosquito Squad
  • 7% royalty fee
  • 1% marketing fee
  • 1% for support services and automation
  • Any lease, loan or rent payments

Mosquito Squad’s monthly fees include:

  • 10% royalty fee
  • 2% marketing fee
  • Rent or mortgage payments if leasing or owning building

Mosquito Shield offers the lower royalty rate at 7% vs. 10% for Mosquito Squad. However, Squad’s marketing fee is lower. Mosquito Shield also charges an extra 1% support fee.

3. Franchisee Training and Support

Operating a mosquito control franchise requires extensive initial and ongoing training.

Mosquito Shield provides:

  • 8 days of classroom and hands-on instruction at HQ to learn operations, sales, marketing, tech skills.
  • On-site support during store opening.
  • Advisor helps new franchisees with onboarding and launch.
  • Ongoing training workshops available.
  • Toll-free support number and annual conferences.

Mosquito Squad offers:

  • 5 day onboarding at HQ to learn admin, tech, sales, marketing skills.
  • Hands-on field training at existing franchise for 5+ days.
  • Red carpet launch support for new store opening.
  • Grand opening marketing support.
  • Ongoing training workshops and conferences.

Mosquito Shield provides 3 extra initial training days, which is useful for new franchisees learning the ropes. But Mosquito Squad’s field training at an existing unit has additional real-world benefits. Ongoing support is comparable.

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4. Territory and Customers

Exclusive territories ensure franchisees have room to grow their customer base.

Mosquito Shield grants 10-year renewable protected territories to franchisees once certain performance criteria are met. Territories encompass 40,000 homes on average.

Mosquito Squad also provides exclusive protected territories meeting purchase requirements. Territories span 30,000-50,000 households typically.

Both focus on residential homeowners as core clients. Commercial accounts supplement revenues. The territory exclusivity and customer base opportunity are very similar between brands.

5. Revenue and Profit Potential

Ultimately, profitability potential is a top consideration for prospective franchisees.

Mosquito Shield does not share full financial details. But reported average annual gross revenue ranges from $250,000 – $450,000. Profit margins are 20-25% typically.

Mosquito Squad estimates first year gross revenues around $150,000 on average. Mature franchises see $300,000+ in gross annual sales. Profit margins range around 25%.

Mosquito Shield’s larger average unit volumes win in terms of revenue potential. But individual franchisee execution makes a big impact. Mosquito Squad’s financial projections may be more conservative.

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6. Brand Power and Marketing

Established brands enjoy greater consumer awareness and trust. Franchisors also provide marketing materials and support.

With 50+ years of service, Mosquito Shield enjoys widespread brand recognition, especially on the East Coast. Their marketing team provides branded tools and national campaign support.

As the category leader, Mosquito Squad’s brand awareness is unmatched. Their national advertising and sophisticated marketing systems give franchises an edge.

Mosquito Squad certainly leads in leveraging a strong national brand. But Mosquito Shield maintains excellent regional recognition and trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Mosquito Shield last?

Mosquito Shield uses treatments that provide 4-6 weeks of mosquito protection typically. However, the length of effectiveness depends on the specific products used, weather, and application thickness. Make sure the Mosquito Shield technician applies a sufficient spray barrier. Also ask about their longer-lasting formulas for season-long control with fewer applications.

How often does Mosquito Shield come?

Most residential Mosquito Shield plans schedule re-applications every 3-4 weeks during peak mosquito season for maximum ongoing protection. However, frequency can range from 2 weeks to 2 months depending on your contract and state regulations. Ask your Mosquito Shield provider for a schedule that will maintain your property’s protection based on their services and products used in your area.

How long after Mosquito Squad can I go outside?

Mosquito Squad recommends waiting at least an hour after your barrier spray application before spending time outdoors. This allows the treatment to dry fully. Always wait until sprays have dried before letting children and pets into treated areas. Some formulas may require slightly longer, so follow all instructions provided by your certified Mosquito Squad technician.

Does Mosquito Shield work on flies?

While Mosquito Shield is specifically tailored to control mosquitoes, some products may provide protection against other flying insects like flies, gnats and no-see-ums. Discuss options with your Mosquito Shield provider for layering on additional targeted treatments if flies are a problem. Combining flying insect sprays with their mosquito control can maximize your property’s overall pest protection.

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Final Verdict

So which franchise ultimately looks more appealing based on this comprehensive comparison?

The truth is that Mosquito Shield and Mosquito Squad are very evenly matched. Both provide proven systems, exclusive territories, ongoing support, and the brand power needed to grow a profitable mosquito control business.

If choosing one, Mosquito Squad edges out Mosquito Shield when it comes to national brand awareness, digital marketing technology, and lower royalty rates. But Mosquito Shield offers slightly more initial training and higher average revenues.

Either brand can prove highly lucrative franchising investments for those willing to put in the hard work. Research your local market carefully to see if there is room for market share growth by entering either system. Consider your experience and differentiate based on the brand differences highlighted here.

With proper due diligence and execution, both Mosquito Shield and Mosquito Squad present excellent opportunities to capitalize on the growing demand for residential and commercial mosquito control services.

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