Money Mailer Vs. Valpak: A Detailed Comparison

Direct mail marketing has long been a popular way for local businesses to reach new customers. Two of the biggest players in the direct mail coupon industry are Money Mailer and Valpak.

But which one is better for your business? This comprehensive guide examines the key differences between Money Mailer and Valpak to help you decide.

A Brief Comparison Table

FeatureMoney MailerValpak
Brand AwarenessLow, primarily regionalHigh, national recognition
Geographic Coverage300 markets, mostly western USNational coverage
Targeting CapabilitiesHyper-local by neighborhoodBroader metro and regional
Content FocusDiscounts and dealsLifestyle articles and display ads
Digital PresenceCoupons on websiteApp and website with coupons
Pricing$600/month minimum$280/month minimum
Customer ServiceHands-on, small biz focusedLess support, ideal for large brands
Best ForHome services, auto, salonsRetail, franchises, dining

Overview Of Money Mailer

Founded in 1998, Money Mailer is one of the largest direct mail marketing companies in the United States. They distribute coupons, deals, and other offers from local businesses via direct mail.

Money Mailer mails to residences and businesses in over 300 markets across the U.S.

Money Mailer

Some key features of Money Mailer:

  • Coupon mailers go out weekly, every other week or monthly depending on your program
  • Mailers target households by geography and demographics
  • Online coupons also available through
  • Custom design services for your mailer advertisement
  • Dedicated account representative provides guidance
  • Reporting helps track ROI

Money Mailer tends to be best suited for service-based businesses like restaurants, salons, auto shops, etc. The benefit is hyper-local targeting to neighborhoods. The downside is less brand recognition among consumers compared to Valpak.

Overview Of Valpak

Valpak is the leader in direct mail marketing with coupons, deals and offers distributed through their signature blue envelopes. Founded in 1968, they have the highest brand recognition among direct mailers.

Key facts about Valpak:

  • Mailers distributed monthly to 40 million households nationwide
  • Digital coupons also available online and via mobile app
  • Broad national reach with ability to target locally
  • Packages for every budget starting at just $280 per month
  • Custom design of mailer ads included
  • Reporting on coupon redemption

The Valpak brand has national scale. This makes it ideal for franchises, retailers and large service brands that want to blanket markets.

The broad reach comes at the cost of less precise neighborhood level targeting compared to Money Mailer.

Main Differences Between Valpak And Money Mailer

  • Brand Recognition

Valpak’s blue envelopes are instantly recognizable to consumers across the U.S. In comparison, Money Mailer lacks the same widespread brand awareness. Valpak also spends millions on national cable TV advertising.

  • Geographic Coverage

Money Mailer distributes primarily to suburban neighborhoods in western U.S. states. Valpak has broader national coverage including small towns and rural areas lacking coverage from Money Mailer.

  • Targeting Capabilities

Money Mailer allows for more customization based on neighborhood demographics including income, home value, age and more. Valpak targeting is less segmented but they offset this with wider distribution.

  • Discount Focus

Money Mailer emphasizes deals and discounts. Most of their mailers are filled with coupons. Valpak takes a lifestyle approach covering community events and featuring more display ads. The content focus aligns with their respective targeting differences.

  • Digital Presence

Both companies provide digital coupons, but Valpak has invested more in their app and online coupon portal. This caters to consumers shifting towards digital deal hunting. Money Mailer’s online presence is designed more for advertisers than consumers.

  • Pricing

Money Mailer has a steeper minimum investment at $600 per month compared to $280 for Valpak. However, Money Mailer provides more neighborhood targeting precision in exchange for the higher pricing. Valpak wins for national reach on a budget.

  • Customer Service

Both companies provide account management guidance. Money Mailer has a reputation for more hands-on customer service tailored to small businesses. Valpak is better suited for large franchises with dedicated marketing staff.

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When To Choose Valpak Over Money Mailer

Here are the main reasons to select Valpak over Money Mailer:

  • You have a regional or national footprint – Valpak blankets the U.S.
  • Your goal is brand awareness over conversions – Valpak is recognized by more consumers
  • Your business category is retail, dining, automotive, etc. – ideal for Valpak’s lifestyle format
  • You want to reach rural and lower income areas – Valpak covers more small towns
  • Your budget is under $600/month – Valpak has lower minimums
  • You prefer less customization and more plug-and-play – Valpak requires less hands-on management

Examples of ideal Valpak advertisers: hotel chains, QSR brands, apparel retailers, appliance repair franchises.

When To Choose Money Mailer Over Valpak

Here are the main reasons to pick Money Mailer instead of Valpak:

  • Your business only serves a specific metro area – Money Mailer allows for hyper-local targeting
  • You want to track conversions and ROI – Money Mailer’s reporting is more granular
  • Your budget is over $600/month – Money Mailer justifies the spend with precision targeting
  • Your category is home services, automotive, medical, etc. – ideal for Money Mailer’s coupon focus
  • You want a hands-on approach – Money Mailer provides more customer service guidance

Businesses suited for Money Mailer include: contractors, dentists, salons, attorneys, auto shops, plumbers.

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Tips For Getting The Most From Direct Mail Coupons

Follow these best practices to maximize your results with Valpak or Money Mailer:

  • Offer a compelling deal to motivate action – at least 20% off or more
  • Make your ad design standout – work with their creative services team
  • Update your campaigns frequently – send new offers every month
  • Promote your coupons on social media and email to drive awareness
  • Integrate with your other marketing – don’t rely only on direct mail
  • Provide in-store reminders to present mailer upon checkout
  • Avoid misleading fine print – be very clear on expiration dates and restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Valpak worth the money?

For national brands, Valpak can offer strong ROI thanks to high consumer awareness and national reach. For hyper-local businesses, the broad targeting may not justify the cost compared to options like Money Mailer. Measure against marketing goals and budget to determine value.

Who are Valpak competitors?

Top competitors to Valpak for national direct mail couponing are Money Mailer, Carol Wright, Clipper, and For digital coupons, RetailMeNot, Groupon and LivingSocial also compete with Valpak.

How much is it to put an ad in Valpak?

Valpak coupon ad costs start at around $280 per month for 15,000 homes. The average cost is $700-$900 to reach 35,000-50,000 nearby households. Full page ads in premium spots can run over $1,000. Targeting more areas adds incremental costs.

How does Valpak make money?

The primary revenue stream comes from selling direct mail coupon ad space to businesses. This accounts for over 50% of revenues. They also generate income from digital ads, direct mail list rental, and websites like

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The Final Word

Valpak and Money Mailer both offer proven ways for local businesses to generate leads and sales. Which one you choose depends largely on your budget, geographic focus, target customer, and marketing objectives. Optimizing your direct mail coupon ads takes continued testing and tracking.

When done right, the ROI from these platforms can be quite high. Use the targeting and deal advice outlined to maximize results.

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