MeUndies Vs. Pair Of Thieves: Battle Of The Popular Underwear Brands

In the world of direct-to-consumer underwear, MeUndies and Pair of Thieves stand out as two of the most popular brands. Both offer ultra-soft, comfortable underwear and loungewear with fun prints and colors.

But how exactly do MeUndies and Pair of Thieves compare? We’ll break down the key differences in fit, fabrics, pricing, styles and more to help you decide which is best for you. Let the underwear battle commence!

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryMeUndiesPair of Thieves
FabricsMicroModal, Modal blendsSupima cotton, Modal, elastane blends
FitRoomy, relaxedTailored, sleek
StyleBold prints and colorsClassic solid colors
ComfortUltra soft and stretchyBreathable and elastic
Pricing$16-$24 per pair; subscriptions available$12-$20 per pair
QualityProne to shrinkage and loose threadsExcellent durability and construction
Best ForThose seeking the softest fabrics and printsShoppers wanting reliable, high-quality basics

Overview of MeUndies

Founded in 2011 in LA, MeUndies quickly became known for its viral ads and subscription model for ultra-soft underwear. Their proprietary MicroModal and Lenzing Modal fabrics make their underwear and loungewear luxuriously soft.

MeUndies Underware
MeUndies Underware

Here are some standout features of MeUndies products:

  • Proprietary MicroModal and Lenzing Modal fabrics
  • Fun, quirky prints and colors across all products
  • Focus on comfort and softness
  • Matching sets available – underwear, lounge, socks
  • Boxer briefs, briefs, thongs, bras, loungewear
  • Monthly subscription or one-time purchases

MeUndies is ideal for shoppers wanting playful, feel-good underwear that’s like “a hug for your butt.” The smooth, soft fabrics have a lot of stretch for excellent comfort.

Overview of Pair of Thieves

Founded in 2014, Pair of Thieves seeks to reinvent basics with its super-soft fabrics and modern fits. The direct-to-consumer brand is focused on creating elevated essentials for everyday wear.

Here are some key features of Pair of Thieves products:

  • Breathable Supima cotton and Modal blends
  • Sleek, minimalist aesthetic and colors
  • Modern silhouettes and pouch options
  • Matching sets of undershirts, socks, loungewear
  • Boxer briefs, trunks, briefs, tees, polos
  • Individual or multi-pack purchasing

Pair of Thieves is great for customers wanting upscale basics with a tailored, sleek look. The breathable fabrics and elastic waistbands provide comfort for all-day wear.

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MeUndies Vs. Pair of Thieves: Direct Comparison

Now let’s directly compare MeUndies and Pair of Thieves across some key deciding factors:


  • MeUndies:

This brand champions the use of MicroModal and Modal blends. MicroModal is derived from beechwood trees, and it’s known for its silky softness, breathability, and environmentally friendly processing.

This makes underwear from MeUndies exceptionally soft to the touch, giving them a luxurious texture that feels smooth against the skin.

  • Pair of Thieves:

This brand uses a combination of Supima cotton, Modal, and elastane. Supima cotton is among the finest cottons available, known for its softness and strength.

The elastane grants the underwear a nice stretch, ensuring it adapts to your body. The Modal adds that touch of softness.


Pair Of Thieves Underware
Pair Of Thieves Underware
  • MeUndies:

The brand offers a more relaxed and roomy fit. This can be particularly beneficial for those who dislike tight-fitting underwear and prefer a little extra coverage and space.

  • Pair of Thieves:

Their products tend to have a more tailored and contoured fit. This snug fit can be great for athletic builds or those who prefer their underwear to stay in place, offering good support without being too restrictive.

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  • MeUndies:

They’re known for their quirky, playful prints and vivid colors. If you want underwear that stands out or adds a touch of fun to your wardrobe, this is a go-to brand.

  • Pair of Thieves:

This brand offers a more reserved palette, sticking to classic and minimalist designs. Perfect for those who prefer their underwear understated and timeless.


  • MeUndies:

The primary advantage is the exceptional softness of their modal fabric. This ensures minimal to no irritation, even after prolonged wear. They’re ideal for those seeking utmost comfort.

  • Pair of Thieves:

While they may not be as soft as MeUndies, they do excel in breathability and stretch. This means they adapt to body movements, making them perfect for active days or workouts.


  • MeUndies:

They are on the pricier side, but they often have discounts and deals. They also offer subscription models, which can make regular purchases more economical.

  • Pair of Thieves:

Their pricing remains consistent and is relatively affordable. Even without frequent sales, most consumers find them to be of good value given their quality.


  • MeUndies:

They’re well-crafted with meticulous stitching. However, some users have noticed a bit of shrinkage after several washes. It’s crucial to follow their care instructions to prolong the life of the product.

  • Pair of Thieves:

They’ve garnered appreciation for maintaining fit and elasticity even after repeated washes. Their blend of fabrics seems to offer a bit more resilience, potentially making them a tad more durable in the long run.

So, MeUndies is your pick if you’re seeking unmatched softness and playful designs. However, if you prioritize a snug fit and durable construction that withstands regular washing, Pair of Thieves might be more up your alley.

Both brands offer exceptional products; your choice will ultimately boil down to personal preference.

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MeUndies: Pros and Cons

Here are the main benefits and potential drawbacks of choosing MeUndies for your underwear:


  • Incredibly soft, smooth MicroModal fabric
  • Fun, quirky prints and colors
  • Great pouch and stretch for comfort
  • Matching lounge sets available
  • Generous sizing and roomy fit
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • Frequent quality issues like loose threads, holes
  • Significant shrinkage over time in fabric
  • Limited basic color options
  • Higher regular pricing
  • Can be too baggy if you size up

MeUndies excels at being ultra soft and playful underwear. But the quality and durability falls short of other brands.

Pair of Thieves: Pros and Cons

Now let’s examine the key pros and cons of Pair of Thieves underwear:


  • Durable Supima cotton and modal blends
  • Sleek, tailored silhouette and pouch
  • High quality construction and stitching
  • Great fit consistency over time
  • Good basic color selection
  • Affordable pricing


  • Fabric not as soft and silky as MeUndies
  • Minimal fun patterns and prints
  • Elastic tends to degrade over 1+ years
  • Limited matching lounge sets
  • Can be restricting if sizing down

Overall, Pair of Thieves delivers excellent quality, durability, and timeless styles. The fabric blend isn’t the absolute softest, but gets points for consistency.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Who is comparable to MeUndies?

Some top brands offering underwear similar in comfort and style to MeUndies are SAXX, Tommy John, and Ethika. For women, Knickey and Parade offer comparable fabric softness and prints.

Are MeUndies worth the hype?

For some shoppers, yes – MeUndies’ ridiculously soft modal fabric and fun prints are worthwhile. But for others, the quality and durability issues make them not worth the premium price long-term.

Is MeUndies good quality?

MeUndies are decent quality but not the most durable. Their modal fabric feels amazing but is prone to shrinking and pilling. The stitching and waistbands tend to degrade faster than premium brands.

What is special about MeUndies?

MeUndies’ standout features are their ultra-soft proprietary MicroModal fabric, wide assortment of quirky, playful prints, and matching underwear sets. The unique fabric paired with the fun styles give them an appeal no other brand quite matches.

The Verdict

When comparing MeUndies and Pair of Thieves underwear, MeUndies wins for unmatched softness while Pair of Thieves takes the prize for durability and quality construction.

MeUndies is ideal if you love bold prints and prioritize luxuriously soft fabric above all else. Their Modal blends are incomparably smooth and lightweight.

But Pair of Thieves is the better option for those wanting reliable, long-lasting basics in classic stylish cuts. Their fabrics strike a great balance of softness, breathability, and consistency over time.

Both brands offer excellent comfort and multiple stylish cuts to choose from. Your personal fit and fabric preferences will determine whether playful MeUndies or timeless Pair of Thieves is the right match.

For softness that envelops you like a hug, get MeUndies. For tailoring and quality that endures, choose Pair of Thieves. Keep your drawers happy and comfy no matter which hot underwear brand you select!

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